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1. Interlinkages synonyms, Interlinkages pronunciation, Interlinkages translation, English dictionary definition of Interlinkages


2. Large corporates can leverage Interlinkages Online to access trade finance options from leading financial institutions across the world and expand their banking relationships beyond their …

Interlinkages, Institutions

3. Interlinkages is a part of Cyberport, a digital community supported by the Hong Kong SAR Government. Interlinkages Online is one of the eight selected startups for Accenture’s 2019 FinTech Innovation Lab Asia Pacific

Interlinkages, Is, Innovation

4. Interlinkages There is a growing recognition that while each Rio Convention does stand on its own, with its own defined objectives and commitments, there are also mutual dependencies and inherent relationships among them

Interlinkages, Is, Its, Inherent

5. Interlinkages can be context dependent or general, apply locally, nationally or globally and become effective in the short but also in the long-term

Interlinkages, In

6. This platform provides a tool to visualize the cumulated Interlinkages from a set of publications, to quickly see and understand for which Interlinkages there is strong agreement in the literature.

Interlinkages, Is, In

7. Hoovering the mouse over the circle on the left you find an instant visualization of the Interlinkages of specific goals and targets on a dis-aggregated level as provided by the literature.; Selecting the Sankey button brings you to the visualization of the Interlinkages for the respective goal.

Instant, Interlinkages

8. Introduction: This commentary by authors from the Adolescent HIV Treatment Coalition calls for action to improve advocacy and service delivery for young people by leveraging the Interlinkages between HIV and the broader development agenda

Introduction, Improve, Interlinkages

9. Interlinkages across goals and targets in a more integrated and holistic way

Interlinkages, In, Integrated

10. Interlinkages SDG 16 Interlinkages With SDG 16, governments have committed to achieving Peace, Justice and Inclusion as important ends in and of themselves

Interlinkages, Inclusion, Important, In

11. This is a narrow view of the Interlinkages between economies, societies, the environment, institutions and well-being, and has often been criticised in recent years for its failure to capture and address the major problems facing the globe today, including poverty, inequality, environmental degradation and climate change (Coscieme et al., 2020

Is, Interlinkages, Institutions, In, Its, Including, Inequality

12. Interlinkages is a cloud based B2B cross-border, trade finance market place

Interlinkages, Is

13. Interlinkages Online is a virtual marketplace for matching trade flows of importers / exporters with trade finance capacities of global financial institutions.

Interlinkages, Is, Importers, Institutions

14. Interlinkages and the effectiveness of multilateral environmental agreements, W


15. The need for Interlinkages between the components of the proposed National Framework and underscored the importance of mainstreaming child labour and bonded labour issues in concerned policies,programmes and budgets as a do-able, practical and relatively low-cost path to the elimination of child and bonded labour.

Interlinkages, Importance, Issues, In

16. The Interlinkages of plant genetic resources: The Convention on Biological Diversity and FAO International Treaty on Plant Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture; Part VI: Case study two: Understanding Interlinkages as a factor of effectiveness of sustainable development law

Interlinkages, International

17.Interlinkages between multidimensional poverty and electricity: a study using the global Multidimensional Poverty Index (MPI)” extends the analysis of global MPI microdata to explore the Interlinkages between deprivation in electricity and other indicators related to health, education and living standards

Interlinkages, Index, In, Indicators

18. The Interlinkages of the five themes with the targets of the other SGDs are summarized in Table 3

Interlinkages, In

19. Climate change with 9 Interlinkages is closely followed by agri-food and energy with 8 goals

Interlinkages, Is

20. LeBlanc (2015) investigates the Interlinkages and maps each target with its own goal and also with other SDGs to create an Interlinkages matrix

Investigates, Interlinkages, Its

21. Using the Network Analysis techniques, the structure of the Interlinkages network can be analysed from a systemic perspective


22. Such Interlinkages have been deliberated at high-level events and stakeholder discussions surrounding efforts to organise collective action and consensus, but the pandemic context must be integrated appropriately through targeted interventions that address ongoing gaps and needs.

