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1. Intrapreneurship is a system which allows an employee to act like an entrepreneur within an organization. Intrapreneurs are self-motivated, proactive, and action-oriented people who have leadership

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2. Intrapreneurship is acting like an entrepreneur within an established company. It’s creating a new business or venture within an organization

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3. Chances are there’s a handy example of Intrapreneurship stuck to your desk: the Post-it note.

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4. Definition: Intrapreneurship is composed of ‘intra’ and ‘preneurship’; where intra refers to an integral part, preneurship is to take charge of something.Thus, Intrapreneurship is a practice of nurturing the entrepreneur that hides within an employee by initiating and turning his/her idea into a real project for organizational growth.

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5. This is the world of Intrapreneurship, a term popularized by academic researcher Howard Edward Haller, management consultant Gifford Pinchot III …

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6. Intrapreneurship is probably best recognized in Google’s “ 20 percent time ” initiative.

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7. Intrapreneurship is acting as an entrepreneur within your larger company, by innovating and creating new products or services

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8. The term Intrapreneurship was first coined by business authors Gifford and Elizabeth Pinchot in the late 1970s.

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9. Intrapreneurship is a system and a process which allows its employees to develop their entrepreneurial skill & mindset and act like an entrepreneur by working within the company.

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10. The Skunk Works story is a classic example of what today is being called “Intrapreneurship,” the idea that large corporations must encourage risk-taking entrepreneurs within their existing structures

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11. Intrapreneurship is the act of behaving like an entrepreneur while working within a large organization.

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12. Intrapreneurship is the system wherein the principles of entrepreneurship are practiced within the boundaries of a firm

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13. Intrapreneurship involves people within a business creating or discovering new business opportunities, which leads to the creation of new parts of the business or even new businesses

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14. Definition: An Intrapreneurship is a phenomenon of empowering the employees within the organization, by valuing their ideas and converting them into a profit-making model for the business

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15.Intrapreneurship is the system wherein the principles of entrepreneurship are practiced within the boundaries of a firm,” explains Sara Caroline Sabin in an article for Entrepreneur

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16. An Intrapreneurship is a work situation in which you are encouraged to act like an entrepreneur while working as part of an organization

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17. Intrapreneurship means behaving like an entrepreneur while working within a large organization


18. Intrapreneurship encourages a more positive workplace culture by allowing employees to taking ownership over a slice of the company they are innovating or optimizing

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19. Intrapreneurship can be learnt, and competency frameworks can be designed and implemented

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20. Hamel: The idea of Intrapreneurship goes back at least a decade and probably longer than that.I think that most of the many companies that set …

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21. Intrapreneurship pays off many times over in terms of company growth, culture, and talent Intrapreneurship fosters proactivity and positions corporations as industry leaders with creative leeway for its workforce

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22. Intrapreneurship is a special type of entrepreneurship and thus shares many key behavioral characteristics with this comprehensive concept, such as taking initiative, pursuit of opportunity, and some element of 'newness'

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23. At the same time, Intrapreneurship also belongs to the domain of employee behavior and thus faces specific limitations that


24. Corporate Intrapreneurship programs help employees follow this dream and keeping people engaged at work is vital if you want to retain top talent

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25. Organizations that support Intrapreneurship often have a stronger, more engaged culture, and find it easier to attract and retain top talent

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26. Intrapreneurship fosters an environment of independence and autonomy within a company while searching for the best solution to a problem

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27. Intrapreneurship practices have developed in response to the modern world's rapidly changing marketplace

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28. An Intrapreneurship is the system wherein the principles of entrepreneurship are practiced within the boundaries of the firm

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29. Intrapreneurship meaning: the willingness or ability of people within a large company to take direct responsibility for…


30. The Benefits of Intrapreneurship To many, being an intrapreneur holds a lot of appeal

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31. Intrapreneurship is the act of behaving like an entrepreneur within an established company or organization, and intrapreneurs are the "secret weapon" of the business world, taking the initiative to pursue innovative ventures

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32. Intrapreneurship is an example of motivation through job design, either formally or informally

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33. Intrapreneurship at Nokia Software, or I at NS, was a program created in 2017 to give Nokia Software’s 10,000 employees the opportunity to submit ideas for products, services, or solutions that delivered new capabilities, solved tough challenges faced by customers, or opened new markets.

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34. Making Intrapreneurship a way of life will breed innovation and push your company to its unthought-of potential

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35. If you want to know what happens when you stomp out Intrapreneurship from your company, look at pretty much any company that couldn't compete

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36. What is Intrapreneurship? Home Ericsson ONE Inventors, pioneers and changemakers

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37. Intrapreneurship is often associated with larger companies that have taken notice of the rise in entrepreneurial activity in recent years; these firms endeavor to create an environment wherein creative employees can pursue new ways of doing things and new product ideas within the …

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is intrapreneurship and why is it important?

The goal of Intrapreneurship is to create the entrepreneurial mindset and infrastructure needed to support growth. It takes a systems view of growth. It is a framework for transformation. Intrapreneurship helps organizations generate new business growth.

What does it really mean to be an intrapreneur?

An intrapreneur is an employee who is tasked with developing an innovative idea or project within a company. The intrapreneur may not face the outsized risks or reap the outsized rewards of an...

What are the advantages and disadvantages of intrapreneurship?

Advantages and Disadvantages of Intrapreneuring

Advantages Disadvantages
1 .Higher employee morale 1. Less glory
2. Better access to financial backing 2. Owners often kooks with suspicion
3. More and better people to look for he ... 3. Costs for experiments are not always ...
4. Access to information resources 4. No prompt recognition, incentives & p ...
2 more rows ... Jan 1 2021

What are the differences between intrapreneur and extrapreneur?

The important distinguishing points between entrepreneur and intrapreneur, are given in the following points:

  • An entrepreneur is defined as a person who establishes a new business with an innovative idea or concept. ...
  • An entrepreneur is intuitive in nature, whereas an intrapreneur is restorative in nature.
  • An entrepreneur uses his own resources, i.e. ...
  • An entrepreneur raises capital himself. ...
  • An entrepreneur works in a newly established company. ...
  • More items...

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