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See also: Intramural Intramurally Intricate Introverted Intrepid Intransigent Intriguing Intrigued Intrinsic Introduce Introspective Intrepidity Introspection Intrude Introductory Introduction Intrinsically Intractable Introverts Intrical Intranet Intrigueness Intrusion Intrusive

1. Intramural: [adjective] being or occurring within the limits usually of a community, organization, or institution

Intramural, Institution

2. Intramural definition, involving only students at the same school or college: Intramural athletics

Intramural, Involving

3. The Intramural schedule will indicate when online registration is available for a particular sport

Intramural, Indicate, Is

4. For over 80 years, Intramural have been a staple of campus life at the University of Kentucky! Our evolving philosopy is to provide the University's students, faculty and staff with recreational events and experiences, grounded in the basic beliefs of fun, fair, safe

Intramural, Is, In

5. Intramural Sports Calendar: Spring 2021 Intramural Championship Photos Wildcard Player Participation Policy


6. Intramural Update for Spring 2021 Semester (1/5/2021) Due to COVID-19 restrictions, Campus Recreation’s Intramural offerings for the Spring 2021 semester will begin in the virtual environment

Intramural, In

7. The Intramural Sports Program is dedicated to fostering a fun, safe environment for the Villanova Community to compete in a variety of sports through proficiently organized leagues, tournaments and one-day events

Intramural, Is, In

8. All Intramural Activities at Illinois are organized through an app called IM Leagues

Intramural, Illinois, Im

9. Last school year, more than 1,600 participants played more than 17,000 times, combined, in organized leagues, tournaments and special events! Undergraduate students, graduate students, faculty and staff are all eligible to participate in as many Intramural competitions as desired with a semester-long Intramural pass.

In, Intramural

10. The Kennesaw State Intramural Sports program aspires to be the leader amongst peer programs across the nation


11. For the most up to date information about Intramural Sports at the Univerisity of Delaware follow us on Twitter and Instagram @DelawareIMs

Information, Intramural, Instagram

12. The Intramural Sports Triathlon includes cycling, swimming, and running over various distances

Intramural, Includes

13. The Intramural program offers a wide variety of individual, team, and meet sports

Intramural, Individual

14. Intramural sports are scheduled for competitive and recreational activities


15. Intramural Sports; Campus Recreation & Wellness


16. Facility Services & Information Hours of Operation Weekly Events in the Facility Fitness Center Natatorium/Pool Gymnasium Intramural Complex Challenge Course Disc Golf Course Facility Rentals

Information, In, Intramural

17. Intramurals Sport Clubs Golf Programs.


18. Intramural events are open to all enrolled Baylor students, faculty and staff who have paid the respective usage fees, meet University eligibility guidelines and are in good standing with the University

Intramural, In

19. When Do We Play? Intramural games are scheduled to play Monday - Thursday between 5pm and midnight


20. Intramural synonyms, Intramural pronunciation, Intramural translation, English dictionary definition of Intramural


21. Existing or carried on within the bounds of an institution, especially a school: Intramural athletics

Institution, Intramural

22. Intramural leagues run each semester and include such sports as soccer, walleyball, volleyball and basketball

Intramural, Include

23. Whether you’re an all-star athlete or a rookie of the year, you’ll love the fun and competitive edge of UCF Intramural Sports


24. The Intramural Activities Building (IMA), IMA Pool, in-person fitness classes and personal training, Intramurals, Crags Climbing Center, and all outdoor fields and courts are still closed due to State Governor Jay Inslee’s COVID-19 (Coronavirus) guidance.

Intramural, Ima, In, Intramurals, Inslee

25. Sun Devil Intramural Sports offers members of the ASU community the opportunity to participate in a variety of activities in a wide range of skill levels and many different formats

Intramural, In

26. Sun Devil Intramurals is a great way to enhance your ASU experience by meeting new people, building relationships, taking a healthy break from studying or, most

Intramurals, Is

27. WSU Intramural Sports will be a mix of in-person and virtual experience this semester

Intramural, In

28. A photo of each Championship Team will also be displayed on the Intramural Wall of Fame.


29. An Intramural fibroid is a noncancerous tumor that grows between the muscles of the uterus, typically discovered during a routing pelvic exam

Intramural, Is

30. Find out what symptoms Intramural


31. The Intramural Sports Program is dedicated to providing a safe, fair, and enjoyable environment during all Intramural contests

Intramural, Is

32. Intramural Sports Information The Wellness Center's Intramural Sports program gives students, staff, and faculty the opportunity to participate in a variety of Intramural activities throughout the academic year

Intramural, Information, In

33. Intramural Sports (also known as IMs) are one of the most popular ways to get involved on-campus with your fellow Boilermakers

Intramural, Ims, Involved

34. The first Intramural sports departments were established at Ohio State University and the University of Michigan in 1913

Intramural, In

35. Elmer Mitchell, a graduate student, at the time, was named the first Director of Intramural Sports at the University of Michigan in 1919 and the first recreational sports facility in the country opened at the University of Michigan.

