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1. The key to the meaning of "irascible" isn't the negative prefix ir- (which is used before words that begin with "r"), but the Latin noun ira, meaning "anger." From "ira," which is also the root of "irate" and "ire," came the Latin verb irasci ("to become angry"), which led to French Irascible.

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2. Irascible definition, easily provoked to anger; very irritable: an Irascible old man

Irascible, Irritable

3. Irascible adjective bad-tempered, cross, irritable, crabbed, touchy, cantankerous, peppery, tetchy, ratty (Brit

Irascible, Irritable

4. Slang) He had an Irascible temper.


5. 26 synonyms of Irascible from the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus, plus 38 related words, definitions, and antonyms


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7. Irascible: easily irritated or annoyed.

Irascible, Irritated

8. Irascible comes from the Latin root ira, which means "anger" or "rage," the same root that gives us the word ire, "anger." The -sc in the middle of Irascible, means "becoming," so Irascible doesn't just mean you're angry — it's got action built into it.

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9. The Irascible person, ready to take offence at trifles, and in other ways uncertain. RECOLLECTIONS OF THIRTY-NINE YEARS IN THE ARMY CHARLES ALEXANDER GORDON To dispositions highly Irascible, it is frequently more gratifying to have a subject of complaint than of acknowledgment.

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10. The definition of Irascible is quick-tempered. An example of Irascible is a man who becomes extremely mad at even the slightest of mistakes.

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11. The Crossword Solver found 73 answers to the Irascible crossword clue


12. On this page you may find the Irascible crossword puzzle clue answers and solutions


13. We have found 1 possible solution matching the query “Irascible” and the answer is shown below.

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14. There are six passions for the concupiscible appetite: love and hatred, desire and aversion, joy and sadness; and five for the Irascible appetite: hope and despair, courage, fear, and anger (Summa Theol., I-II, Q

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15. Examples of Irascible in a sentence It does not take much to aggravate my Irascible neighbor who is annoyed by any little noise

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16. 🔊 Because Charles is very Irascible, you have to be mindful of what you say to him

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17. 🔊 While Jill’s husband, Jack, is Irascible, Jill is always calm and relaxed

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18. Irascible For a contemporary audience, they were in the first instance a theatrical partnership of two well-suited stage personae: the adult vice/ clown and the boy actor as irascible stooge

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19. The Irascibles or Irascible 18 were the labels given to a group of American abstract artists who put name to an open letter, written in 1950, to the president of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, rejecting the museum's exhibition American Painting Today - 1950 and boycotting the accompanying competition

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20. Irascible - quickly aroused to anger; "a hotheaded commander" hotheaded , hot-tempered , quick-tempered , short-tempered , choleric ill-natured - having an irritable and unpleasant disposition

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21. Irascible indicates quicker and more intense bursts of anger than irritable, and less powerful, lasting, or manifest bursts than passionate.

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22. What is the opposite of Irascible? Antonyms for Irascible (opposite of Irascible)

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23. Adjective If you describe someone as Irascible, you mean that they become angry very easily.

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24. The Irascible appetite is intimately connected with asceticism

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25. Translation for 'Irascible' in the free English-Russian dictionary and many other Russian translations.

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26. Synonyms Irascible, Irritable, Passionate, hasty, touchy, testy, splenetic, snappish, peppery, fiery, choleric

Irascible, Irritable

27. Irascible indicates quicker and more intense bursts of anger than irritable, and less powerful, lasting, or manifest bursts than passionate

Irascible, Indicates, Intense, Irritable

28. It was in Rome between June 1511 and March 1512 that the artist executed his likeness of this highly art-minded – but also extremely strong-willed and Irascible – pope

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29. Fue en Roma, entre Junio de 1511 y Marzo de 1512, cuando el artista ejecutó la imagen de este Papa, gran pensador pero con un carácter muy fuerte e Irascible .

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30. Irascible 'Irascible' is a 9 letter word starting with I and ending with E Crossword clues for 'Irascible' Clue Answer; Irascible (5) TESTY: Easily nettled (5) In a peevish mood (5) Irritable and impatient (5) Acting irritable (5) Apt to snap (5) In a mean mood (5) In a mood (5)

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31. The Irascible Jim Godbolt, a long-time friend of Ronnie Scott, ruffled a few feathers 20 years ago when he published his book on the early decades of British jazz


32. Two hours later they discovered the best bar in Faro was a barge docked on the banks of the town, where they parlayed for fuel and pinga with the Irascible owner, Antonio.

In, Irascible

33. See authoritative translations of Irascible in Spanish with example sentences and audio pronunciations.

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34. She's becoming more and more Irascible as she grows older


35. Synonyms for Irascible in Free Thesaurus

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36. 51 synonyms for Irascible: bad-tempered, cross, irritable, crabbed, touchy, cantankerous, peppery

Irascible, Irritable

37. Definition of Irascible adjective in Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary

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38. Daishonin acerca de controlar su temperamento Irascible habrán provocado una seria reflexión en Shijo Kingo


39. Antonyms for Irascible include easygoing, laidback, relaxed, tolerant, blasé, calm, unconcerned, carefree, lenient and unhurried

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40. Definition of Irascible (adjective): easily becoming angry


41. Definition and synonyms of Irascible from the online English dictionary from Macmillan Education.


42. This is the British English definition of Irascible.View American English definition of Irascible.

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43. ‘The Irascible judge is known for not allowing much to hold back his biting observations.’ ‘As the title suggests, the exhibition focuses on the five sea adventures Tintin embarked on with his companions: Snowy, the Irascible Captain Haddock and the virtually deaf Professor Calculus.’

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44. That hiss, faint as it was, irritated the Irascible gentleman, and sealed the culprit's fate

It, Irritated, Irascible

45. (Little Women, by Louisa May Alcott) It was easy to see that he was a quick, Irascible, high-blooded man, for he was talking hotly about his grievances with a flush of anger upon his freckled cheeks

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46. Irascible - WordReference English dictionary, questions, discussion and forums


47. Definition of Irascible in the dictionary

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48. What does Irascible mean? Information and translations of Irascible in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on …

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49. But the Irascible and the concupiscible are two powers into which the sensitive appetite is divided, as stated in the I:81:2

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50. Therefore, since the passions are movements of the sensitive appetite , as stated above ( I-II:22:3 ), the passions of the Irascible faculty are specifically distinct from those of the concupiscible part.

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51. Definition of Irascible written for English Language Learners from the Merriam-Webster Learner's Dictionary with audio pronunciations, usage examples, and count/noncount noun labels.


52. Irascible APPETITE Scholastic philosophical term for the sense faculty that is aroused to resist an impending danger

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53. Why does human nature have "Irascible" appetites? St


54. Thomas Aquinas, in explaining why we have an Irascible faculty–which though named from "anger", ira, includes all appetite aimed at attaining goals which are difficult, and which require overcoming obstacles (not necessarily enemies)–makes a comparison with all natural and corruptible things, and says that things which are fallible, and

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55. See authoritative translations of Irascible in English with example sentences and audio pronunciations.

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IRASCIBLE [iˈrasəb(ə)l]

irascible (adjective)

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What does the name irascible mean?

irascible ( adj.) characterized by anger; an irascible response. Synonyms: choleric. From

What is an example of irascible in a sentence?

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What is the noun for irascible?

The key to the meaning of "irascible" isn't the negative prefix ir- (which is used before words that begin with "r"), but the Latin noun ira, meaning "anger." From "ira," which is also the root of "irate" and "ire," came the Latin verb irasci ("to become angry"), which led to French irascible.

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