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1. Influence definition is - the power or capacity of causing an effect in indirect or intangible ways : sway

Influence, Is, In, Indirect, Intangible

2. How to use Influence in a sentence

Influence, In

3. The Surprising History of Influence and Its Modern Use Synonym Discussion of Influence.

Influence, Its

4. Influence definition, the capacity or power of persons or things to be a compelling force on or produce effects on the actions, behavior, opinions, etc., of others: He used family Influence


5. 8 rows · You use Influence as a noun to refer to the power that someone or something has to affect …


6. Synonyms & Antonyms of Influence (Entry 1 of 2) 1 the power to direct the thinking or behavior of others usually indirectly a mayor who doesn't hesitate to use her Influence

Influence, Indirectly

7. Job market as a major factor influencing consumer confidence. Influence how/what/when An organization's values have been shown to Influence

Influencing, Influence

8. Influence is the power to have an important effect on someone or something

Influence, Is, Important

9. If someone Influences someone else, they are changing a person or thing in an indirect but important way

If, Influences, In, Indirect, Important

10. Sometimes a person who Influences another doesn't intend to have any effect, but sometimes they are using Influence to benefit themselves.

Influences, Intend, Influence

11. Influence is a personal and unofficial power derived from deference of others to one’s character, ability, or station; it may be exerted unconsciously or may operate through persuasion: to have Influence

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12. Influence, the classic book on persuasion, explains the psychology of why people say "yes"—and how to apply these understandings.


13. is the largest Influencer marketing professional community

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14. We help Influencers & businesses connect, learn, and work with their peers.


15. Synonyms for Influence in Free Thesaurus

Influence, In

16. 148 synonyms for Influence: control, power, authority, direction, command, domination, supremacy


17. How Does Society Shape and Influence Individuals? Psychologists agree that all individuals are affected by social Influences, and their actions can often be understood in relation to social norms, trends, customs and rules

Influence, Individuals, Influences, In

18. The role of an individual in a social hierarchy can Influence behavior

Individual, In, Influence

19. Influence provides a seamless platform to manage each of your campaigns, whether it’s on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or another social media site

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20. Our comprehensive metrics allow you to identify your top-performing Influencers and get accurate ROI statistics for every campaign.

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21. You use Influence as a noun to refer to the power that someone or something has to affect people's behaviour or decisions


22. His wife had a lot of Influence. His teachings still exert a strong Influence. If you want to mention the person or thing affected, you use on.

Influence, If

23. Influence AT WORK (IAW ®) was founded by Robert Cialdini, Ph.D

Influence, Iaw

24. As a professional resource to improve organizational and personal performance by deploying ethical Influence strategies.

Improve, Influence

25. An effect of one person or thing on another the power of a person or thing to have such an effect power or sway resulting from ability, wealth, position, etc a person or thing having Influence


26. The Influence (Trailer) More Details


27. Social Influence, in social psychology, Influence in interpersonal relationships

Influence, In, Interpersonal

28. Minority Influence, when the minority affect the behavior or beliefs of the majority; Influencer marketing, through individuals that have Influence over potential buyers; Science and technology

Influence, Influencer, Individuals

29. Sphere of Influence (astrodynamics), the region around a celestial body in which it is the primary gravitational

Influence, In, It, Is

30. Influence - Translation to Spanish, pronunciation, and forum discussions


31. Compound Forms: Inglés: Español: bad Influence n noun: Refers to person, place, thing, quality, etc

Ingl, Influence

32. (person) mala influencia adj + nf: Simon is a bad Influence on the other children.

Influencia, Is, Influence

33. What does Influence mean? A power affecting a person, thing, or course of events, especially one that operates without any direct or apparent effo


34. [uncountable, countable] the effect that somebody/something has on the way a person thinks or behaves or on the way that something works or develops His early work shows the Influence of Cézanne and Matisse


35. Influence on somebody/something He had considerable Influence on younger sculptors.


36. Find 137 ways to say InfluenceS, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus.


37. ‘Another important Influence over the development of parents' groups has been the media.’ ‘Audience participation and Influence over media content development is still exceedingly limited.’ ‘The true and abiding interest of the battle is derived from is moral effect, from its Influence

