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See also: Iteration International Iterate Iterative Iter Iterated Iterable Iterations Iterum Iterand Iterant Iteratively Iterance Iterator Iterating Iterrows Iterability

1. 1 : version, incarnation the latest Iteration of the operating system

Incarnation, Iteration

2. A form, adaption, or version of something: the latest Iteration of a popular app.


3. The process of doing something again and again, usually to improve it, or one of the times you do it: the repetition and Iteration that goes on in designing something The software is on its fifth Iteration.

Improve, It, Iteration, In, Is, Its

4. Iteration is the repetition of a process in order to generate an outcome

Iteration, Is, In

5. Each repetition of the process is a single Iteration, and the outcome of each Iteration is then the starting point of the next Iteration.

Is, Iteration

6. Iteration: the act of saying or doing over again


7. A form, adaption, or version of something: the latest Iteration of a popular app.


8. Find 3 ways to say Iteration, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus.


9. Iteration (plural Iterations) Recital or performance a second time; repetition. A variation or version

Iteration, Iterations

10. This next Iteration of the process will establish a baseline data error rate; a sample of data will be taken, and the data users and creators who are familiar with the business process and business objectives of the data will identify errors in the data, specifying error conditions and expectations

Iteration, Identify, In

11. Casaubon's ear, Dorothea's voice gave loud emphatic Iteration to those muffled suggestions of consciousness which it was possible to explain as mere fancy, the illusion of exaggerated sensitiveness: always when such suggestions are unmistakably repeated from …

Iteration, It, Illusion

12. Iteration tags run blocks of code repeatedly.


13. ‘The most dramatic Iteration came on the floor of the Senate, when he made it the centerpiece of a carefully prepared 20-minute oration.’

Iteration, It

14. Definition of Iteration noun in Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary

Iteration, In

15. Iteration - WordReference English dictionary, questions, discussion and forums


16. In numerical analysis, fixed-point Iteration is a method of computing fixed points of a function

In, Iteration, Is

17. Iteration offers a predictable, regular cadence for teams to increment value and improve those previously developed increments

Iteration, Increment, Improve, Increments

18. Iteration Execution Iteration Execution is how Agile Teams manage their work throughout the Iteration timebox, resulting in a high-quality, working, tested system increment

Iteration, Is, In, Increment

19. Other articles where Iteration is discussed: foundations of mathematics: Foundational logic: …2 is the process of Iteration; that is, 2 is the function which to every function f assigns its iterate 2(f) = f f, where (f f)(x) = f(f(x))

Iteration, Is, Its, Iterate

20. French: ·Iteration Definition from Wiktionary, the free dictionary


21. Iteration: In agile software development , an Iteration is a single development cycle, usually measured as one week or two weeks

Iteration, In, Is

22. An Iteration may also be defined as the elapsed time between Iteration planning sessions.


23. This edited volume considers the ways in which multiple stages, phases, or periods in an artistic or design process have served to arrive at the final artifact, with a focus on the meaning and use of the Iteration

In, Iteration

24. To contextualize Iteration within artistic and architectural production, this collection of essays presents a range of close studies in art, architectural and design …

Iteration, In

25. Iteration Syndicate price today is $41.50 with a 24-hour trading volume of $669,305

Iteration, Is

26. Iteration is a method for solving equations approximately

Iteration, Is

27. See the full playlist here.Iteration PLAYLIST:


28. Iteration in programming When designing programs, there may be some instructions that need repeating

Iteration, In, Instructions

29. This is known as Iteration, and is implemented in programming using FOR and WHILE statements.

Is, Iteration, Implemented, In

30. Iteration - Translation to Spanish, pronunciation, and forum discussions


31. Principal Translations: Inglés: Español: Iteration n noun: Refers to person, place, thing, quality, etc

Ingl, Iteration

32. Iterators differ from enumerations in two ways: Iterators allow the caller to remove elements from the underlying collection during the Iteration with well-defined semantics.

Iterators, In, Iteration

33. Iteration definition: an iterating or being iterated; repetition Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples

Iteration, Iterating, Iterated

34. Sprint vs Iteration: The iterative process Iterative is a term used to describe a planning and development process where a project is developed in small sections, which are called Iterations

Iteration, Iterative, Is, In, Iterations

35. Iteration (n.) "a saying or doing again, or over and over again; repeated utterance or occurrence," late 15c., from Latin Iterationem (nominative iteratio) "a repetition," noun of action from past-participle stem of iterare "do again, repeat," from iterum "again," from PIE *i-tero-, from pronominal root *i-(see yon).

Iteration, Iterationem, Iteratio, Iterare, Iterum

36. Iteration is a way of solving equations

Iteration, Is

37. You would usually use Iteration when you cannot solve the equation any other way


38. An Iteration formula might look like the following: x n+1 = 2 + 1 x n


39. This video explains how to approach typical GCSE mathematics questions on Iteration.


40. Iteration Execution is how Agile Teams manage their work throughout the Iteration timebox, resulting in a high-quality, working, tested system increment

Iteration, Is, In, Increment

41. 1 Summary 2 Interactions 3 Additional information 4 Release History 5 Gallery Iteration Ares is a Traveller that can be found in the Space Anomaly

Interactions, Information, Iteration, Is, In

42. In this article, I will explain you about Iteration statements or Loop Controls in C#

In, Iteration

43. Sometimes, it is required to repeat the task again and again; this is called looping or Iteration.

It, Is, Iteration

44. NB that if iter grows very large the reallocation every Iteration above may begin to noticeably slow down the execution

If, Iter, Iteration

45. Overall, Iteration in this Iteration is an instant CT favorite for me

Iteration, In, Is, Instant

46. Iteration is also commonly used to describe the two-to-four week sprints designed to bring projects closer to fruition as part of the agile development framework.

Iteration, Is

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ITERATION [ˌidəˈrāSH(ə)n]

iteration (noun) · iterations (plural noun)

Frequently Asked Questions

What does iteration mean for your organization?

What iteration means for your organization "Iterative" is a regularly used term for those that follow the agile and lean development philosophy. The base meaning of iterative is to simply do repeatedly, over and over. Though iterative is a colloquial word in the Valley, the tactical application is often forgotten.

What does the name iteration mean?

The definition of iteration is a new version of computer software, or the repetition of some word or process. Version 2.0 of a piece of computer software is an example of a new iteration.

What does "iteration" mean in software development?

In agile software development, an iteration is a single development cycle, usually measured as one week or two weeks. An iteration may also be defined as the elapsed time between iteration planning sessions.

What does iterating mean?

Definition of iteration. 1 : the action or a process of iterating or repeating: such as. a : a procedure in which repetition of a sequence of operations yields results successively closer to a desired result. b : the repetition of a sequence of computer instructions a specified number of times or until a condition is met — compare recursion.

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