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1. English Language Learners Definition of Infirmary : a place where sick people stay and are cared for in a school, prison, summer camp, etc. See the full definition for Infirmary in the English Language Learners Dictionary

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2. Noun, plural in·fir·ma·ries. a place for the care of the infirm, sick, or injured; hospital or facility serving as a hospital: a school Infirmary.

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3. Alzheimer’s Care Infirmary Cancer Care Corporate Wellness iHealthy Diabetes Digestive Health Emergency Services Heart Care Cardiac Rehabilitation Diagnosing Cardiovascular Disease Outpatient Heart Failure Program Senior Behavioral Health Infirmary Fitness Centers Infirmary Long Term Acute Care Infirmary Medical Clinics Laboratory Services

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4. Infirmary: [ in-fer´mah-re ] a hospital or place where the sick or infirm are maintained or treated.

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5. Infirmary Health’s flagship is Mobile Infirmary, with 681 licensed beds, including J.L.Bedsole/Rotary Rehabilitation Hospital.

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6. Infirmary (plural infirmaries) A place where sick or injured people are cared for, especially a small hospital; sickhouse

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7. Mary Bennett Murray Infirmary THE CITADEL 171 MOULTRIE ST


8. The Student Health Care Center’s main campus location in the Infirmary Building at 280 Fletcher Drive offers the following primary and specialty services: General Medical Care/Primary Care : Treatment of illness/injury, health counseling, flu shots , other immunizations and more performed by licensed, board-certified MDs, PAs, APRNs and RNs

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9. The VMI Infirmary is open and staffed by a nurse 24 hours a day, seven days a week throughout the regular academic year. There are 18 inpatient beds for overnight observation and isolation for those cadets who cannot comfortably or safely stay in barracks.

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10. Of the Infirmary, only a few fragments of arches remain—but these undoubtedly date from the time of the Confessor. LITTLE FOLKS (NOVEMBER 1884) VARIOUS It's no' a doctor ye'll be needing, ava, but a bit dose o' physic an' a bed in the Infirmary a day or …

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11. The Infirmary Federal Credit Union offers our members Direct Deposit


12. As nouns the difference between clinic and Infirmary is that clinic is a medical facility, such as a hospital, especially one for the treatment and diagnosis of outpatients while Infirmary is a place where sick or injured people are cared for, especially a small hospital; …

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13. Infirmary Information The Citadel Infirmary 171 Moultrie St

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14. ‘The Infirmary, or hospital, was across the rectangle of stone walkways from the stables.’ ‘The lack of medical supplies and the primitive Infirmary the delegates observed make it clear that it is difficult to provide even basic medical care.’

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15. Vincent Infirmary has technology and expertise like no other in Arkansas for the treatment of cardiovascular disease

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16. Infirmary definition: Some hospitals are called infirmaries

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17. From the Southern, comfort food to the mixology inspired crafted cocktails; Infirmary is Upper East Side’s remedy

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18. Synonyms for Infirmary include clinic, dispensary, hospice, medical center, medical wing, nursing home, sanatorium, sickbay, hospital and sickroom

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19. Infirmary n noun: Refers to person, place, thing, quality, etc


20. Fairfield County Infirmary, Lancaster, Ohio


21. The Infirmary has a licensed pharmacy that allows us to dispense some of the most commonly prescribed medications free or at a low cost


22. An Infirmary is a hospital, or the area of an institution that's used as a hospital

Infirmary, Is, Institution

23. If you come down with chickenpox at summer camp, you might have to spend a few nights in the camp Infirmary.

If, In, Infirmary

24. Infirmary: A place for the care of the infirm, sick, or injured, especially a small hospital or dispensary in an institution.

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25. Welcome to the Careers Center for Infirmary Health


26. The Infirmary is a building which holds and heals injured defenders

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27. Attacking other players or during Skirmishes), 60% of the troops (highest tier troops) will be sent to the Infirmary as long it is not at full capacity, the remaining 40% will be dead, unless there is space in the sanctuary to take them, in which case 38%

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28. The Infirmary is a rather small room, made to only treat a few patients at a time

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29. • The Infirmary and stables had become dilapidated during the wars, having been occupied by enemy cavalry, and were empty


30. The Infirmary Health COVID-19 Vaccine Call Center is now scheduling appointments for the following individuals: 🔹 Healthcare workers 🔹 First Responders 🔹 75+ If you fall in one of the above categories, call 251-341-2819, Monday – Friday from 8 a.m

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31. The Infirmary is located from the hallway near from the door that leads to the organ room

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32. The Infirmary has to be the best place for an Old Fashioned


33. Since they are in the same lot as Shanahan's you can order any of their food and enjoy it over at the Infirmary or even outside on the HUGE partially covered patio-area.

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34. The Infirmary is a facility in XCOM 2: War of the Chosen.Along with the Training Center, it replaces the base game's Advanced Warfare Center.

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35. The Infirmary: A DCI Ryan Mystery (The DCI Ryan Mysteries Book 11) - Kindle edition by Ross, LJ


36. Use features like bookmarks, note taking and highlighting while reading The Infirmary: A DCI Ryan Mystery (The


37. James Infirmary is a peer-based occupational health and safety clinic for sex workers of all genders

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38. The Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh, or RIE, often (but incorrectly) known as the Edinburgh Royal Infirmary, or ERI, was established in 1729 and is the oldest voluntary hospital in Scotland

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39. The Infirmary is the room where injured Prisoners, Guards and Staff will be brought for treatment

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40. Infirmary needs to be unlocked by researching health in bureaucracy

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41. Guards will carry prisoners and other guards or staff to the Infirmary to be healed.


42. What does infirmatory mean? (obsolete) An Infirmary

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INFIRMARY [inˈfərm(ə)rē]

infirmary (noun) · infirmaries (plural noun)

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between a hospital and an infirmary?

As nouns the difference between hospital and infirmary. is that hospital is a building designed to diagnose and treat the sick, injured or dying usually has a staff of doctors and nurses to aid in the treatment of patients while infirmary is a place where sick or injured people are cared for, especially a small hospital; sickhouse.

What does the name Infirmary mean?

infirmary (Noun) A place where sick or injured people are cared for, especially a small hospital; sickhouse. Etymology: From infirmaria, from infirmus.

What is the meaning of 'Infirmary'?

Definition of infirmary 1 : a place (as in a school or prison) where sick or injured individuals receive care and treatment 2 : a large medical facility : hospital Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary 1 : a place (as in a school or prison) where sick or injured individuals receive care and treatment

What is another word for infirmary?

258 Infirmary synonyms - Other Words for Infirmary. hospital. n. , adj. # surgery , clinic. clinic. n. # sanitarium. sick bay. phr. , n.

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