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1. Initialization synonyms, Initialization pronunciation, Initialization translation, English dictionary definition of Initialization


2. : to set (something, such as a computer program counter) to a starting position, value, or configuration Other Words from initialize Example Sentences Learn More about initialize Other Words from initialize Initialization

Initialize, Initialization

3. Initialisation - (computer science) the format of sectors on the surface of a hard disk drive so that the operating system can access them and setting a starting position Initialization, low-level formatting computer science, computing - the branch of engineering science that studies (with the aid of computers) computable processes

Initialisation, Initialization

4. Or initialize, Initialization is how the computer boots and loads. A computer Initialization runs POST (power-on self-test) to verify its working, loads drivers needed for the computer hardware, and then the operating system, and other important programs

Initialize, Initialization, Is, Its, Important

5. How long does an Initialization take?


6. Initialization is the process of locating and using the defined values for variable data that is used by a computer program. For example, an operating system or application program is installed with default or user-specified values that determine certain aspects of how the system or program is to function.

Initialization, Is, Installed

7. Initialization is an option for notebooks, cells, Dynamic, DynamicModule, Manipulate and related constructs that specifies an expression to be evaluated when the construct is first displayed.

Initialization, Is

8. Initialisation is an alternative form of Initialization. As nouns the difference between initialisation and Initialization is that initialisation is while Initialization is (uncountable) the process of preparing something to begin

Initialisation, Is, Initialization

9. The name of these configuration files comes from the filename extension INI, for Initialization, used in the MS-DOS operating system which popularized this method of software configuration.

Ini, Initialization, In

10. Initialization is the process of preparing an instance of a class, structure, or enumeration for use

Initialization, Is, Instance

11. This process involves setting an initial value for each stored property on that instance and performing any other setup or Initialization that’s required before the new instance is ready for use.

Involves, Initial, Instance, Initialization, Is

12. Initialization of a variable provides its initial value at the time of construction. The initial value may be provided in the initializer section of a declarator or a new expression

Initialization, Its, Initial, In, Initializer

13. Struct Initialization for the Initialization of struct and union types


14. If an initializer is not provided: objects with automatic storage duration are initialized to indeterminate values (which may be trap representations) objects with static and thread-local storage duration are zero-initialized Zero Initialization

If, Initializer, Is, Initialized, Indeterminate, Initialization

15. Initialization with '{…}' expected for aggregate object


16. I'm getting this error: "Initialization with '{}' expected for aggregate object "


17. Initializations Initialization aims at positioning the algorithm on its static curve, which represents the linear function S = KU

Initializations, Initialization, Its

18. This is because we're not just adding the value to the field; instead, we trigger the Initialization using the new keyword

Is, Instead, Initialization

19. ‘when Initialization is complete the image on the left is what you'll see immediately’ More example sentences ‘the Initialization code in this particular example will be quite simple’

Initialization, Is, Image, Immediately, In

20. Looking for online definition of Initialization or what Initialization stands for? Initialization is listed in the World's largest and most authoritative dictionary database of abbreviations and acronyms

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21. Initialization - What does Initialization stand for? The Free Dictionary.


22. An Initialization vector is a random number used in combination with a secret key as a means to encrypt data. This number is sometimes referred to as a nonce, or “number occuring once,” as an encryption program uses it only once per session.

Initialization, Is, In, It

23. Initialization also allows the user to modify the value of constant property too


24. During Initialization, class property allows its class instances to be modified by the super class and not by the subclass

Initialization, Its, Instances

25. Initializers Weight Initialization is performed by means of an initializer

Initializers, Initialization, Is, Initializer

26. A static Initialization block is a normal block of code enclosed in braces, { }, and preceded by the static keyword

Initialization, Is, In

27. Here is an example: static { // whatever code is needed for Initialization goes here } A class can have any number of static Initialization blocks, and they can appear anywhere in the class body

Is, Initialization, In

28. During Initialization, when the browser encounters data of a MIME type registered for a plug-in (either embedded in an HTML page or in a separate file), it loads the plug-in code into memory (if it hasn't been loaded already) and creates a new instance of the plug-in

Initialization, In, It, Into, If, Instance

29. A small recap on declaration vs Initialization, the basics for beginners


30. We use the let keyword, a valid variable name and semicolon ; for declaration without Initialization


31. Using Initialization cells, you can specify that particular input cells of a notebook should be evaluated first

Initialization, Input

32. Kmeans++ Initialization It is a standard practice to start k-Means from different starting points and record the WSS (Within Sum of Squares) value for each Initialization

Initialization, It, Is

33. Synonyms for Initialization in Free Thesaurus

Initialization, In

34. 2 synonyms for Initialization: initialisation, low-level formatting

Initialization, Initialisation

35. What are synonyms for Initialization?


36. Xavier Initialization sets a layer’s weights to values chosen from a random uniform distribution that’s bounded between where nᵢ is the number of incoming network connections, or “fan-in,” to the layer, and nᵢ₊₁ is the number of outgoing network …

Initialization, Is, Incoming, In

37. Initialization (countable and uncountable, plural Initializations) (US spelling) (uncountable) The process of preparing something to begin

Initialization, Initializations

38. The motivation for Xavier Initialization in Neural Networks is to initialize the weights of the network so that the neuron activation functions are not starting out in saturated or dead regions

Initialization, In, Is, Initialize

39. Background Initialization check the entire disk surfaces of the disk for errors, and will mark the areas for non use if any are found

Initialization, If

40. The dangerous part, if too many errors are found over the entire array, the adapter gives up and fails the entire array there is no way around background Initialization.

If, Is, Initialization

41. But, the first step that comes in consideration while building a neural network is the Initialization of parameters, if done correctly then optimization will be achieved in the least time otherwise converging to a minima using gradient descent will be impossible.

In, Is, Initialization, If, Impossible

42. The Initialization step can be critical to the model’s ultimate performance, and it requires the right method

Initialization, It

43. An Initialization block contains the SQL statement that's run to initialize or refresh the variables associated with that block

Initialization, Initialize

44. The SQL statement must reference physical tables that can be accessed using the connection pool specified in the Connection Pool field in the Initialization Block dialog.

In, Initialization

45. The direct Initialization of the C array, the std::vector, and the std::map (line 32 - 34) is quite easy

Initialization, Is

46. The next special use case is the direct Initialization of a const C array on the heap (line 36)

Is, Initialization

47. Centroid Initialization and Scikit-learn As we will use Scikit-learn to perform our clustering, let's have a look at its KMeans module, where we can see the following written about available centroid Initialization methods: init{‘k-means++’, ‘random’, ndarray, callable}, default=’k-means++’ Method for Initialization:

Initialization, Its, Init

48. He Initialization-- setting Initialization = "he" in the input argument

Initialization, In, Input

49. In the next part you will implement the three Initialization

In, Implement, Initialization

50. HAL_Initialization_FAILED is mostly seen when your system wakes up from sleep stage

Initialization, Is

51. C++ static member variables and their Initialization


52. This tip shows one way to enable instant file Initialization for SQL Server along with the I/O and time savings that can be realized by doing so

Instant, Initialization

53. What does Xavier Initialization mean? Xavier Initialization is an attempt to improve the Initialization of neural network weighted inputs, in order to avoid some traditional problems in machine learning

Initialization, Is, Improve, Inputs, In

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