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1. Inert definition is - lacking the power to move

Inert, Is

2. having no inherent power of action, motion, or resistance (opposed to active): Inert matter

Inherent, Inert

3. 1. having no inherent power of action, motion, or resistance (opposed to active): Inert matter

Inherent, Inert

4. Some common synonyms of Inert are idle, inactive, passive, and supine. While all these words mean "not engaged in work or activity," Inert as applied to things implies powerlessness to move or to affect other things; as applied to persons it suggests an inherent or habitual indisposition to activity

Inert, Idle, Inactive, In, Implies, It, Inherent, Indisposition

5. For a bomb to be useful, it needs to remain Inert until deliberately armed, it needs to cause an explosion of a useful size, and it ideally uses the minimum amount of material to make all that work.

It, Inert, Ideally

6. Inert Is an industry leading innovative provider of the most dependable standardized and custom-built Inert atmosphere Glove Boxes, Gas Management Systems and Solvent Purification Systems at the most competitive prices.

Inert, Is, Industry, Innovative

7. Inert Explosives Drug Labs Classroom Poster Sets Battlefield Effects Custom Training Kits Cutaways Comprehensive Range of Product Applications


8. The Crossword Solver found 89 answers to the Inert crossword clue


9. Inert PG-15V Training Unit (RPG): Authentic Cold War $ 181.95 Read more; M14 STRIPPER CLIPS (10 PACK) $ 10.00 Read more; M31 PRACTICE RIFLE GRENADE – EXCELLENT CONDITION $ 139.95 Add to cart; M31 PRACTICE RIFLE GRENADE PLUS CASE $ 24.95 Add to cart; Tracer Bullets .50 cal $ 35.00 – $ 150.00 Select options; 20mm Vulcan Dummy Round $ 6.50 Add


10. Inert Products manufactures and distributes the largest assortment of replica and Inert ordnance in the world

Inert, In

11. These items include solid urethane replicas, custom machined metal replicas, and OEM factory Inert ordnance items

Items, Include, Inert

12. Ĭn-ûrt' The definition of Inert is slow or having no action or power to move. An example of Inert is a slug that is standing still.

Inert, Is

13. Something that's unable to move or moving without much energy can be described as Inert


14. Wind up in a body cast and you’ll find yourself not only itchy, but totally Inert

In, Itchy, Inert

15. When motion is restricted or sluggish, or when something or someone appears lifeless, the adjective to use is Inert.

Is, Inert

16. Incapable of moving or acting: "[Some patients] lingered, unable to breathe on their own, Inert and unresponsive even to the most noxious stimulus" (Gary Greenberg)

Incapable, Inert

17. The chemically Inert, PTFE caps were required at short notice because the final design of the workstation could not accommodate the standard, off-the-shelf Inert bottle caps currently available on the market.


18. Key Difference – Active vs Inert Electrodes An electrochemical cell is composed of two electrical conductors which are called electrodes and an ionic conductor which is called electrolyte.Electrodes transport electrical charge through electrons whereas electrolytes conduct their charge through ions.An electrode is a metal whose surface touches the electrolyte.

Inert, Is, Ionic, Ions

19. Inert stands behind the workmanship of our products and service technicians


20. The staff at Inert always maintains high ethical standards for production, sales, and service in the controlled atmosphere industry

Inert, In, Industry

21. Inert glove boxes and solvent purification systems, and the support they come with, are the best investment you can make.

Inert, Investment

22. Commodity Inert Ingredients EPA has developed a list of Inert ingredients it has designated as commodity Inert ingredients

Inert, Ingredients, It

23. Registrants and applicants completing the Confidential Statement of Formula (CSF) Form (EPA Form 8570-4) will no longer need to list the commodity Inert ingredient suppliers

Inert, Ingredient

24. Inert Ingredient Frequently Asked Questions (PDF) (12 pp, 417 K, December, 2015) Contact Us to ask a question, provide feedback, or report a problem

Inert, Ingredient

25. These components are known as Inert ingredients and may range from 0% to 99.99% of the total ingredients of the mixture.

Inert, Ingredients

26. What remains Inert is the part of the brain which provokes and enables actions

Inert, Is

27. Times, Sunday Times ( 2008 ) The body prefers something more Inert and stable that can be stored with a minimum of fuss .


28. Inert gases, in particular helium, are used as coolants in gas-cooled reactors

Inert, In

29. In laboratory experiments and accident simulation tests, Inert gases, mostly argon, are applied as a cover gas or a filling gas for the cladding tubes to detect cladding damage

In, Inert

30. What is an Inert gas? Inert gases are non-combustible gases (also called protective gases) which do not react with the fuel and do not promote combustion

Is, Inert

31. In Inertization, the Inert gas displaces the atmospheric oxygen in the plant to such an extent that an explosive atmosphere is prevented

In, Inertization, Inert, Is

32. As a rule, nitrogen is used as the Inert gas.

Is, Inert

33. Our Inert gas ovens fall under a variety of oven types, including batch and cabinet ovens, which lends itself to a variety of applications depending on your products

Inert, Including, Itself

34. QDB33 Argon Inert Gas Regulator to Hose Quick Connect/Connector Disconnect Set, Western Enterprise


35. Weldcote ARG14X10 Hose, Argon, 10 ' with Inert Gas Fitting.


36. TweetShare180SharePin180 Shares Inert Gas System (IGS) on a ship refers to a system deployed for prevention of an explosion in the cargo tanks of a tanker

Inert, Igs, In

37. In this integrated system, while pumping out the liquid inflammable cargo, an Inert gas (sometimes by flue gas from ship boilers) is …