Important, Influence, Is, Interest, Its

38. Those are the keys to building Influence with humans, according to research being published in Levy’s forthcoming book

Influence, In

39. The banks’ directors say they have little Influence over their presidents’ actions


40. → see also undue Influence Influence Influence 2 verb [transitive] to have an effect on the way something happens or the way someone does something Children are heavily Influenced by advertising

Influence, Influenced

41. Influence what/where/ how etc The number of training centres


42. Influence is the power to make other people agree with your opinions or do what you want

Influence, Is

43. I have rather a large Influence over a good many people


44. He denies exerting any political Influence over them


45. [ + over] The government should continue to use its Influence for the release of all hostages.

Its, Influence

46. The Crossword Solver found 200 answers to the Influence crossword clue


47. His Influence, generated by what he said and did (and by the congruence between them), had as much an effect—if not more—over my development as my …

Influence, If

48. Influence is the power to make other people agree with your opinions or do what you want

Influence, Is

49. He used his Influence to get his son into medical school

Influence, Into

50. He denies exerting any political Influence over them


51. Synonyms: control, power, authority, direction More Synonyms of Influence


52. The Art of Influence Secrets to complaining effectively, motivating loved ones, and getting what you want without being a jerk


53. Undue Influence, or the persuasion of Influence due to an interpersonal relationship, is seen often in businesses, regardless of sector or size.

Influence, Interpersonal, Is, In

54. Bonus: I learned how to earn Influence by being a great guest at the blogs of influential people

Influence, Influential

55. True leadership is rare, because most people aren’t willing to do the one thing they need to grow their Influence.

Is, Influence

56. A realm, domain, or field over which a person, group, or business has direct control, Influence, or clout


57. It refers to a military term for the geographical area in which a commander has direct military Influence.

It, In, Influence

58. Influence » Evil Influence of unfaithful Christians


59. The ability to Influence people is a vital skill in the real world

Influence, Is, In

60. So, to Influence others, stay relaxed, confident that you're correct in what you say, that you're who you are, and that what you say matters

Influence, In

61. Social Influence comprises the ways in which individuals change their behavior to meet the demands of a social environment

Influence, In, Individuals

62. It takes many forms and can be seen in conformity, socialization, peer pressure, obedience, leadership, persuasion, sales, and marketing.Typically social Influence results from a specific action, command, or request, but people also alter their attitudes and behaviors in

It, In, Influence

63. Influence, the classic book on persuasion, explains the psychology of why people say "yes"—and how to apply these understandings


64. Robert Cialdini is the seminal expert in the rapidly expanding field of Influence and persuasion.

Is, In, Influence

65. His wife has had a civilizing Influence on him


66. Only love Influence, and can realize born inspiration

Influence, Inspiration

67. A retrospective Influence pervaded the whole performance


68. Helen's a bad/good Influence on him


69. In corporate terms, the sphere of Influence of a business, organization or group can show its power and Influence in the decisions of other businesses/organizations/groups

In, Influence, Its

70. The Influence shows in several ways, such as in size, frequency of visits, etc

Influence, In

71. In most cases, a company described as "bigger" has a larger sphere of Influence.

In, Influence

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INFLUENCE [ˈinflo͝oəns]

influence (noun) · influences (plural noun)

  • the capacity to have an effect on the character, development, or behavior of someone or something, or the effect itself.
  • the power to shape policy or ensure favorable treatment from someone, especially through status, contacts, or wealth.
Synonyms: effect . impact . control . sway . hold . power . authority . ascendancy . mastery . domination . supremacy . leadership . guidance . direction . pressure . power . authority . sway . leverage . weight . standing . prestige . stature . rank . ranking . position . station . connections . contacts . weightage .

influence (verb) · influences (third person present) · influenced (past tense) · influenced (past participle) · influencing (present participle)

  • have an influence on.
Synonyms: affect . determine . guide . control . form . shape . govern . decide . regulate . change . alter . modify . transform . sway . bias . prejudice . color . predispose . suborn . pressurize . coerce . lean on . persuade . convince . talk around . talk into . bring around . coax . induce . inveigle . impel . incite . entice . tempt . lure . cajole . manipulate . prompt . dragoon . intimidate . browbeat . brainwash .

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