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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the kids definition of a Jaguar?

Kids Definition of jaguar. : a large yellowish brown black-spotted animal of the cat family found chiefly from Mexico to Argentina. Comments on jaguar.

Where does the Jaguar live in the world?

Illustration of jaguar. Did You Know? Did You Know? The jaguar is the largest New World cat. It was once found in wooded regions from the U.S.-Mexican border south to Patagonia, Currently, the jaguar survives, in reduced numbers, only in remote areas of Central and South America; the largest known population is in the Amazon rain forest.

How can you use Jaguar in a sentence?

Examples of jaguar in a Sentence. In a brief but dramatic episode, two lions, two tigers, a jaguar and a bear were found to be missing from their enclosures in a zoo in western Germany on Friday, prompting a major search by police, the fire brigade, and veterinarians.

Which is larger a jaguar or a leopard?

jag·​uar | \ ˈja-ˌgwär , -gyə-ˌwär, -gwər; dialectal -gwī(-ə)r, especially British ˈja-gyə-wər \. plural jaguars also jaguar. : a large cat (Panthera onca) chiefly of Central and South America that is larger and stockier than the leopard and is brownish yellow or buff with black spots.

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