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1. An Intervener is a person who: Works consistently one-to-one with an individual who is deafblind Has training and specialized skills in deafblindness An Intervener provides a bridge to the world for the student who is deafblind.

Intervener, Is, Individual, In

2. Intervener a person who becomes involved in a case either for his own or for the public interest

Intervener, Involved, In, Interest

3. Interveners in the Classroom: Guidelines for Teams Working with Students Who Are Deafblind is a 36-page booklet designed as a checklist to assist Interveners, teachers, administrators, and parents in understanding the roles and responsibilities of Interveners in educational settings.

Interveners, In, Is

4. The need for Intervener training programs has long been recognized in the field of deafblindness

Intervener, In

5. Intervener is a tool for psychologists, teachers and parents that quickly provides the user with recommendations to help children with learning, behavioral, developmental and social variations

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6. With the Intervener, professionals or parents can create a personalized Action Plan, …


7. Interveners are professionals who have received specialized training to work with people who are deafblind


8. An Intervener helps the person with deafblindess gain access to environmental information, facilitates communication, as well as promoting social and emotional development.

Intervener, Information

9. Interveners are paraeducators with specialized knowledge and skills in deafblindness

Interveners, In

10. Trained Interveners allow school districts and agencies to effectively meet the unique individualized support needs of students who benefit from intervention services.

Interveners, Individualized, Intervention

11. English A third-party Intervener is a person who joins the legal dispute pending between other persons to support one of the parties, without being a party in the proceedings.

Intervener, Is, In

12. Intervener is an alternative form of intervenor

Intervener, Is, Intervenor

13. As nouns the difference between Intervener and intervenor is that Intervener is one who intervenes while intervenor is one who intervenes, especially relating to law

Intervener, Intervenor, Is, Intervenes

14. An Intervener is a position designated to provide direct support to a student who is deaf-blind, for all or part of the instructional day, as determined by the student’s Individual Educational Plan (IEP).

Intervener, Is, Instructional, Individual, Iep

15. Intervener Resources: (click on name) Michigan Intervener Job Description Comparison of Possible Supports for Students Who are DeafBlind; IEP Discussion Guide Family Guide to Interveners Memo from U.S

Intervener, Iep, Interveners

16. Department of Education National Credential for Interveners


17. See intervene ‘Putting this point in terms of freedom, we may say that a Frankfurt-type counterfactual Intervener can deprive an agent of his freedom to carry out a given want or intention, but he cannot deprive him of his freedom to form it.’

Intervene, In, Intervener, Intention, It

18. An Intervener is not a party and may not introduce evidence at a hearing, or propound questions to a witness, unless the hearing officer determines that the proposed additional evidence is relevant and will clarify the facts

Intervener, Is, Introduce

19. The Intervener may submit and serve on all parties a brief in support or opposition to any brief of a party.

Intervener, In

20. ‘Sometimes this makes an Intervener complicit in repression.’ ‘Such a commitment requires Interveners to take casualty risks to the extent needed to avoid killing large numbers of civilians and damaging their social infrastructure.’

Intervener, In, Interveners, Infrastructure

21. The Deafblind Intervener Training Program at Utah State University provides specialized training in deafblindness that prepares students to work as Interveners with individuals who are deafblind in school, home, and community settings

Intervener, In, Interveners, Individuals

22. The Intervener physician should document the intervention in a manner acceptable to the local EMSS

Intervener, Intervention, In

23. The out-of-hospital provider or on-line medical direction believes that the emergency care rendered by the Intervener physician is inconsistent with EMS protocols and quality patient care, on-line medical direction should be reestablished.

Intervener, Is, Inconsistent

24. By definition, an Intervener is a one-to-one service provider with specialized training and skills in deafblindness

Intervener, Is, In

25. The Intervener helps the person gather information, learn concepts and skills, develop communication and language, and establish relationships that lead to greater independence.

Intervener, Information, Independence

26. 39 Intervener jobs available on

Intervener, Indeed

27. Apply to Senior Analyst, Intervener, Senior Director and more!


28. Interveners and Deafblindness, Logan, UT


29. This page is devoted to Interveners who work with children who are deafblind.

Is, Interveners

30. Synonyms for Intervener in Free Thesaurus

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31. What are synonyms for Intervener?


32. An Intervener provides consistent one-to-one support to a student who is deaf-blind (age three through 21) throughout the instructional day.

