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INTRAMUAL [ˌintrəˈmyo͞orəl]

intramural (adjective)

  • situated or done within the walls of a building.
  • taking place within a single educational institution.
Synonyms: inner . interior . inside . central . middle . external .

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What does the word intramural mean?

Definition of intramural. 1a : being or occurring within the limits usually of a community, organization, or institution intramural squabbles. b : competed only within the student body intramural sports. 2 : situated or occurring within the substance of the walls of an organ.

What does intermural mean?

Intermural is a word literally meaning between the walls, it is often mistakenly used when one means intramural. Examples. Oregon intramural teams have divisions for males, females and co-ed leagues (minimum of two women on co-ed team).

What does intramurals mean?

in·tra·mu·ral. Use intramural in a sentence. adjective. The definition of intramural is something within the limits or boundaries of a college or city. An example of intramural is the sports program of a college where teams from the same college compete for a college-wide title; intramural sports.

What is the abbreviation for intramural?

IM is an abbreviation for intramural

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