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1. How to use Issuance in a sentence.

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2. Issuance - the act of providing an item for general use or for official purposes (usually in quantity); "a new issue of stamps"; "the last issue of penicillin was over a month ago" issuing , issue supplying , provision , supply - the activity of supplying or providing something

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3. Issuance definition, the act of issuing

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4. 8 synonyms of Issuance from the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus, plus 7 related words, definitions, and antonyms


5. Issuance: the act or process of giving out something to each member of a group.


6. The Issuance Portal is a white labeled offering subscription platform that has been built to offer issuers maximum customization and compatibility with their existing partners.

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7. ə ns / the act of supplying an official document, especially a financial product: The board approved Wednesday the Issuance of revenue bonds to fund $250 million in capital improvement projects

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8. He left the country this summer after the Issuance


9. A significant event of the war was the Issuance by President Lincoln of his celebrated emancipation proclamation. HISTORY AND COMPREHENSIVE DESCRIPTION OF LOUDOUN COUNTY, VIRGINIA JAMES W


10. HEAD Through the man hole in the discharge culvert the Issuance from the pipes could be seen, and its volume was beyond conception.

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11. Issue, issuing, Issuance (noun) the act of providing an item for general use or for official purposes (usually in quantity) "a new issue of stamps"; "the last issue of penicillin was over a month ago" Wiktionary (2.50 / 2 votes) Rate this definition:

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12. The Issuance process provides procedures for action officers (AOs) who are processing DoD Issuances, as well as changes to and cancellations of those Issuances signed or approved by OSD Component heads other than the Director of Administration and Management of the Department of Defense (DA&M) or Director, Washington Headquarters Services (WHS).

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13. If you wish to see what new SECNAV and OPNAV Issuances have been uploaded to the DONI Web site in the last 180 days,

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14. The definition of Issuance is the act of making something known or making something available. When a new product is produced and released on the market, this is an example of Issuance.

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15.Issuance of government bonds’ ‘Pending Issuance of the certificate, the corporation's dissolution is considered conditional.’ ‘It is incumbent upon the applicant to show compelling community support for the Issuance of a new license.’

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16. Issuance: noun announcement , broadcast , bulletin , communication , communiqué , culmination , debouchment , decree , delivery , discharge , dispatch , effluence


17. Issuance - Translation to Spanish, pronunciation, and forum discussions


18. Principal Translations: Inglés: Español: Issuance n noun: Refers to person, place, thing, quality, etc

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19. Issuance Financial Services Woodland Hills , California 1,833 followers Issuance is the leading provider of SaaS solutions for Reg A+ issuers.

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20. Issuance Date means April 25, 2017, with respect to all Class A (2017-3) Notes issued on the date hereof and, with respect to any additional Class A (2017-3) Notes issued pursuant to Section 2.09 hereof, any Issuance Date specified in the Notice of Additional Issuance delivered thereunder

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21. The tone in an Issuance should be neutral, clear, and direct in nature

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22. Don’t use justifications to explain why your Issuance is valuable or why policy on this subject matter is necessary

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23. Bond Issuance is one way for eligible entities to raise money for special projects or daily operations expenses

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24. Issuance - traduction anglais-français


25. Forums pour discuter de Issuance, voir ses formes composées, des exemples et poser vos questions


26. Your regular Issuance date will then be the 15th of each month


27. Your regular Issuance date will then be the 23rd of each month.


28. Sukuk Issuance with a maturity of more than 18 months from the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) region (Malaysia, Indonesia, Turkey and Pakistan) totalled $39.8 billion in 2018--a decline of nearly one third from the previous year but in line with the 2012--2016 average.

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29. Date of Issuance means, for any Share, the date on which the Corporation initially issues such Share (without regard to any subsequent transfer of such Share or reIssuance of the certificate (s) representing such Share)

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30. Issuance definition: the act of issuing Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples

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32. Issuance 100 DCS 14.396 Issued: 03/17/2021

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33. Issuance 100 DCS 14.395 Issued: 03/15/2021

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34. Issuance 100 DCS 14.394 Issued: 03/09/2021

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35. As nouns the difference between Issuance and issue is that Issuance is the act of issuing, or giving out; as, the Issuance of an order; the Issuance of rations, and the like while issue is the act of passing or flowing out; a moving out from any enclosed place; egress; as, the issue of water from a pipe, of blood from a wound, of air from a bellows, of people from a house.

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36. The Issuance of the new passport will take three weeks


37. The Issuance of your new passport may take a few weeks


38. Employer's Issuance a variation to the contract This is most likely to be a heading for a newspaper article, if it was a full and separate sentence by itself

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39. However, now that you mention it's supposed to be the subject of one sentence, it's grammatically wrong, since it's missing a preposition.Issuance a variation

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40. Projects, and this document (the Registration and Issuance Process) should not be used for such purpose


41. § 211.125 Labeling Issuance


42. Our government and financial high-volume Issuance systems, financial instant card Issuance systems, ID Issuance printers, intelligent software and superior supplies are engineered to work together and with the devices and software you currently use.

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43. Temporary state id number Issuance website Welcome to the California Department of Toxic Substances Control's Temporary State ID Number Issuance System

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44. The act of creating new issued shares is called Issuance, allocation or allotment.Allotment is simply the creation of shares and their transfer to a subscriber

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45. The Datacard Central Issuance Platform includes a comprehensive range of technologies to choose from, depending upon your volumes, personalization requirements, card carrier requirements, and growth objectives

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46. Debt Issuance costs are those associated with issuing loans and bonds, such as fees and commissions paid to investment banks, law firms, auditors and regulators

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47. Generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP) require different presentation for debt discounts or premiums and debt Issuance costs


48. 17 hours ago · Kenya is looking for lead managers for the Issuance of new Eurobonds to raise $1 billion and 1 billion euros separately, the finance ministry said on Tuesday

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49. 11 hours ago · Issuance of ETC Securities


50. Total asset-backed securities Issuance (ABS) in the United States grew 140% in the period of 2008-2018

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51. Yet, the first four months of 2019 show a decline in total ABS Issuance.

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52. The weekly Issuance report details status changes at ABC-licensed establishments and substantial change requests approved by the ABC Board


53. The ARB offset credit Issuance table (Excel format) provides a list of offset projects developed under Compliance Offset Protocols and early action quantification methodologies that have been issued ARB offset credits

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54. This table will be updated as specified at the top of this page to reflect the Issuance of ARB


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ISSUANCE [ˈiSH(y)o͞oəns]

issuance (noun) · issuances (plural noun)

Frequently Asked Questions

What does issuance mean?

issuance - the act of providing an item for general use or for official purposes (usually in quantity); "a new issue of stamps"; "the last issue of penicillin was over a month ago". issuing, issue. supplying, provision, supply - the activity of supplying or providing something.

What is an issuance of process?

Process Issue is a point of discussion or controversy that involves the parties in taking affirmative and negative positions regarding some ambiguous event or activity that happens within a given process .

What is state of issuance?

"Issuing state " means the state in which a tribunal issues a support order or renders a judgment determining parentage.

What does issuance date mean?

issuance date. Definition. The date marked on all documents pertinent to the issuance of a security including its registration, prospectus, all warrants and certificates. The date is subject to change up until the time of the actual release of the security.

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