Intervener, Is, Instructional

33. There is no form to fill out to become an Intervener in a Siting case

Is, Intervener, In

34. Intervener services are provided by an Intervener, typically a paraeducator, who: a) has received specialized, in-depth training in deaf-blindness and b) works one-to-one with an infant, child, or youth who is deaf-blind

Intervener, In, Infant, Is

35. In school settings, the Intervener serves as a member of the student’s educational team.

In, Intervener

36. 12 Deaf Blind Intervener jobs available on

Intervener, Indeed

37. Apply to Intervener, Technician, Intervener, Usdb and more!


38. The Open Hands, Open Access (OHOA): Deaf-Blind Intervener Learning Modules are a set of 27 modules designed to increase awareness, knowledge, and skills related to intervention for students (ages 3 through 21) who are deaf-blind

Intervener, Increase, Intervention

39. Although originally intended only for Intervener training, many state deaf-blind projects and university faculty have also found them useful for training teachers

Intended, Intervener

40. The Intervener's specific duties will be individualized according to the needs of the child and the profile of the current educational placement

Intervener, Individualized

41. In educational environments, Intervener services are provided by an individual, typically a paraeducator, who has receive d specialized training in deaf-blindness and the process of intervention

In, Intervener, Individual, Intervention

42. For students who are deaf-blind, Interveners provide a bridge to the outside world by providing access to information and communication.

Interveners, Information

43. The Intervener Program is designed to be completed in two years

Intervener, Is, In

44. An Intervener provides consistent one-to-one support to a student who is deaf-blind or dual sensory impaired (ages 3 through 21) throughout the instructional day.

Intervener, Is, Impaired, Instructional

45. Definition of Intervener in the dictionary

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46. What does Intervener mean? Information and translations of Intervener in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web.

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47. The Intervener provides auditory, visual, and tactile stimulation for the child and helps the child develop interactive behaviors instead of isolated, defensive, or self-stimulatory behaviors

Intervener, Interactive, Instead, Isolated

48. The Intervener also enables the parents to obtain much needed respite.


49. As an Intervener you will: Work under the direction of a certified Deaf-Blind Teacher Specialist and the classroom instructor

Intervener, Instructor

50. Definition of "Intervener." For the purposes of regulations promulgated by the Board of Education, "Intervener" means an individual with knowledge and skill in the mode of communication of a deaf-blind student and who can communicate to the deaf-blind student what is occurring in the student's educational setting.

Intervener, Individual, In, Is

51. False Creek Residents v Vancouver 2014 BCSC 1674 contains an excellent quote on the law relating to allowing a non party to a court action, the right to “ intervene” Intervener Status into the action so that the non party might still present its evidence and arguments.

Intervene, Intervener, Into, Its

52. An Intervener is a deaf-blind student’s bridge to the world

Intervener, Is

53. Essentially, an Intervener is a deaf-blind student’s ears and eyes.

Intervener, Is



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INTERVENER [ˌin(t)ərˈvēnər]


Synonyms: intervene .

intervene (verb) · intervenes (third person present) · intervened (past tense) · intervened (past participle) · intervening (present participle)

  • come between so as to prevent or alter a result or course of events.
  • (of an event or circumstance) occur as a delay or obstacle to something being done.
Synonyms: intercede . step in . cut in . mediate . arbitrate . conciliate . negotiate . interfere . intrude . occur . happen . take place . arise . crop up . materialize . come about . result . ensue . follow . supervene . befall . betide . hap .

Frequently Asked Questions

What does an intervener do?

An Intervener is a person who: An intervener provides a bridge to the world for the student who is deafblind. The intervener helps the student gather information, learn concepts and skills, develop communication and language, and establish relationships that lead to greater independence.

What does intervenor mean?

Definition of intervenor : one who intervenes especially : one who intervenes as a third party in a legal proceeding Examples of intervenor in a Sentence Recent Examples on the Web The state of Indiana participated in the case as an intervenor, meaning it was granted the right to observe and submit legal documents in support of the plaintiffs.

What is deaf blindness and intervener?

See Wikipedia's guide to writing better articles for suggestions. An intervener is a person who works consistently one-to-one with an individual who is deaf-blind. Deafblindness is a low incidence disability that describes individuals with varying degrees of vision and hearing losses.

Is an intervenor a party?

Intervenor Law and Legal Definition. An intervenor is a a party who does not have a substantial and direct interest but has clearly ascertainable interests and perspectives essential to a judicial determination and whose standing has been granted by the court for all or a portion of the proceedings. The following is an example...

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