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1. Inversion definition is - a reversal of position, order, form, or relationship: such as

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2. How to use Inversion in a sentence.

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3. Inversion happens when we reverse (invert) the normal word order of a structure, most commonly the subject-verb word order

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4. Inversion (Download this explanation in PDF here.) We use Inversion in several different situations in English

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5. Inversion just means putting the verb before the subject


6. Inversion En la primera inversión, la tónica del acorde pasa a ser la nota más aguda

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7. In the first Inversion, the root of the chord becomes the highest note.

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8. Generally, an Inversion is used to stress the uniqueness of an event and begins with a negative

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9. Inversion therapy involves hanging upside down, and the head-down position could be risky for anyone with high blood pressure, heart disease or glaucoma

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10. In theory, Inversion therapy takes gravitational pressure off the nerve roots and disks in your spine and …

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11. Nipple Inversion is classified by grades, based on how serious the condition is

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12. Inversion is the process of transforming points to a corresponding set of points known as their inverse points

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13. Two points and are said to be inverses with respect to an Inversion circle having Inversion center and Inversion radius if is the perpendicular foot of the altitude of, where is a point on the circle such that.

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14. A temperature Inversion is a layer in the atmosphere in which air temperature increases with height

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15. An Inversion is present in the lower part of a cap

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16. The cap is a layer of relatively warm air aloft (above the Inversion)

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17. An Inversion is a transaction in which a US-based multinational company merges with a smaller foreign company and then establishes its residence in the foreign company’s country

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18. When the bass note is the third of the triad, the resulting chord is the first Inversion; when it is the fifth, the resulting chord is the second Inversion. See also root position

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19. Inversion therapy is also called spinal traction

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20. / ɪnˈvɝː.ʒ ə n / a situation in which something is changed so that it is the opposite of what it was before, or in which something is turned upside down: Her account of the case was an Inversion of the facts (= it …

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21. XIANGMIHU Inversion Table with Adjustable Headrest and Protective Belt/Inversion Tables for Back Pain/Strength Training Inversion Equipment with Reversible Ankle Holders/300 lbs Weight Capacity


22. Innova ITM5900 Advanced Heat and Massage Inversion

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23. In English grammar, Inversion is a reversal of normal word order, especially the placement of a verb ahead of the subject (subject-verb Inversion)

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24. The rhetorical term for Inversion is hyperbaton

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25. Also called stylistic Inversion and locative Inversion.


26. In music theory, the word Inversiondescribes certain types of changes to intervals, chords, voices(in counterpoint), and melodies

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27. In each of these cases, "Inversion" has a distinct but related meaning

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28. The concept of Inversion also plays an important role in musical set theory.

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29. If you’ve lived through a winter or two in Utah, you’ve probably heard the term “Inversion” used to describe our weather

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30. Bring Inversion therapy home with a variety of tables designed with large or compact frames for easy storage


31. Choose from top brands like Teeter Hang Ups®, Ironman® and Stamina Products® for quality Inversion products.

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32. Circular Inversion, sometimes called Geometric Inversion, is a transformation where point in the Cartesian plane is transformed based on a circle with radius and center such that , where is the transformed point on the ray extending from through .

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33. The Forward-leaning Inversion is a classic here at Spinning Babies ®

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35. The Inversion is created by a break in the vicinity of the parathyroid gene on the short arm of chromosome 11 (band 11p15), another break in the long arm (band 11q13), rotation of the center piece around the axis of the centromere, and rejoining (177).

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36. Inversion therapy is a technique where you are suspended upside down to stretch the spine and relieve back pain

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38. Inversion therapy provides an alternate solution to these physical woes.During an Inversion therapy session, the practitioner secures himself to a pivoting table and assumes an inverted position

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39. With fascinating insights into everyday life in Tehran, the film portrays the 'Inversion" of a woman, and her mutiny against male domination.

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40. An Inversion occurs when there are two breaks in one chromosome

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41. If both breaks occur in the same arm of the chromosome, this is called a paracentric Inversion.

