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1. Irrelevance definition is - the quality or state of being irrelevant

Irrelevance, Is, Irrelevant

2. How to use Irrelevance in a sentence.

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3. Irrelevance beside the cushion Irrelevant, beside the point; wrong

Irrelevance, Irrelevant

4. / ɪˈrel.ə.v ə /) the fact that something is not related to what is being discussed or considered and therefore not important, or an example of this: Sympathy is an Irrelevance - we need practical help

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5. Many of these problems may simply fade into Irrelevance

Into, Irrelevance

6. Since Jim Kelly, Bruce Smith and Thurman Thomas led the Bills to four consecutive Super Bowl losses, the Bills tumbled into national Irrelevance, having won their last playoff game in 1995

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7. The Irrelevance proposition theorem is a theory of corporate capital structure that posits financial leverage does not affect the value of a company, if income tax and distress costs are not

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8. Angry white Americans fear the eraser end of a pencil -- marginalized, isolated, growing Irrelevance, search for identity in order to survive, and then identifying as victims

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9. Dividend Irrelevance Theory is a financial theory that claims that the issuing of dividends does not increase a company’s potential profitability or its stock price

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10. ‘The Irrelevance of modern Marxism was brought home to me at the biggest meeting I attended.’ ‘Like the United Nations, it will simply wither of its own Irrelevance.’ ‘The use of it merely reminds its users of the Irrelevance of their discourse.’

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11. Dividend Irrelevance is 1 of 3 dividend theories

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12. Dividend Irrelevance theory holds the belief that dividends don't have any effect on a company's stock price


13. 1 day ago · Trump’s Big Election Conspiracy Is the Only Thing Saving Republicans from Total Irrelevance State lawmakers are using the former president’s derangement to fuel a …

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14. The apostles of the New Economy declared the Irrelevance of everything invented before the Internet, and of any skills other than their own.: The upsetting part of this story is the absoluteness of technology and the Irrelevance of humanity.: In such an atmosphere, the idea of legal safeguards for people accused of abuse becomes almost an Irrelevance.: The days of the civilised embassy

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15. A less daunting way to forestall Irrelevance is to exert your influence a tier or three down

Irrelevance, Is, Influence

16. Triviality If you describe something as an Irrelevance, you have a low opinion of it because it is not important in a situation

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17. The party has been a political Irrelevance


18. American English: Irrelevance / …


19. Irrelevancy definition, Irrelevance

Irrelevancy, Irrelevance

20. Avoiding Irrelevance means that you are going to need a new set of beliefs for a new age


21. Irrelevance Theory of Dividend Relevance Theory of Dividend


22. The dividend Irrelevance theory is a concept that is based on the premise that the dividend policy of a given company should not be considered particularly important by investors

Irrelevance, Is, Important, Investors

23. Definition of Irrelevance the quality of being unimportant or insignificant Examples of Irrelevance in a sentence The Irrelevance of Lucy’s contribution to the team means they would likely win just the same even without her presence

Irrelevance, Insignificant, In

24. Irrelevance: 1 n the lack of a relation of something to the matter at hand Synonyms: irrelevancy Antonyms: relevance , relevancy the relation of something to the matter at hand Types: inapplicability Irrelevance by virtue of being inapplicable to the matter at hand immateriality complete Irrelevance requiring no further consideration Type of:

Irrelevance, Irrelevancy, Inapplicability, Inapplicable, Immateriality

25. The job misery model gives managers a framework and tools to engage, motivate and retain employees by eliminating the three primary causes of job misery: Anonymity, Irrelevance and Immeasurement

Irrelevance, Immeasurement

26. The book Between Power and Irrelevance: The Future of Transnational NGOs, explores this journey


27. “Winning Digital customers - the antidote to Irrelevance” is not your usual marketing book

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28. Synonyms for Irrelevance in Free Thesaurus

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29. 10 synonyms for Irrelevance: inappropriateness, inapplicability, inaptness, unconnectedness, pointlessness, non sequitur, inconsequence, extraneousness

Irrelevance, Inappropriateness, Inapplicability, Inaptness, Inconsequence

30. What are synonyms for Irrelevance?


31. It is precisely the Irrelevance of everything they knew that enabled a band of a thousand British civil servants, versed in Latin, Greek, and Ancient History, to govern the entire Indian sub-continent—not perfectly, but in many ways better than it had been governed in recent memory

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32. French Translation of Irrelevance” The official Collins English-French Dictionary online


33. Antonyms for Irrelevance include relevance, pertinence, applicability, appropriateness, aptness, bearing, connection, materiality, relevancy and suitability

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34. Definition of Irrelevance in the dictionary

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35. What does Irrelevance mean? Information and translations of Irrelevance in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web.

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36. The Irrelevance of Moral Uncertainty 57 The Uncertaintist is committed to the view that those caught in the grip of false moral views, who do morally wrong things while sure that those things are morally required, are blameless for their behavior

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37. The Dividend Irrelevance Theory argues that the dividend policy of a company is completely irrelevant

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38. Definition of Irrelevance noun in Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary

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39. Ani G May 03, 2016 Modigliani and Miller, famous for their capital structure theories, advanced the dividend Irrelevance theory, which we’ll look at in greater detail below

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40. The Irrelevance factor cannot be avoided within the context of the work life


41. Proof Irrelevance in general is not implied by the theory behind Coq

Irrelevance, In, Is, Implied

42. Even proof Irrelevance for equality is not implied; it is equivalent to Streicher's axiom K.Both can be added as axioms.

Irrelevance, Is, Implied, It

43. There are developments where it's useful to reason about proof objects, and proof Irrelevance

It, Irrelevance

44. Irrelevance of Dividend: As per Irrelevance Theory of Dividend, the market price of shares is not affected by dividend policy

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45. He does not demonstrate Clausewitz's Irrelevance much less Tolstoy's to understanding the nature of war


46. Fallacies of Irrelevance examples


47. Japan Risks Resuming Global Economic Irrelevance Having reached the end of its rope with conventional monetary policy, the BOJ seems to have reached the limits of unconventional policy too

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48. Dividend Irrelevance and Accounting Models of Value Review: The review is based o the paper “ Dividend Irrelevance and Accounting Models of Value ” by William Rees and Aljosa Valentincic

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49. Clare legend Ger Loughnane has warned his native county is in ‘disarray’ and could ‘topple into hurling Irrelevance

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IRRELEVANCE [i(r)ˈreləvəns]

irrelevance (noun) · irrelevances (plural noun)

  • the quality or state of being irrelevant.
  • a person or thing that is irrelevant.
Synonyms: inapplicability . unconnectedness . unrelatedness . peripherality . extraneousness . inappropriateness . inappositeness . unimportance . inconsequentiality . insignificance . impertinence . relevance .

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