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Word suggestions (4): Introverted, Inverted, Introversion, Introvert




  - of, denoting, or typical of an introvert.


shy, reserved, withdrawn, reticent, diffident, retiring, quiet, timid, timorous, meek,

"Introverted" in Example Sentences

1. Supposing the tube to be completely introverted and to commence its eversion, we then find that eversion may take place, either by a forward movement of the side of the tube near its attached base, as in the proboscis of the Nemertine worms, the pharynx of Chaetopods and the eye-tentacle of Gastropods, or by a forward movement of the inverted
2. Introvert in a sentence - Use "introvert" in a sentence: 8. 9. Use "introvert" in a sentence Thus, he was deprived of enjoying rough play, and running, which the children used to indulge in. He remained an introvert and spent his early days in imagination and dreams. For example, an extrovert can accept her introverted partner's need for space
3. How to use introverted in a sentence. introverted pronunciation. The task performed, That instant he becomes the serjeant's care, His pupil, and his torment, and his jest; His awkward gait, his introverted toes, Bent knees, round shoulders, and dejected looks, Procure him many a curse.
4. How to use introverted in a sentence. Example sentences with the word introverted. introverted example sentences. This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience. the range of movement of the tubular introvert may be unlimited or complete. 4.
5. The singer's compelling, pensive and introverted lyrics were delivered with an unusual diffidence from a band enjoying their level of success.: For example, in any group of people some may be reserved and introverted, while others may be extremely boisterous and extroverted.: This work connected the introverted poet with a new and surprisingly outer-directed passion that would affect many lives.
6. Examples of introverted in a sentence, how to use it. 23 examples: We have tried to keep up appearances, turned our eyes away from the things that do not serve this goal, and have become introverted. - Thus, it appears that the never-married tend to be more introverted than their married contemporaries.

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