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42. Health Gear ITM 6000 Heat & Massage Inversion Table Full Body Heat & Massage Pad; 3" Thick Back Rest Pad; Fully Padded Side Handlebars 3-position 20°,40° & 60° Inversion Pin Adjustment s

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43. Inversion therapy, or the use of Inversion tables, is a non-medicated form of pain relief that involves flipping your body upside down to relieve pressure from the bones, joints, and discs in the low back

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44. Inversion of the verb before the subject is a common phenomenon in English sentences

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45. Inversion is most common with question form of the sentences

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46. However, there are few other circumstances where Inversion of subject and verb occurs.


47. (‘Seldom’ is in the normal place, so we don’t use Inversion

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48. This is a normal sentence with no special emphasis.) We only use Inversion when the adverb modifies the whole phrase and not when it modifies the noun: Hardly anyone passed the exam

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49. (No Inversion.) Here are some negative adverbs and adverb phrases that we often use with Inversion:


50. Inversion definition: When there is an Inversion of something, it is changed into its opposite

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51. Temperature Inversion, a reversal of the normal behavior of temperature in the troposphere that results in a layer of cool air at the surface becoming overlain by warmer air, which caps upward moving air

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52. Inversion Table Back Pain Therapy Heavy Duty Teeter Relief Fitness Hang Gravity


53. Innova ITM5900 Advanced Heat and Massage Inversion Therapy Table

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54. Teeter Fitspine X2 Inversion Table.



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56. An Inversion table is a great way of curing your back pain through alternative therapy, without resorting to surgery

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57. Inversion therapy, where a person is held upside down for several minutes, is an alternative therapy for back pain

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58. They may use gravity boots or an Inversion


59. The Inversion Courtesy of Meteorologist Jeff Haby


60. An Inversion is an increase of temperature with height

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61. Inversion, in chemistry, the spatial rearrangement of atoms or groups of atoms in a dissymmetric molecule, giving rise to a product with a molecular configuration that is a mirror image of that of the original molecule.

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62. The phenomenon of Inversion is sometimes known as Walden

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63. Inversion can help realign the spine after workouts


64. How Does Inversion Help the Back and Spine? Over a lifespan, gravity essentially causes the fluid and discs in our spines to compress

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65. Corporate Inversion, also known as tax Inversion, involves a domestic company moving its headquarters or base of operations overseas

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INVERSION [inˈvərZHən]

inversion (noun) · inversions (plural noun) · population inversion (noun) · population inversions (plural noun) · temperature inversion (noun) · temperature inversions (plural noun) · thermal inversion (noun) · thermal inversions (plural noun) · inversion layer (noun) · inversion layers (plural noun) · corporate inversion (noun) · corporate inversions (plural noun) · tax inversion (noun) · tax inversions (plural noun) · sexual inversion (noun) · sexuals inversion (plural noun)

  • the action of inverting something or the state of being inverted.
  • reversal of the normal order of words, typically for rhetorical effect but also found in the regular formation of questions in English.
Synonyms: reversal . transposition . reverse . contrary . antithesis . converse . transposal . antipode .
  • a reversal of the normal decrease of air temperature with altitude, or of water temperature with depth.
  • a layer of the atmosphere in which temperature increases with height.
  • the process of finding a quantity, function, etc. from a given one such that the product of the two under a particular operation is the identity.
  • the interchanging of numerator and denominator of a fraction, or antecedent and consequent of a ratio.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the definition of an inversion?

Definition of inversion. 1 : a reversal of position, order, form, or relationship: such as. a(1) : a change in normal word order especially : the placement of a verb before its subject. (2) : the process or result of changing or reversing the relative positions of the notes of a musical interval, chord, or phrase.

What does inversion mean in English?

Inversion Definition. Inversion, also known as “anastrophe,” is a literary technique in which the normal order of words is reversed, in order to achieve a particular effect of emphasis or meter.

What is the medical definition of inversion?

Medical Definition of inversion. 1 : a reversal of position, order, form, or relationship: as. a : a dislocation of a bodily structure in which it is turned partially or wholly inside out inversion of the uterus. b : the condition (as of the foot) of being turned or rotated inward — compare eversion sense 2.

What is an example for inversion?

An inverted sentence switches the placement of the verb before the subject of a sentence as if in a question. Here are some examples of inverted sentences: Not only is he difficult to understand, but he is also funny. Never have I understood less about women.

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