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1. Influentially synonyms, Influentially pronunciation, Influentially translation, English dictionary definition of Influentially


2. ‘The advertisements were widely and Influentially published in many newspapers and financial magazines in April and May 1999.’ ‘Benedict Anderson has argued Influentially that the nation is an imagined community.’

Influentially, In, Is, Imagined

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Influentially, In

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Influentially, In

5. What does Influentially mean? Information and translations of Influentially in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web.

Influentially, Information, In

6. Synonyms for Influentially include persuasively, effectively, compellingly, convincingly, crucially, inspirationally, inspiringly, pivotally, effectually and

Influentially, Include, Inspirationally, Inspiringly

7. Most Influentially, Walter Scott managed it here, but did it have the desired result?: No one in recent memory has slipped into the role of business thought leader as gracefully or Influentially as he has.: Benedict Anderson has argued Influentially that the nation is an imagined community.: Secretary of the council Hessameddin Vaezzadeh said his organization would act Influentially at the

Influentially, It, In, Into, Is, Imagined

8. Influentially translate: con influencia

Influentially, Influencia

9. At Influentially we provide dedicated talent management for the most exciting, relevant and unstoppable influencers

Influentially, Influencers

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INFLUENTIALLY [influentially]

  1. adverb form of influential