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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the meaning of the term Jacobin?

1. (Historical Terms) a member of the most radical club founded during the French Revolution, which overthrew the Girondists in 1793 and, led by Robespierre, instituted the Reign of Terror. 2. a leftist or extreme political radical.

What did Jacobinical mean in the French Revolution?

1. A radical or extreme leftist. 2. A radical republican during the French Revolution. 3. A Dominican friar.

What is the definition of the word Jac O Bin?

Jac·o·bin 1 A radical or extreme leftist. 2 A radical republican during the French Revolution. 3 A Dominican friar.

Who are the leaders of the Jacobin movement?

The Turkish history of imposed Jacobin Secularism ended up creating virtual segregation against observant Muslims. On Park Avenue, beards are about as rare as readers of Jacobin. Babeuf and Darthe, the principal leaders were secured and executed, which completely crushed the Jacobin power.

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