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interrogatives (plural noun)

  - having or conveying the force of a question.


  - a word used in questions, such as how or what.


questioning, inquiring, inquisitive, inquisitorial, probing, searching, quizzing, quizzical, curious, intrigued,

"Interrogative" in Example Sentences

1. How to use interrogative in a sentence. Example sentences with the word interrogative. interrogative example sentences. with personal endings complete, passive, interrogative, conditional, elective, negative and other forms, each with its proper participial inflexions.
2. Use "interrogative" in a sentence. Choose a language, then type a word below to get example sentences for that word. interrogative in a sentence. Interrogative; They all look interrogative at me. I directed an interrogative look to the elder. The old man's interrogative eye said, "What?". I
3. Topic: interrogative Sentences – Definition of interrogative sentences, interrogative sentences examples, sentence structure, and usage of interrogative sentences. If you listen to an every day conversation, you’ll notice the exchange isn’t simply statements of facts or ideas.
4. How to use affirmative in a sentence. Example sentences with the word affirmative. affirmative example sentences. The verb may be preceded by an affirmative, a negative, or an interrogative particle. To the first of these a negative, to the second an affirmative answer is returned.
5. Examples and definition of a interrogative Sentence. An interrogative sentence will always end with a question mark (?) and this makes them easy to spot. Other types of sentences, like declarative and exclamatory sentences, interrogative sentences make up the common parts of conversations.
6. interrogative pronoun in a sentence - Use "interrogative pronoun" in a sentence 1. Czech ), the sets of relative and interrogative pronouns are nearly identical. 2. When there is no interrogative pronoun, pitch rises on the last syllable. click for more sentences of interrogative pronoun: 34. 5. How to use affirmative in a sentence.
7. interrogative pronouns are very easy to remember and use. Memorize them to make things even simpler. Examples of interrogative Pronouns. Sentences containing interrogative pronouns are always questions, so they always end with a question mark. In the following examples, interrogative pronouns have been italicized for ease of identification.
8. An interrogative sentence asks a question and is punctuated at the end with a question mark. See examples of the ways to format an interrogative sentence.
9. How to use interrogative in a sentence Looking for sentences and phrases with the word interrogative? Here are some examples. Sentence Examples. In the following pair, the first uses it as an interrogative content clause and the second uses it as a fused relative.
10. What Is an interrogative Sentence? (with Examples) An interrogative sentence is one that asks a direct question and always ends in a question mark. The term interrogative sentence is another name for a question. Examples of interrogative Sentences Here are some examples of interrogative sentences:
11. An interrogative sentence is a type of sentence that asks a question, as opposed to sentences that make a statement, deliver a command, or express an exclamation. interrogative sentences are typically marked by inversion of the subject and predicate; that is, the first verb in a verb phrase appears before the subject. Importantly, an interrogative sentence ends with a question mark.
12. interrogative in a sentence 🔊 Short Sentences for interrogative . 1. An interrogative particle. 🔊 2. The description is too minute for the interrogative form. 🔊 3. For place of interrogative see par. 🔊 4. He paused with an interrogative lift of his eyebrows. 🔊 5.
13. Following are the interrogative pronouns in Spanish with their translations and examples of their usage. Note that in some cases the pronouns can vary in translation when they follow a preposition.Also, some of the pronouns exist in singular and plural forms and (in the case of cuánto) masculine and feminine forms that should match the noun they stand for.
14. The interrogative Adjective is also used to modify the nouns or nouns phrases and easily placed before in a sentence. For example. Which pencil box is yours? (The word “which” is an interrogative adjective that will modify pencil.) What web series you are seeing too? (The word “what” word is an interrogative adjective that modifies movie)
15. interrogative sentence definition at D, a free online dictionary with pronunciation, synonyms and translation. Look it up now!

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