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1. Jailors is worth 14 points in Scrabble, and 17 points in Words with Friends


2. There are 7 letters in Jailors: A I J L O R S


3. 85 words found using the letters in "Jailors" 6 Letter Words


4. What does Jailors mean? Plural form of jailor

Jailors, Jailor

5. Jailors found mobile phone inside Angunukolapelessa prison


6. This page is a list of all the words that can be made from the letters in Jailors, or by rearranging the word Jailors


7. A special 25-year retirement plan providing an alternative retirement benefit for Monroe County deputy sheriffs-Jailors became effective July 23, 1991

Jailors, July

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12. Rules Relating to Compulsory in-Service Training Standards for Law-Enforcement Officers, Jailors or Custodial Officers, Courtroom Security Officers, Process Service Officers and Officers of the Department of Corrections, Division of Operations


13. Why are Jailors so dumb? Discussion


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JAILORS [ˈjālər]

Frequently Asked Questions

What does the name jailer mean?

Definition of jailer 1 : a keeper of a jail 2 : one that restricts another's liberty as if by imprisonment Examples of jailer in a Sentence

What does jailer mean?

A jailer, often also called a correctional officer or gaoler, is responsible for monitoring and caring for prisoners at a local government level.

Which is better prison or jail?

Because prisons are designed for long-term incarceration, they are generally better developed for the living needs of their populations than jails are. Day to day life and the inmate population is usually more constant in prison than it is in jail. As a result, most inmates prefer serving time in prison rather than jail if given a choice.

What's the difference between jail & prison?

The most fundamental difference between jail and prison is based on the length of time the inmates are serving in each. Jail is generally for inmates serving short term sentences or awaiting trial, while prison is for inmates serving longer sentences. JAIL.

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