Intramural, In

36. Intramural Sports will have a full slate of leagues, tournament & special events posted soon for Fall 2020


37. The Intramural Sports program is designed for the enjoyment and fun of organized sport and to contribute to the overall well-being of the George Mason University Community

Intramural, Is

38. Intramural sports offers team sports, individual/dual sports, educational programs, and non-traditional Intramural

Intramural, Individual

39. Intramural Sports provide competitive and recreational sport leagues and tournaments for all TCU students, faculty and staff, regardless of skill level


40. To access Intramural Sports registration, schedules, and more please visit the MyCampusRec portal.


41. Intramural Sports Indoor Soccer

Intramural, Indoor

42. Previous Slide Next Slide Intramural Sports


43. Participation in the Intramural Sports program is open to current ODU Students, faculty, staff and EVMS members

In, Intramural, Is

44. Playing Intramural Sports is a great way to meet new people, compete in your favorite sport and just have fun

Intramural, Is, In

45. Intramural Sports offers a variety of ways to get involved! Join league sport or flash tournament for your chance at the Championship T-Shirt! Be sure to familiarize yourself with our Participants’ Guide! Intramural sports offers a range of formats for the sports that are offered.

Intramural, Involved

46. Welcome to Intramural Sports! Intramural Sports is safe, healthy, and most importantly some of the most fun you’ll have on campus

Intramural, Is, Importantly

47. Intramural activities offer sport and physical activity engagement after high school, allowing for a fluid transition from high school activities to young adulthood physical activity




49. Intramural sports are competitive and recreational sport activities organized for the campus community


50. Intramural Sports provides students, faculty, and staff the opportunity for competition and fun in a variety of team sports

Intramural, In

51. Intramural Sports will be conducted in a way to ensure that participants maintain six feet of physical distancing

Intramural, In

52. The Intramural Sports program offers a unique opportunity for all members of the University of Maryland community to participate together in sports

Intramural, In

53. Intramural staff may wait until 3 p.m


54. If games are canceled, participants will be notified through their IMLeagues account and on the Intramural Sports Instagram and Twitter accounts.

If, Imleagues, Intramural, Instagram

55. The Intramural Sports program provides BGSU students/faculty/staff a wide variety of competitive activities for players of all skill levels and interests

Intramural, Interests

56. Qualified staff provide a fun, yet structured environment that focuses on the health, safety and developmental needs of all Intramural


57. The mission of Intramural Sports is to establish fun and inviting playing environments for all skill levels

Intramural, Is, Inviting

58. Intramural Sports is one of the most popular student activities at the University of Arkansas, serving over 3,000 students each year and allowing students to play sports on campus

Intramural, Is

59. Intramural Sports are designed for competitive and experienced athletes, as well as those looking to participate in a fun activity or want to try a new sport

Intramural, In

60. To participate in Intramural Sports, with the exception of Friday Night Series events, a UI Student, Faculty, Staff, or Affiliate must purchase an Intramural Sports Membership .

In, Intramural

61. Please visit our Broncos Belong page to learn more about the Intramural Sports Program’s Commitment to Inclusion

Intramural, Inclusion

62. Intramural Sports is open to any current student or full time faculty/staff member of Nova Southeastern University

Intramural, Is

63. TO: All Intramural StaffFROM: Michael M


64. Gottesman, M.D., Deputy Director for Intramural Research, NIHSUBJECT: Funding of Intramural/Extramural Collaborations Collaborations between Intramural and extramural scientists are strongly encouraged, but the nature of these collaborations must be clear to assure proper management of NIH resources, and appropriate conflict …


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INTRAMURAL [ˌintrəˈmyo͞orəl]

intramural (adjective)

  • situated or done within the walls of a building.
  • taking place within a single educational institution.
Synonyms: inner . interior . inside . central . middle . external .

Frequently Asked Questions

What does the word intramural mean?

Definition of intramural. 1a : being or occurring within the limits usually of a community, organization, or institution intramural squabbles. b : competed only within the student body intramural sports. 2 : situated or occurring within the substance of the walls of an organ.

What does intermural mean?

Intermural is a word literally meaning between the walls, it is often mistakenly used when one means intramural. Examples. Oregon intramural teams have divisions for males, females and co-ed leagues (minimum of two women on co-ed team).

What does intramurals mean?

in·tra·mu·ral. Use intramural in a sentence. adjective. The definition of intramural is something within the limits or boundaries of a college or city. An example of intramural is the sports program of a college where teams from the same college compete for a college-wide title; intramural sports.

What is the abbreviation for intramural?

IM is an abbreviation for intramural

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