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1. Synonyms & Antonyms of Invented (Entry 2 of 2) to create or think of by clever use of the imagination they Invented an explanation for the broken vase that would satisfy their grandmother

Invented, Imagination

2. A story or narrative is Invented for the purpose of helping the student, as it is claimed, to memorise it

Is, Invented, It

3. LOISETTE) Some other stimulus to our Territorial recruiting than the fear of invasion will have to be Invented in future

Invasion, Invented, In

4. Invented; inventing Kids Definition of invent 1 : to create or produce for the first time Thomas Edison Invented the light bulb.

Invented, Inventing, Invent

5. 1425–75; late Middle English Invented (past participle) found, discovered (see -ed 2) <Latin inventus, past participle of invenīre to encounter, come upon, find, equivalent to in- in- 2 + ven ( īre) to come + -tus past participle suffix.

Invented, Inventus, Inven, In

6. Invent verb [T] (NEW DESIGN) B1 to design and/or create something that has never been made before: The first safety razor was Invented by company founder King C

Invent, Invented

7. The first boat shoe was Invented in 1935 by Paul A

Invented, In

8. ‘Beside him, and like him focused on the eggs, is the original movie camera Invented by Lumière.’ ‘Anyway, the point Marwick is making is that the historian does not create or invent the structure found in the history text.’ ‘Also, single word titles are often not unique, and I like inventing original things.’

Is, Invented, Invent, In, Inventing

9. Invent verb [T] (NEW DESIGN) B1 to design and/or create something that has never been made before: The first safety razor was Invented by company founder King C

Invent, Invented

10. Who Invented the zero? Author: History Staff


11. Provided to YouTube by Atlantic RecordsI Invented Sex (feat. Drake) · Trey Songz · DrakeReady℗ 2009 Atlantic Recording Corporation for the United States and


12. In fact, if you Google the very words, “why were Corn Flakes Invented?” the answer you received may read, “John Harvey Kellogg was born today in 1852

In, If, Invented

13. He Invented Cornflakes in 1878 in the hope that plain food would stop people masturbating

Invented, In

14. She Invented a process for weaving straw with silk or thread and was credited by First Lady Dolly Madison for boosting the nation's hat industry

Invented, Industry

15. Who Invented French Fries? Corey Williams 6/24/2020 'Race against the vaccine' as some states see uptick in Covid-19 cases

Invented, In

16. In 1962 while working for General Electric, Nick Holonyak, Jr., Invented the first visible-spectrum LED in the form of red diodes

In, Invented

17. Pale yellow and green diodes were Invented next


18. One of the earliest attempts was the chronophotographic gun which was Invented in 1882 by Étienne-Jules Marey, a French scientist

Invented, In

19. Still, look at this thing! The chronophotographic gun Invented by Étienne-Jules Marey


20. Before white people Invented the Patent Office, Black folks were the original creators and builders, developing ingenious ways to manage the world s changes over millions of years, everywhere you can imagine, from Azerbaijan to Zagazig! With wit and wisdom (and tons of pictures!) this book digs deeper than the whitewashed history we learn in

Invented, Ingenious, Imagine, In

21. The credit to who Invented the television as we know it today, an electronic model, was a bit of a power struggle

Invented, It

22. The camera was Invented, or rather, developed by multiple people, over the course of history


23. But the camera, as we know it today, was Invented by French inventor Joseph Nicéphore Niépce in (about) 1816

It, Invented, Inventor, In

24. Invented is well worth the money and unless there is something catastrophically wrong with your taste in music, it is a very good buy.

Invented, Is, In, It

25. We could argue that the first computer was the abacus or its descendant, the slide rule, Invented by William Oughtred in 1622

Its, Invented, In

26. Who Invented the Aeroplane? 12.01.03


27. This is the official music video for Baby Keem's Invented IT.Director & Editor Neal Farmer Instagram: https://

Is, Invented, It, Instagram

28. But who Invented sunscreen in the first place? The early sunscreen pioneers

Invented, In

29. Along with Miley and Meilani, other Invented baby names in the US Top 1000 include Aubrielle, Brylee, Cason, Dalary, Jaxon, Kyler, Nevaeh, and Oaklyn

Invented, In, Include

30. Names you may not realize were Invented include Elianna, Melba, Tevin, and Yalitza

Invented, Include

31. Who Invented golf? According to Lagle, there is still quite a bit of debate among historians as to the origins of golf, but there is no doubt that the Scots cultivated the foundations of the

Invented, Is

32. The full wheel set appears to have first been Invented by a mother or father potter, because the world’s oldest axles are made of clay, are about two inches long, and sit beneath rolling animal

Invented, Inches

33. Two Los Angeles restaurants claim to have Invented this favorite beef sandwich served with a bowl of au jus


34. Writing is thought to have been Invented in Mesopotamia (modern-day Iraq) 6,000 years ago, in 4000 BC

Is, Invented, In, Iraq

35. Naismith Invented the game of basketball and wrote the original 13 rules of this sport; for comparison, the NBA rule book today features 66 pages


36. Both countries argue they Invented the dish – a crisp meringue with whipped cream and berries piled on top – in honor of Russian ballerina Anna Pavlova, who toured the places in the 1920s.

Invented, In

37. 'When Women Invented Television' Gives 1940s, '50s Creative Powerhouses Their Due Author Jennifer Keishin Armstrong tells Scott Simon about four visionary women who were behind early hit …


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INVENTED [inˈvent]


  • create or design (something that has not existed before); be the originator of.
  • make up (an idea, name, story, etc.), especially so as to deceive someone.
Synonyms: originate . create . innovate . design . devise . contrive . formulate . develop . conceive . think up . hit on . mastermind . pioneer . discover . find . coin . mint . make up . fabricate . concoct . hatch . dream up . trump up . manufacture .

Frequently Asked Questions

What does it mean to invent something?

Definition of invent. transitive verb. 1 : to produce (something, such as a useful device or process) for the first time through the use of the imagination or of ingenious thinking and experiment.

What is an another word for something invented?

1 something (as a device) created for the first time through the use of the imagination. his clever invention made people's lives easier. Synonyms for invention. brainchild, coinage, concoction, contrivance, creation, innovation,

Who are the greatest inventors in history?

One of the greatest inventors in history is Thomas Edison. Most notably, Thomas Edison invented the light bulb. Can you imagine what it would be like if we didn't have light bulbs? However, Edison also invented a ton of other things like a phonograph, film, a movie camera, a kinetoscope, among other things.

What is the definition of inventions?

The definition of an invention is something such as a device or process that has been created or made up, or the process of creating or making up something or figuring out a way to do something. A new type of computer is an example of an invention.

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