In, Integrated, Inflammable, Inert, Is

38. ‘Niobium is a relatively Inert element, although it does react with oxygen and concentrated acids at high temperatures.’ ‘Like other elements in Group 18, krypton is chemically Inert.’ ‘Furthermore, the rapid expansion of cold gases forced hot, oxygenated air from the waste pile and replaced it with chemically Inert nitrogen and

Is, Inert, It, In

39. Argon CO2 Flow Meter Regulator w/ 6 foot Inert Gas Hose, Mig Tig Welding Accessory CGA 580 Welding Welder Pressure Control Fitting CO2 Gauge Miller Mig Tig, Brass Pressure Regulator (w/ 6 foot Hose) 4.2 out of 5 stars 28


40. In horticulture, Inert may refer to matter that is found in soil-less media, seed packages, fertilizers or pesticides

In, Inert, Is

41. An Inert anode is an anode that is insoluble in the electrolyte under the conditions obtained in electrolysis

Inert, Is, Insoluble, In

42. Inert anodes are non-consumable


43. The use of Inert anodes in the aluminum smelting process is a groundbreaking technology, capable of revolutionizing industry.

Inert, In, Is, Industry

44. Definition of Inert adjective in Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary

Inert, In

45. Antonyms for Inert include moving, active, mobile, reactive, responsive, animate, busy, alive, lively and creative

Inert, Include

46. Inert training spray allows officers to practise self defense spray usage techniques without the risk of accidentally spraying themselves or others


47. Inert spray formulas contain only water and propellant, with none of the capsaicinoid chemicals that give duty strength pepper spray its incapacitating heat

Inert, Its, Incapacitating

48. Inert cartridges are also available to


49. An Inert chemical is one that is stable and unreactive under specified conditions

Inert, Is

50. At one time, the noble gases in Group 18 of the periodic table were known as the Inert gases, because they had not been observed to form any compounds

In, Inert

51. Reclassification of List 3 Inert Ingredients to List 4 Chemicals

Inert, Ingredients

52. In 1995, 146 Inert ingredients, previously classified on List 3, were moved to List 4B (60 FR 35396; July 7, 1995)

In, Inert, Ingredients

53. The technique of Inert-gas condensation (IGC) consists of evaporating, sputtering or ablating a material inside a chamber that is evacuated to a vacuum pressure of about 10-8 mbar and then back-filled with a low-pressure Inert gas like helium

Inert, Igc, Inside, Is

54. Inert waste means waste that does not undergo any significant physical, chemical or biological transformations.Inert waste will not dissolve, burn or otherwise physically or chemically react, biodegrade or adversely affect other matter with which it comes into contact in a way likely to give rise to environmental pollution or harm human health.

Inert, It, Into, In

55. The Inert gas prevents the wire filament inside the bulb from reacting chemically with oxygen and burning out quickly.: He did not assume that an Inert and common matter was sufficient for a plausible formulation of a theory of mechanical epigenesis.: This is a chamber that can be evacuated and purged with Inert gas until all active gases are removed.: Some like feisty, noisy, slightly

Inert, Inside, Is

56. While the former have voluntary movement and require an internal balance to preserve their energy and continue to exist, Inert matter is subject only to elementary physical forces and transformation processes (biological or not), without any type of intervention of will, of vital necessity or

Internal, Inert, Is, Intervention

57. ‘Niobium is a relatively Inert element, although it does react with oxygen and concentrated acids at high temperatures.’ ‘Like other elements in Group 18, krypton is chemically Inert.’ ‘Furthermore, the rapid expansion of cold gases forced hot, oxygenated air from the waste pile and replaced it with chemically Inert nitrogen and

Is, Inert, It, In

58. Mar 24, 2021 (The Expresswire) -- Global Inert Gas Regulator Market 2021 industry research report gives

Inert, Industry

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INERT [iˈnərt]

inert (adjective)

  • lacking the ability or strength to move.
  • lacking vigor.
Synonyms: unmoving . motionless . immobile . still . stock-still . stationary . static . dormant . sleeping . unconscious . comatose . lifeless . inanimate . insensible . senseless . insensate . insentient . inactive . idle . indolent . slack . lazy . loafing . slothful . dull . sluggish . lethargic . stagnant . languid . listless . torpid . unconcerned . apathetic . indifferent . fainéant . otiose . moving . active . lethargic . enervated . lackadaisical . spiritless . unenergetic . lifeless . vigorless . limp . effete . languid . languorous . languishing . inactive . sluggish . torpid . supine . halfhearted . lukewarm . indifferent . uninterested . impassive . indolent . idle . apathetic . shiftless . slothful . passive . dull . heavy . energetic . lively .

Frequently Asked Questions

What does the name inert mean?

Destitute of the power of moving itself, or of active resistance to motion; as, matter is inert. Indisposed to move or act; very slow to act; sluggish; dull; inactive; indolent; lifeless."The inert and desponding party of the court."

What does inert means?

The term inert generally means somethings motionless or in a state of doing little or nothing. In chemistry inert means a substance that’s chemically inactive.

What is the definition of inert in science?

inert - having only a limited ability to react chemically; chemically inactive; "inert matter"; "an indifferent chemical in a reaction". neutral, indifferent. chemical science, chemistry - the science of matter; the branch of the natural sciences dealing with the composition of substances and their properties and reactions.

What does chemically inert mean?

In chemistry, the term chemically inert is used to describe a substance that is not chemically reactive. From a thermodynamic perspective, a substance is inert, or nonlabile, if it is thermodynamically unstable (positive standard Gibbs free energy of formation) yet decomposes at a slow, or negligible rate.

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