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1. Insoluble definition is - not soluble: such as

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2. How to use Insoluble in a sentence.

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3. Insoluble definition, incapable of being dissolved: Insoluble salts

Insoluble, Incapable

4. (of a substance) impossible to dissolve. This chemical is Insoluble (in water).

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5. 8 synonyms of Insoluble from the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus, plus 34 related words, definitions, and antonyms


6. Find another word for Insoluble


7. Insoluble: incapable of being solved or accomplished

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8. Insoluble Besides, cooling agent penetrates into the porous layer, dissolves and washes out soluble fractions of corrosion products and replaces them with Insoluble compounds

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9. Insoluble comes from the Latin insolubilis meaning "that cannot be loosened." When a substance is Insoluble, it cannot be dissolved or loosened in water

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10. Similarly, a situation that is Insoluble has no hope of being solved

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11. When a marriage is beyond repair and cannot be fixed, it is Insoluble.

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12. Find 20 ways to say Insoluble, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus.


13. The medieval name for paradoxes like the famous Liar Paradox (“This proposition is false”) wasInsolubles” or insolubilia, [ 1] though besides semantic paradoxes, they included epistemic paradoxes, e.g., “You do not know this proposition”.

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14. Insoluble fiber, which does not dissolve in water and is left intact and undigested. Insoluble fiber can help to speed up the passage of food through the stomach and intestine

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15. The Insoluble fiber in whole grains, nuts, seeds, fruits with skin and certain vegetables, on the other hand, can bulk up the stool and help it pass through your intestines faster

Insoluble, In, It, Intestines

16. But what grains, fruits and vegetables are high in Insoluble fiber? The following Insoluble fiber foods list will give you a starting point for what to eat.

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17. Insoluble means incapable of dissolving in a solvent.It is rare for absolutely no solute to dissolve at all

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18. For example, very little silver chloride dissolves in water, so it is said to be Insoluble in water.

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19. Insoluble substances cannot be extracted from a solution


20. Certain liquids such as oil, petrol and diesel are also Insoluble in water

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21. Most ionic compounds are soluble in water, while covalent compounds are Insoluble in water

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22. Soluble fiber easily dissolves in water and is broken down into a gel-like substance in the part of the gut known as the colon. Insoluble fiber does not dissolve in water and is left intact as food

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23. Insoluble definition, incapable of being dissolved: Insoluble salts

Insoluble, Incapable

24. Insoluble fiber doesn’t dissolve in fluids

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25. Insoluble - WordReference English dictionary, questions, discussion and forums


26. Insoluble [of a substance] - that cannot be dissolved [often, in water]but since that sense can't possibly apply to problems, there can be no ambiguity here.

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27. A. Insoluble We conducted an experiment in class to find which substances were soluble or Insoluble.Hicimos un experimento en clase para descubrir cuáles sustancias eran solubles o Insolubles.

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28. To get all those benefits, there are two types of fiber that your body needs: soluble and Insoluble. Both come from plants and are forms of carbohydrates


29. "Insoluble" generally means that a substance does not dissolve in water

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30. ‘The calcite is an Insoluble mineral, which upon death of the organisms sinks to the floor of the body of water and accumulates in the sediment.’ ‘The compound nickel dimethylglyoxime looks like strawberry-pink lipstick, Insoluble in water.’

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31. Insoluble fiber This is the type people think of as “roughage.” It’s the tough matter found in whole grains, nuts, and fruits and veggies (specifically in the stalks, skins, and seeds) that doesn't

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32. Incapable of being solved Not to be confused with: Insoluble – incapable of being dissolved; incapable of being explained Abused, Confused, & Misused Words

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33. The term Insoluble refers to a substance that is unable to be dissolved in a solvent

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34. A substance can either be soluble or Insoluble, and its solubility capabilities is often based on the solvent in question (water vs

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35. An example of an Insoluble substance is chalk.

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36. Yerba Prima Daily Fiber Caps Formula, 400 Capsules - Both Soluble and Insoluble - with Psyllium Seed Husks, Acacia Gum, Apple Fiber and More 4.7 out of 5 stars 203 $27.99 $ 27


37. Insoluble definition: An Insoluble problem is so difficult that it is impossible to solve

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38. Insoluble fiber is found in foods such as wheat bran, vegetables, and whole grains

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39. The term "Insoluble" can refer to gases, solids and liquids


40. Synonyms for Insoluble in Free Thesaurus

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41. 13 synonyms for Insoluble: inexplicable, mysterious, baffling, obscure, mystifying, impenetrable

