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1. The Latin cedere means "to go", so "go between" is the most literal meaning of Intercede. (The same -cede root can also be seen in such words as precede and secede.) If you've been blamed unfairly for something, a friend may Intercede on your behalf with your coach or teacher.

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2. To act or interpose in behalf of someone in difficulty or trouble, as by pleading or petition: to Intercede with the governor for a condemned man

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3. Intercede synonyms, Intercede pronunciation, Intercede translation, English dictionary definition of Intercede


4. Intercede Combats Corporate Data Breaches by Extending Strong Identity Beyond Smart Cards

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5. Intercede, the software and service company specializing …


6. How is the word Intercede different from other verbs like it? Some common synonyms of Intercede are interfere, interpose, intervene, and mediate

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7. While all these words mean "to come or go between," Intercede implies acting for an offender in begging mercy or forgiveness. Interceded on our behalf

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8. James Stephenson Interceded, and the two men got into a scuffle

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9. AMERICA’S FIRST POST-WORLD WAR II RACE RIOT LED TO THE NEAR-LYNCHING OF THURGOOD MARSHALL CHRIS LAMB FEBRUARY 25, 2021 WASHINGTON POST That they really hear our prayer and Intercede with God for us is clearly shown by many examples in Holy Scripture.

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10. In-ter-sesh'-un (pagha`, "to make intercession"; originally "to strike upon," or "against"; then in a good sense, "to assail anyone with petitions," "to urge," and when on behalf of another, "to Intercede" (Ruth 1:16; Jeremiah 7:16; 27:18; Job 21:15; Genesis 23:8; Isaiah 53:12; Jeremiah 36:25).A similar idea is found in enteuxis, used as "petition," and in the New Testament

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11. The verb Intercede comes from the Latin root words inter, meaning "between," and cedere, meaning "go." Acting as a go-between is exactly what you do when you Intercede. Maybe you are the peacemaker, or you play matchmaker, or you just bring people to work out their problems.

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12. As you Intercede, it is important to keep listening to God

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13. / ˌɪn.təˈsiːd / to use your influence to persuade someone in authority to forgive another person, or save this person from punishment: Several religious leaders have Interceded with the authorities on behalf …

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14. Intercede® is a cybersecurity company specialising in identity, credential management and secure mobility to enable digital trust

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15. Intercede Mediation/ADR Services was established in 1998 to assist counsel in cases assigned by the Mecklenburg County and US Federal District courts to mediation by managing their mediation process and providing exceptionally well qualified and widely acknowledged mediators to mediate those cases.

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16. Is that intervene is (ambitransitive) to come between, or to be between, persons or things while Intercede is to plead on someone else's behalf

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17. Definition of Intercede to try to help settle an argument or disagreement between two or more people or groups Examples of Intercede in a sentence If the debate becomes too heated, the moderator will Intercede to break up the argument

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18. Intercede Meaning: "to come between in space or time" (obsolete); c

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19. 1600, "to interpose on behalf of another," a… See definitions of Intercede.

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20. Intercede - act between parties with a view to reconciling differences; "He Interceded in the family dispute"; "He mediated a settlement" arbitrate , intermediate , liaise , mediate negotiate , talk terms , negociate - discuss the terms of an arrangement; "They negotiated the sale of the house"

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21. On the contrary, those who seek others to Intercede for them can use all the help they can get! The idea that intercession is the privilege and calling of only some Christians is without biblical basis

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22. The officer “ duty to intervene ” (or Intercede) concept has recently been thrust into the spotlight, but there are many misconceptions about what this duty entails

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23. 5241 hyperentyg x ánō (from 5228 /hypér, "for benefit" and 1793/entyg x anō, "come in line with") – properly, to light upon (happen); literally, "bending over" to Intercede, "confer benefit" (cf

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24. 5241/hyperentyg x ánō ("Intercede") refers to the Holy Spirit interceding in every scene of our lives so we can "come in line with

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25. See authoritative translations of Intercede in Spanish with example sentences, conjugations and audio pronunciations.

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26. ‘They have to get a bankruptcy judge to Intercede on their behalf.’ ‘Are we going to need some sort of cyber-shaman to Intercede on our behalf?’ ‘For that reason, the court could direct the government to Intercede on behalf of the men earlier.’ ‘He asks us to Intercede on his behalf and shows us his press card to prove his bona


27. Intercede is a cybersecurity company specializing in identity, credential management, and secure mobility to enable digital trust

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28. Jeremiah wrote that “If they are prophets, and if the word of the Lord is with them, then let them Intercede with the Lord of hosts, that the vessels that are left in the house of the Lord, in the house of the king of Judah, and in Jerusalem may not go to Babylon” (Jer 27:18), so there was hope for those left in Judah after the captivity of

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29. Definition of Intercede written for English Language Learners from the Merriam-Webster Learner's Dictionary with audio pronunciations, usage examples, and count/noncount noun labels.


30. We must Intercede on behalf of all who are lost, so that they in turn can answer Jesus' call

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31. Even so, many believe in the ability of ancestral spirits to influence events and Intercede on behalf of kin.: At this point the seconds, attempting to Intercede, begged the pair to stop.: The living can appeal to them in their prayers, asking them to Intercede on their behalf.: For that reason, the court could direct the government to Intercede on behalf of the men earlier.

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32. No one else—not Mary, not any previous Christian saints—has the power to Intercede for us before the throne of the Almighty


33. Christ alone is the God-man, and He mediates and Intercedes between God and man

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34. Or a person condemned to death might beg a wealthy patron to Intercede with the king on his behalf


35. It is an ancient practice still widely utilized today — quarreling friends often ask an unbiased party to Intercede and help resolve the matter

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36. We do not know what we ought to pray for, but the Spirit himself Intercedes for us through wordless groans


37. 27 And he who searches our hearts knows the mind of the Spirit, because the Spirit Intercedes for God’s people in accordance with the will of God.

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38. ‘They have to get a bankruptcy judge to Intercede on their behalf.’ ‘Are we going to need some sort of cyber-shaman to Intercede on our behalf?’ ‘For that reason, the court could direct the government to Intercede on behalf of the men earlier.’ ‘He asks us to Intercede on his behalf and shows us his press card to prove his bona


39. Intercede for (someone or something) To intervene in favor or on behalf of someone or something

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40. The United Nations has finally decided to Intercede for that nation, in the hopes of preventing an all-out war

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41. It always fell to me to Intercede on my younger brother's behalf when he would butt heads with my father about some issue or other

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42. Robert Morris shares about how to Intercede in prayer

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43. Definition of Intercede in the dictionary

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44. What does Intercede mean? Information and translations of Intercede in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web.

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45. Intercede (with somebody) (for/on behalf of somebody) to speak to somebody in order to persuade them to be kind to somebody else or to help settle an argument synonym intervene

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46. They Interceded with the authorities on behalf of the detainees


47. Their father made no attempt to Intercede


48. Intercede is a Toronto-based multi-disciplined design firm offering interior design services for the commercial and public sectors

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49. Therefore, the saints in heaven must in fact Intercede for us

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50. Intercede definition: If you Intercede with someone, you try to persuade them to forgive someone or end their Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples

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51. Intercede Media House is a international digital marketing and growth hacking agency

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INTERCEDE [ˌin(t)ərˈsēd]

intercede (verb) · intercedes (third person present) · interceded (past tense) · interceded (past participle) · interceding (present participle)

  • intervene on behalf of another.
Synonyms: mediate . intermediate . negotiate . arbitrate . moderate . conciliate . intervene . interpose . step in . act . plead . petition . entreat . supplicate .

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