Interlinkages, Integrated, Interventions

23. The Interlinkages visualisation provides two scenarios for the Interlinkages between SDG Targets


24. The first one, namely, “Multiple reference Interlinkages”, is the union of the reference Interlinkages for SDG Targets provided based on literature review and the documents provided …

Interlinkages, Is

25. Interlinkages Working Group Mandate Propose strategies for using these Interlinkages and on how the statistical system can help with bridging policy fields and support a more integrated analysis of economic,

Interlinkages, Integrated

26. The Interlinkages between SDG targets are identified using a synthesised approach based on extensive review of the existing scientific literature and relevant policy documents provided by major international policy processes working on SDGs and indicators

Interlinkages, Identified, International, Indicators

27. This enables to construct a network of SDG Interlinkages presenting the causal links


28. The Brief highlights the importance of mainstreaming water and sanitation in the policies and plans of other sectors, and how the management of Interlinkages supports the social, economic and environmental dimensions of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

Importance, In, Interlinkages

29. The Interlinkages of the fight against corruption and respect for human rights are fully recognized


30. Sustainable Urban Systems: Interlinkages, Innovations and Transitions

Interlinkages, Innovations

31. The Interlinkages among these bodies are complex (see Figure 8.8), and the systems have been described as fragmented and overlapping (UN 1999)


32. A Nexus Approach For The SDGs Interlinkages between the goals and targets* * Goal 17 is understood to be linked to all the goals in addressing means of implementation and will therefore not be

Interlinkages, Is, In, Implementation

33. Interlinkages BETWEEN RECOVERY AND RESOLUTION PLANNING 2 Contents Abbreviations 3 Introduction 4 Executive summary 5 1

Interlinkages, Introduction

34. The first type of Interlinkages is supported by existing data, while the second is by information and logic that needs to be drawn from existing bodies of relevant research

Interlinkages, Is, Information

35. While only a few Interlinkages may be seen at present as “evidence-based”, more data are continuously emerging to make more Interlinkages supported by hard-core evidence.


36. This high-level event, convened in the framework of the Water Action Decade, will highlight the potential and existing Interlinkages between water and climate action while shining a light on sustainable approaches to water resource management for the achievement of climate objectives in the context of sustainable development.

In, Interlinkages

37. SDGs and associated targets through the connections among and between each other form a network of Interlinkages


38. Understanding the Interlinkages among the goals and between the targets is crucial for integrated governance and policy coherence for the implementation of SDGs

Interlinkages, Is, Integrated, Implementation

39. Interlinkages of Indicators Across SDG Goals and Targets 2nd Meeting of The Technical Cooperation Group on Indicators for SDG4‐Education 2030 (TCG) Madrid, Spain 26th …

Interlinkages, Indicators

40. Interlinkages to other focus areas include: sustainable agriculture, food security and nutrition, water and sanitation, economic growth, employment and decent work for all, climate, ecosystems and biodiversity, and peaceful and non-violent societies, rule of law and capable institutions

Interlinkages, Include, Institutions

41. Interlinkages by adopting two different perspectives


42. Interlinkages between the chemicals and waste multilateral environmental agreements and biodiversity: KEY INSIGHTS

Interlinkages, Insights

43. The first exploratory study inspired by ongoing discussions of a post-2020 global biodiversity framework that illustrates the Interlinkages between the work of the four global chemicals and wastes conventions (Basel, Rotterdam, Stockholm and Minamata) and the Convention on

Inspired, Illustrates, Interlinkages

44. This paper investigates the Interlinkages between regional infrastructure disparities, economic growth, and poverty in the 21 major Indian States

Investigates, Interlinkages, Infrastructure, In, Indian

45. Systems analysis of Interlinkages


46. Systems analysis and network analysis are emerging methods for assessing Interlinkages between the SDGs which can be used to support target prioritisation


47. The web tool, SDG Interlinkages Analysis & Visualisation (V3.0),enables users to visualise the Interlinkages between SDG targets and explore indicator-level data for 27 countries from Asia and Africa

Interlinkages, Indicator

48. Users can make a selection of countries, Goals and Targets to visualise the Interlinkages between selected targets and others, and explore time


49. ADBI is seeking original, unpublished papers on environmental challenges and agricultural sustainability in Asia, their Interlinkages, and future implications

Is, In, Interlinkages, Implications

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the best definition of interlinkage?

Definition of interlinkage. 1 : the act of interlinking or state of being interlinked. 2 : a system of links molecular interlinkage.

What's the difference between the Act and state of being interlinked?

1 : the act of interlinking or state of being interlinked. 2 : a system of links molecular interlinkage.

Is the Dictionary of the English language interlinked?

To link together or join (one) with another: The policies, though distinct, are interlinked. American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fifth Edition. Copyright © 2016 by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing Company. Published by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing Company.

How are the goals of the SDG interlinked?

ISTAT used IAEG-SDG metadata, which define, where present and well detailed, the possible links with indicators of other Goals. ISTAT then compiled and mapped these links to determine the strength of goal-level interlinkage relationships.

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