Insoluble, Inexplicable, Impenetrable

42. What does Insoluble mean? The definition of Insoluble is something that cannot be solved or dissolved

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43. Insoluble - Translation to Spanish, pronunciation, and forum discussions


44. Insoluble es un término alternativo para insolvable

Insoluble, Insolvable

45. 'Insoluble' is an alternate term for 'insolvable'

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46. Insoluble (in something) (of a substance) that does not dissolve in a liquid These chemicals are practically Insoluble in water

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47. "Insoluble" proteins are proteins that are Insoluble in water but they can be soluble in lipid/oil medium or with detergents

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48. In general these Insoluble proteins are found in the cell membrane or closely associated to the membrane

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49. Insoluble TMB substrate supplied as a single component system


50. Generally Insoluble Inorganic Compounds

Insoluble, Inorganic

51. Carbonates (CO 3 2–), chromates (CrO 4 2–), phosphates (PO 4 3–), silicates (SiO 4 2–): All carbonates, chromates, phosphates, and silicates are Insoluble.Exceptions: those of ammonium, potassium and sodium


52. Impossible to solve: the problem is not Insoluble

Impossible, Is, Insoluble

53. (of a substance) incapable of being dissolved: once dry, the paints become Insoluble in water.

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54. Insoluble fiber draws water into your stool, so your bowel movements become softer and move more easily through your digestive tract

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55. Insoluble fiber makes up the majority of fiber in most fibrous foods

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56. If you're constipated or trying to prevent constipation, Insoluble fiber is the type of fiber on which you need to focus.

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57. From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English Related topics: Chemistry, Daily life Insoluble in‧sol‧u‧ble / ɪnˈsɒljəb ə l $ ɪnˈsɑːl-/ adjective 1 an Insoluble problem is or seems impossible to solve Insoluble conflicts within the department 2 HC D an Insoluble substance does not become a liquid when you put it into a liquid

Insoluble, In, Is, Impossible, It, Into

58. Insoluble fiber does not dissolve in water

Insoluble, In

59. Insoluble fiber is commonly referred to as "roughage" or nature's broom

Insoluble, Is

60. "Insoluble and soluble fiber are two forms of carbohydrates that our bodies cannot digest," says Sydney Greene MS, RDN


61. Definition and synonyms of Insoluble from the online English dictionary from Macmillan Education.


62. This is the British English definition of Insoluble.View American English definition of Insoluble.

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63. Examples of Insoluble in a sentence

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64. The frustrated student spent hours trying to solve the seemingly Insoluble math problem


65. 🔊 The brainstorming crew worked on the Insoluble situation


66. 🔊 Due to many Insoluble issues, …

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67. Insoluble fiber is a fiber than cannot be dissolved in water or another liquid

Insoluble, Is, In

68. The cereal is Insoluble in milk

Is, Insoluble, In

69. Soluble materials dissolve in liquids whereas Insoluble materials don’t dissolve in liquids

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70. However, sometime we have to separate Insoluble materials from some mixtures


71. Insoluble fiber doesn’t pull in water to form a digestion-slowing gel—its role is just the opposite, actually

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INSOLUBLE [inˈsälyəb(ə)l]

insoluble (adjective)

  • impossible to solve.
Synonyms: unsolvable . insolvable . unanswerable . unresolvable . unfathomable . impenetrable . unexplainable . inscrutable . baffling . puzzling . perplexing . enigmatic . obscure . mystifying . mysterious . inexplicable .

Frequently Asked Questions

What does "insoluble" mean in science?

The term insoluble refers to a substance that is unable to be dissolved in a solvent. A substance can either be soluble or insoluble, and its solubility capabilities is often based on the solvent in question (water vs. oils, for example). An example of an insoluble substance is chalk.

What do the terms soluble and insoluble mean?

When a solute is soluble, it means that it was able to dissociate in the solvent , meaning it was able to break down and separate into individual atoms or ions when added to a solvent. When something is insoluble, it means the solute cannot dissociate completely or partially in that particular solvent.

What is an example of an insoluble substance?

An example of insoluble substance is sand (quartz) in water. Thus, sand can be separated from the water by filtration, or/and sedimentation. On the other hand soluble substance can be Silicon Floride, on reacting sand (SiO2) with hydrofloric (HF) acid, according to the following reaction: SiO2 + HF = Si (F)2 + H2O

What are insoluble substances?

The term "Insoluble" is a very relative term. To define an "Insoluble Substance", it could be defined as a substance which cannot be completely dissolved on a solvent. This is relative to solvent used. For example,gold does not dissolve in water in normal condition,but it dissolves in a strong solution like that of aqua regia.

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