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Looking for sentences with "Instructor"? Here are some examples.

Synonyms: 1. Trainer 2. Teacher 3. Tutor 4. Coach 5. Demonstrator 6. Adviser 7. Counselor 8. Guide 9. Schoolteacher 10. Schoolmaster 11. Schoolmistress 12. Educator 13. Lecturer 14. Professor 15. Pedagogue 16. Preceptor 17. Pupil 18. Legal
1. His sailing instructor fell overboard and drowned during a lesson
2. His instructor offered a more prosaic explanation for the surge in interest
3. The plane was piloted by the instructor
4. The sage is the instructor of a hundred ages
5. The skiing instructor was a tall sunburnt man
6. The college jumped him from instructor to full professor
7. The ski instructor showed us some special stretches
8. The instructor struggled vainly to open his parachute
9. Her instructor plugged live bullets into the gun's chamber
10. He is a sports instructor
11. She ran off with an intellectually challenged ski instructor
12. My instructor and I had a brief disagreement
13. Everyone lines up in ranks all facing the instructor
14. She has her own personal secretary/bodyguard/fitness instructor
15. The instructor never talks personalities
16. The aerobics instructor varies the routine each week
17. The instructor told us to breathe in deeply and then breathe out slowly
18. The drill instructor was court-martialed for having sex with a trainee
19. The instructor demonstrated the proper way to sew in a zipper
20. a history/science/sociology instructor
21. I managed to find a very good driving instructor
22. Joe is a very calm and competent flying instructor
23. The instructor slid out of his seat
24. I'll teach him to ski myself rather than leave him to the tender mercy of the skiing instructor
25. He resigned as chairman[wwwSentencedictcom] but stayed on as an instructor
26. Learn the basics under the watchful eye of a qualified instructor
27. She has had a number of different jobs ranging from chef to swimming instructor
28. He doesn't suffer fools gladly so he's hardly the best person to be instructor on the beginner's course
29. English words and Examples of Usage use "instructor" in a sentence The math test has been canceled until further notice because the instructor is sick. You may as well know that I am a strict instructor. Denzel Washington worked as a drama instructor before becoming a movie star.
30. instructor definition is - one that instructs : teacher; especially : a college teacher below professorial rank. How to use instructor in a sentence.
31. Find out about new features that are available in your course and ways to enrich your course when you go to the instructor Home page. Use this page to see a high level overview of your Gradebook and to check on assignments. To go back to the last page that you worked on, see this link under Welcome Back!. The links on this page adapt as the program progresses so that you'll have what you need
32. In our instructor Guide, you will find everything you need to know to use Canvas as a teacher, from creating assignments to managing course settings.
33. The Canvas instructor Guide has over 600 lessons that each answer a question that relates to using the Canvas interface as an instructor. Included below is a selection of lessons that will introduce you to the basics of Canvas usage.
34. Megan Ubben MSN-Ed, RN. Megan Ubben is a senior nursing education specialist at Elsevier. She is passionate about student learning and success. Megan enjoys helping instructors learn how to use Elsevier digital products to create active learning environments that promote critical thinking and clinical reasoning skills.
35. This instructor-level training course provides the student detailed information involved in the use of all types and forms of Diversionary or Distraction Device® munitions. The 8-hour course covers all aspects involved in the selection, preparation, deployment, storage, and legal ramifications regarding the use of all such devices.
36. As an instructor, Files allows you to store files and assignments within Canvas. You can upload one or multiple files, view all details about your files, preview files, publish and unpublish files, set usage rights, and restrict access to files. Files is built with responsive design to adjust for br
37. Use of Force instructor Training Program. Acronym. UOFITP. Length. 10 Training Days. Locations Offered. Glynco - Artesia - Export - Description. The UOFITP is designed to give the student the knowledge and skills necessary to successfully design, develop and implement Use of Force training using static, dynamic, and interactive training
38. How do I use the Syllabus as an instructor? The Syllabus in Canvas makes it easy to communicate to your students exactly what will be required of them throughout the course in chronological order. You can also set the syllabus as your course home page. You can choose to make your syllabus public so that people who aren't enrolled in your course
39. Follow These Steps to Become an AHA instructor. After being accepted by an authorized AHA TC, complete an instructor Candidate Application for the TC before enrolling in an AHA instructor Course.; Have current AHA provider status in the discipline for that instructor Course and be proficient in all the skills of that discipline.
40. Highly focused and engaging Training instructor blends humor and multimedia use to deliver effective and useful training to students. Understands how to keep training attendees focused and participating. With a Bachelor’s Degree in Public Speaking delivers material with a touch of comedy to keep audiences involved and learning.
41. Concealed Carry & Home Defense Fundamentals - Certified instructor 4,233; Women's Handgun & Self-Defense Fundamentals 582; Countering The Mass Shooter Threat 579; Emergency First Aid Fundamentals 338; Concealed Carry & Home Defense Fundamentals - Training Counselor 260; Show more
42. A blend of instructor-led and online training is always a dream. But there are certain skills and jobs that make ILT more important than a nice-to-have. So, when to use Instructor-Led Training? It’s especially useful when the skills are complex or the job involves high-risk tasks and responsibilities.
43. Request a digital evaluation copy of or a print copy for a book in use Request access to online instructor resources. Customer service. To: Place an order

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