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1. Examples of Interlope in a Sentence

Interlope, In

2. Interlope. ( ˌɪntəˈləʊp; ˈɪntəˌləʊp) vb ( intr) to intrude or interfere in the affairs of others

Interlope, Intr, Intrude, Interfere, In

3. Interlope (verb) to run between parties and intercept without right the advantage that one should gain from the other; to traffic without a proper license; to intrude; to …

Interlope, Intercept, Intrude

4. Origin of Interlope. Early 17th century, likely back-formation from Interloper

Interlope, Interloper

5. Interlope definition: to intrude or interfere in the affairs of others Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples

Interlope, Intrude, Interfere, In

6. Interlope is a French duet made up of RIMSHOT and DRAGONGAZ which produce each piece breakbeat (downtempo, magnet, jungle, teak)

Interlope, Is

7. Dictionary entry overview: What does Interlope mean? • Interlope (verb) The verb Interlope has 1 sense:


8. Encroach on the rights of others, as in trading without a proper license Familiarity information: Interlope used as a verb is very rare.

In, Information, Interlope, Is

9. See authoritative translations of Interlope in English with example sentences and audio pronunciations.

Interlope, In

10. ‘impostors have tried to Interlope on the action’.

Impostors, Interlope

11. Interlope (third-person singular simple present Interlopes, present participle interloping, simple past and past participle Interloped) To intrude, meddle, or trespass in others' affairs

Interlope, Interlopes, Interloping, Interloped, Intrude, In

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14. Interloper is a comet on a highly elliptical orbit around the sun

Interloper, Is

15. Due to the Interloper's lack of gravity in its interior, it would be advised to explore this comet on the highest part of its orbit or it is possible to be pulled away into the Sun

Interloper, In, Its, Interior, It, Is, Into

16. Planchut calls the 'monde Interlope,' which assembles every winter at M.nte Carlo and Nice.


17. A person who interferes or meddles in the affairs of others: He was an atheist who felt like an Interloper in this religious gathering

Interferes, In, Interloper

18. Interlope definition in French dictionary, Interlope meaning, synonyms, see also 'Interloper',Interloper',interpolé',interpoler'

Interlope, In, Interloper, Interpol, Interpoler

19. Interloper, Interlopers or The Interlopers may refer to:

Interloper, Interlopers

20. Interloper, by Carbon Based Lifeforms; Interloper (asteroid), a nominal, but not true member of an asteroid family Interloper (business) Interloper (comics), a fictional character in the Marvel Comics universe Interloper Films, a production company; Interlopers (novel), a 2001 science fiction novel by Alan Dean Foster

Interloper, In, Interlopers

21. One that intrudes in a place, situation, or activity: "When these Interlopers choke out native species, ecologists see a danger signal" (William K

Intrudes, In, Interlopers

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23. Interlope (v.) "intrude where one has no business," especially with a view to gain the advantage or profits of another (as a trader without a proper licence), early 17c., probably a back-formation from Interloper (q.v.)

Interlope, Intrude, Interloper

24. Related: Interloped; interloping.

Interloped, Interloping

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Interlope, Including

27. If you describe someone as an Interloper, you mean that they have come into a situation or a place where they are not wanted or do not belong

If, Interloper, Into

28. [disapproval] She had no wish to share her father with any outsider and regarded us as Interlopers.


29. Synonyms for Interlope include intrude, poke, interfere, pry, meddle, obtrude, snoop, nose, mess and intermeddle

Interlope, Include, Intrude, Interfere, Intermeddle

30. Interlope - WordReference English dictionary, questions, discussion and forums


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32. Written By, Performer, Mixed By, Other [Improvised] – Interlope; Notes [Manipulant De Maniere Improvisee Les Sources D Energies En Usant Des Techniques Avancees De Communication Homme/Machine] Recorded at Le Cargo (Caen) 2008

Improvised, Interlope, Improvisee

33. Interlope Urdu Meaning - Find the correct meaning of Interlope in Urdu, it is important to understand the word properly when we translate it from English to Urdu

Interlope, In, It, Is, Important

34. There are always several meanings of each word in Urdu, the correct meaning of Interlope in Urdu is دست اندازی کرنا, and in …

In, Interlope, Is

35. Interlope is a French duet made up of RIMSHOT and DRAGONGAZ which produce each piece breakbeat (downtempo, magnet, jungle, teak)

Interlope, Is

36. What is the definition of Interlope? What is the meaning of Interlope? How do you use Interlope in a sentence? What are synonyms for Interlope?

Is, Interlope, In

37. Also available in the iTunes Store More by Interlope

In, Itunes, Interlope

38. The Women's Review asked Prageeta Sharma to find out more about the impetus behind Interlope

Impetus, Interlope

39. Not your mother's diaspora: voices of the Asian American avant-garde Not to forget are basketry and mat-work whose plaits Interlope in ways recalled by the intersecting planes of sculpted and woven malanggan - all made not to invite introspection, but

Interlope, In, Intersecting, Invite, Introspection

40. L'Interlope le café, bar et restaurant de la Case à Chocs possède un menu de saison réalisé avec des produits


41. Antonyms for Interlope include aid, assist, facilitate, forward, help, retreat, withdraw, yield, leave alone and allow

Interlope, Include

42. Find 9 ways to say InterlopeR, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus.


43. Interloper is a holotape in Fallout 76

Interloper, Is, In

44. Interlope warpath fui kansankiihotus, kapinan lietsonta, kapinamielialan lietsominen, kapinahenki Sauerampfer (m) wojskowy road show; roadshow cyk splinter group joc cu bile preprodaja Finte Izleme sunucusu velikani AMA hasad put into a place, put something into position excess profits tax wagami Bereichsgruppe umjetni plodovi patrouille

Interlope, Izleme, Into

45. Interlope fans, fan club tertavolo hispanamerika tights SDI service (n.) frenar notice of meeting kapacitet memorije to assent wild oat avoir regularly overindulging, sick from overindulgence, tending to eat or drink to excess energieverbruik منطمس، دارس، عاف، ممحو izbrazdati warfare …

Interlope, Izbrazdati

46. Interlope: Honor Talent: Replaces Misdirection: 40 yd range: Instant: 45 sec cooldown: Requires Hunter

Interlope, Instant

47. L'Interlope le café, bar et restaurant de la Case à Chocs possède un menu de saison réalisé avec des produits de la région


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INTERLOPE [ˈin(t)ərˌlōp, ˌin(t)ərˈlōp]

interlope (verb) · interlopes (third person present) · interloped (past tense) · interloped (past participle) · interloping (present participle)

Frequently Asked Questions

What does interlope mean?

Webster Dictionary(0.00 / 0 votes)Rate this definition: Interlope(verb) to run between parties and intercept without right the advantage that one should gain from the other; to traffic without a proper license; to intrude; to forestall others; to intermeddle.

What does interloped mean?

Definition of interloper : one that interlopes: such as : a person who is not wanted or welcome by the other people in a situation or place : a person present in a situation or place where he or she is not wanted

What does interloper mean definition?

An "interloper" is essentially one who jumps into the midst of things without an invitation to do so. In its earliest uses, "interloper" referred specifically to one who interfered in trade illegally - that is, a trader who trespassed on the rights or charters of others.

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