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INVALUABLELET [inˈvaly(o͞o)əb(ə)l]

invaluable (adjective)

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What is a sentence with the word invaluable in it?

Invaluable in a sentence

  1. The new job will provide you with invaluable experience.
  2. His knowledge of the area made him invaluable.
  3. In his job, patience is an invaluable asset.
  4. Your advice has been invaluable to us.
  5. I was able to gain invaluable experience over that year.
  6. A computer would have been invaluable for this job.
  7. The video has become an invaluable teaching tool.

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What does invaluable asset mean?

"invaluable" in Business English. › extremely useful: an invaluable asset/contribution/resource He has proved to be an invaluable asset to the company. invaluable to/for sb The data will be invaluable to researchers in determining costs.

What is the opposite of invaluable?

If valuable means costly or precious, it seems intuitive that invaluable would be its opposite, namely, not costly or precious. The prefix in- is often used as a negation, like in the words inattentive and indefensible. Invaluable requires some mental gymnastics.

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