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1. Her name is also the Greek word for "peace," and it gave rise to Irenic and other peaceable terms including Irenics (a theological term for advocacy of Christian unity), Irena (the genus name of two species of birds found in southern Asia and the Philippines), and the name Irene

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2. Irenic synonyms, Irenic pronunciation, Irenic translation, English dictionary definition of Irenic


3. The adjective Irenic describes something that is peaceful. Although you and your sister constantly fought as young children, your relationship might become more Irenic as you grow older

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4. The word Irenic is from the Greek word eirēnē, which means peace

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5. Irenics A part of Christian theology concerned with reconciling different denominations and sects.


6. Find 21 ways to say Irenic, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus.


7. Irenic ” is from the Greek word eirēnē, which translates to peace.

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8. Irenic is one of South Africa's finest period subscribtion boxes.

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9. The Irenic, the North Park all-ages live music venue located at Missiongathering Church on Polk Avenue, was shut down Monday by the city of San Diego, according to church officials.


10. Irenic B.V has a wide range of nitrile gloves and latex gloves vinyl/plastic gloves, with best medical and latex gloves price


11. Irenics definition is - Irenic theology as distinguished from polemic theology : theology concerned with securing Christian unity.

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12. The report's Irenic and tentative tone, and the complete absence of bullet points in its text, should dispel any such misimpressions

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13. Reimer supports Rawlyk's idea that Canadian evangelicalism is more Irenic than its U.S

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14. His presentation is at once inventive, venturesome, and Irenic.

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15. What does Irenic mean? The definition of Irenic is a part of Christian theology that tries to reconcile different information and discrepancies

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16. The Irenic is housed in an historic North Park church, which was built and established in 1945

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17. Irenic are third sphere principalities which are on the seventh rank of the hierarchy of Laguna, the chain of command of the Angels of Paradiso


18. It's design is based on a car and they are said to have appeared before human for the first time during the industrial revolution, which means that in the Bayonetta universe cars are based on Irenic and not the other way around

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19. Irenic (adj.) "promoting peace," 1854, from Greek eirēnikos, from eirēnē "peace, time of peace," a word of unknown etymology


20. Earlier as Irenical (1650s). Irenics is from 1834, originally a branch of theology.

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21. This site is not owned by Mission Gathering Christian Church or related to The Irenic

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22. This site is independent and links to genuine resale tickets for all upcoming events at the The Irenic

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23. Only in beautiful San Diego, California could a venue like The Irenic exist.

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24. The Irenic is a non-profit music and entertainment venue for all ages located in the heart of North

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25. 323 Irenic Mist Court Conroe TX 77318 is listed for sale for $649,900

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26. Ultimately, Irenic Journey is a holistic wellness-driven destination to help busy people live healthier lives

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27. Definition of Irenic in the dictionary

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28. What does Irenic mean? Information and translations of Irenic in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on …

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29. Irenic, curated by Roger Gerressen


30. - adjective formal "aiming or aimed at peace.." each of Irenic's main releases will be named after a person that had a positive impact on human rights.

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31. 88 reviews of The Irenic "All ages music venue in what is (used to be?) a church

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32. Provided to YouTube by DistroKidIrenic · PatiaNear℗ Patiala RecordsReleased on: 2021-03-22Auto-generated by YouTube.

33. -Irenic- aesthetics Following View all


34. Synonyms for Irenic in Free Thesaurus

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35. 6 synonyms for Irenic: pacific, pacifical, pacifist, pacifistic, peaceable, peaceful


36. Buy The Irenic tickets at


37. Find The Irenic venue concert and event schedules, venue information, directions, and seating charts

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38. Irenic: Promoting peace; conciliatory


39. Knitandpurl commented on the word Irenic "Today, I blame myself for my Irenicism: I should never have allowed the issue of Les Temps modernes on the Arab–Israeli conflict to open with Rodinson's article, 'Israel, a Colonial Reality?', for I do not believe that this is, or has ever been, the case: in my films and in my writings, I have striven tirelessly

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40. Synonyms for Irenic include pacific, pacifist, peaceful, gentle, placid, quiet, pacifistic, mild, amicable and amiable

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41. Irenic The Irenic Institute is an original, supernatural fantasy RPG set in modern day London

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42. Shanea is enthused to greet and work with new clients in order to create meaningful change within their lives through Irenic Therapy

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43. 333 Irenic Mist Willis TX 77318 was recently sold


44. Resisting this poetic “ire,” Jones and Auden wrote what I call an “Irenic” poetry, one

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45. Break 'Irenic' down into sounds: [EYE] + [REE] + [NIK] - say it out loud and exaggerate the sounds until you can consistently produce them

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46. Record yourself saying 'Irenic' in full sentences, then watch yourself and listen

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47. Look up tutorials on Youtube on how to pronounce 'Irenic'.


48. Listen to Irenic SoundCloud is an audio platform that lets you listen to what you love and share the sounds you create.

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49. Stream Tracks and Playlists from Irenic on your desktop or mobile device.


50. At Irenic Journey, we believe investing in our health is the biggest and greatest investment we will ever make

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51. Irenic; peace; References in periodicals archive? Dividing Ireland: From an EIrenic State to an Iron Gate--Eoin de

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52. The Erasmian tradition of interpreting Homer as an eIrenic and fideistic skeptic is developed in chapter two with respect to its parodic and, at times, ludic

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53. Meaning of Irenic 1 definition found From WordNet (r) 3.0 (2006) [wn]: Irenic adj 1: conducive to peace; "Irenic without being namby-pamby"; "an Irenic attitude toward former antagonists"


54. Habitat Irenic was launched in February 2014 and possession date is Apr, 2016

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55. There are 100 units in Habitat Irenic

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56. Habitat Irenic is located in Kasavanahalli Off Sarjapur Road

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57. There are multiple amenities for residents at Habitat Irenic which includes Lift, Rainwater Harvesting, Gymnasium, Power Backup.

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58. Capacity: 400 Bio: The Irenic is housed in an historic North Park church, which was built & established in 1945

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59. With a standing-room capacity of over 400 persons, a spacious & eclectic vibe, as well as a state-of-the-art lighting & sound system, The Irenic is the place to book your next arts

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does irenic mean?

Definition of irenic. : favoring, conducive to, or operating toward peace, moderation, or conciliation.

What does IRNIC mean?

adjective Irenic is defined as attempts to achieve peace or something aimed at peace and reconciliation. The definition of irenic is a part of Christian theology that tries to reconcile different information and discrepancies by using reason.

Is Michael Milne an irenic?

This seventh-century monk and theologian of the Eastern Church is one of the earliest authorities to take an irenic approach to the problem. Milne amazingly manages to touch on all the essentials in Christian theology--even hotly debated ones--with an irenic, evangelical tone.

Did Jesuits have irenic relationships?

Over the years, Jesuits have had both irenic and stormy relationships with the Jews. A more irenic and gracious approach is seen in these words of John Newton. Harmon should be complimented for his irenic posture.

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