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1. Jaggednesses definitions Plural form of jaggedness.

Jaggednesses, Jaggedness

2. Jaggedness (usually uncountable, plural Jaggednesses)

Jaggedness, Jaggednesses

3. Jaggednesses - find the meaning, anagrams and hook words with Jaggednesses and much more


4. The word Jaggednesses uses 12 letters: a, d, e, e, e, g, g, j, n, s, s, s


5. Jaggednesses is playable in: Words With Friends 27


6. Antonyms for Jaggednesses include conformities, continuations, evennesses, perfections, regularities, samenesses, similarities, resemblances, correspondences and


7. Words created with Jaggednesses, words starting with Jaggednesses, words start Jaggednesses


8. Words found within "Jaggednesses" and one blank tile through unscramble Choose result grouping: Group by nothing Group by length Group by first letter


9. What does Jaggednesses mean? Plural form of jaggedness

Jaggednesses, Jaggedness

10. Jacobin jacobins jaconet jaconets jacquard jacquards jactation jactations jactitation jactitations jade jaded jadeite jadeites jades jading jaeger jaegers jag jaggaries jaggary jagged jaggeder jaggedest jaggedly jaggedness Jaggednesses jagger jaggeries jaggers jaggery jaggheries «

Jacobin, Jacobins, Jaconet, Jaconets, Jacquard, Jacquards, Jactation, Jactations, Jactitation, Jactitations, Jade, Jaded, Jadeite, Jadeites, Jades, Jading, Jaeger, Jaegers, Jag, Jaggaries, Jaggary, Jagged, Jaggeder, Jaggedest, Jaggedly, Jaggedness, Jaggednesses, Jagger, Jaggeries, Jaggers, Jaggery, Jaggheries

11. Jaggednesses, centroids, and dispersion values


12. There are 9 words containing A, D, 3E and J: DEEJAYED JADEDNESSES Jaggednesses REJACKETED REJONEADORES REJUVENATED

Jadednesses, Jaggednesses

13. The Sheltered Life is not a book that is at home among the stranger Jaggednesses of reality and the more massive and flaming activities of feeling; but it is a work, none the less, of radiance, keenness, honesty


14. The relevance comes from the fact that the infinitesimally small Jaggednesses that any instrumentation can see, if any, is irrelevant to the human ear


15. Jaggednesses jaggedy jagger (current term) jaggerbush jaggeries jaggers jaggery: jaggery palm jaggheries jagghery jaggier jaggies jaggiest jaggily jagging jaggs jaggy: Literary usage of Jagger

Jaggednesses, Jaggedy, Jagger, Jaggerbush, Jaggeries, Jaggers, Jaggery, Jaggheries, Jagghery, Jaggier, Jaggies, Jaggiest, Jaggily, Jagging, Jaggs, Jaggy

16. Jaggednesses: jaggedy jagger jaggerbush jaggeries jaggers jaggery jaggery palm jaggheries jagghery jaggier: Literary usage of Jaggeder

Jaggednesses, Jaggedy, Jagger, Jaggerbush, Jaggeries, Jaggers, Jaggery, Jaggheries, Jagghery, Jaggier, Jaggeder

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the meaning of jagged?

Definition of jagged 1 : having a sharply uneven edge or surface jagged peaks 2 : having a harsh, rough, or irregular quality jagged rhythms Other Words from jagged Synonyms & Antonyms More Example Sentences Learn More about jagged

What is jaggedness Morrowind?

Jaggedness. (n.d.). In YourDictionary. Retrieved from Morrowind proves that you can have smooth graphics and in-depth gameplay without pushing the limits of Big Green; Test Drive says that you can combine fast racing and excellent looks with no slowdown or jaggedness.

Who is someone who prefers jaggedness to smoothness?

Someone who prefers an aesthetic of jaggedness and rough cuts to one of smoothness and continuity.

What makes you want to look up jagged edges?

: having a sharply uneven edge or surface … my feet were tough and I hardly felt the jagged edges of the coral. — Theodore Taylor, The Cay What made you want to look up jagged?

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