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1. Indorse definition is - to write on the back of; especially : to sign one's name as payee on the back of (a check) in order to obtain the cash or credit represented on the face

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2. How to use Indorse in a sentence.

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3. Indorse Elevations Indorse a symptom of major depression themselves. From the Cambridge English Corpus In the upper circles the scandalous may be relished, but it is not Indorsed.

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4. Indorse To sign a paper or document, thereby making it possible for the rights represented therein to pass to another individual.

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5. Indorse was founded in 2017 by Gaurang Torvekar, David Moskowitz, Avadhoot Kulkarni, and Dipesh Sukhani while sharing offices with the Ethereum foundation

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6. Indorse is the first professional network where only skills matter. Because our innovative decentralized approach let’s anyone validate their skills in the most simple, objective and credible way: Users upload a proof of their skills, which is then evaluated anonymously by a randomly selected jury of other expert users.

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7. In American English, an Indorsement is a signature on a legal or financial document, especially a check

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8. “This check has the Indorsement of one Charles J


9. Indorse Token (IND) is a cryptocurrency and operates on the Ethereum platform

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10. Indorse Token has a current supply of 170,622,046.99999997 with 37,480,418.96451077 in circulation

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11. The last known price of Indorse Token is 0.02652455 USD and is up 24.51 over the last 24 hours.

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12. Indorse We cannot put them in before the word "Indorsed" in line 6.

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13. Indorse Indorse is an enterprise SaaS platform. Enterprise companies use the Indorse platform to build great tech teams, upskill their workforce, and enable innovation

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14. Grammar Tips & Articles » Indorsement vs. Endorsement This article is about Indorsement vs. Endorsement — enjoy your reading!

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15. The Indorsement on the back of the note-paper, also referring to the question of time, is in the handwriting of the same witness--to whom I refer you, when it suits your convenience to question him."

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16. Indorse price today is $0.02856299 with a 24-hour trading volume of ?

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17. Indorse is a decentralized, blockchain-powered social network that is dedicated entirely to professionals, their skills and their accomplishments as they pertain to forging new professional relationships.

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18. Indorsement A signature on a Commercial Paper or document


19. An Indorsement on a negotiable instrument, such as a check or a promissory note, has the effect of transferring all the rights represented by the instrument to another individual.

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20. Indorse definition: → endorse Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples


21. What does Indorse mean? Endorse


22. Indorse - WordReference English dictionary, questions, discussion and forums


23. See authoritative translations of Indorse in Spanish with example sentences and audio pronunciations.

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24. Indorse is a skill-based professional network, powered by blockchain (ethereum) technology, where users have complete ownership of their data

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25. Indorse was co-founded by Gaurang Torvekar, Avadhoot Kulkarni, David Moskowitz, and Dipesh Sukhani in 2017 in Singapore

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26.Indorse’ is a revolutionary platform using new models of tokenization and decentralization to change the shape of professional networking.Unlike traditional platforms such as LinkedIn, we aim

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27. Indorse is an enterprise SaaS platform

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28. Enterprise companies use the Indorse platform to build great tech teams, upskill their workforce, and enable innovation

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29. Learn the translation for ‘Indorse’ in LEO’s English ⇔ German dictionary

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30. Metamorph Browser Extension; Metamorph for Engineering Leaders The data & insights for high performing software engineering teams!; Indorse Tech Skills Assessment for Companies; General; Promoted articles

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31. What does Indorsement mean? An Indorsement placing special conditions upon the assignment of the instrument.

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32. Definition of Indorse in the dictionary

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33. What does Indorse mean? Information and translations of Indorse in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions

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34. Dictionary entry overview: What does Indorse mean? • Indorse (verb) The verb Indorse has 4 senses:


35. Sign as evidence of legal transfer Familiarity information: Indorse used as a …

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36. Translation for 'Indorse' in the free English-German dictionary and many other German translations.

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37. Indorse (third-person singular simple present Indorses, present participle indorsing, simple past and past participle Indorsed) (Britain, India, rare) Alternative form of endorse; Derived terms

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38. Indorse Services, based in Saudi Arabia and with an office in the Netherlands, is led by founder & CEO Mohammed Geoffrey

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39. Indorse Services Membership IndorseSign is a member of the Cloud Signature Consortium (CSC)

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40. Indorse is a skills validation platform which helps candidates validate their tech skills and helps companies match with better candidates

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41. To my surprise Indorse is a valid word, and is documented as a variant of Endorse

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42. Indorse seems to have been a used in older American formal documents

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43. Indorse: In heraldry , a bearing like the pale, but of one fourth its width.

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44. Visit our website to learn more - Contact developers at [email protected]

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45. Indorse will be able to view: Content and info about you

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46. Lack of capacity to Indorse on the part of the prior parties 4


47. The fact that, at the time of the Indorsement, the instrument was valueless or not valid and he knew of that fact A QUALIFIED IndorseMENT DOESN'T IMPAIR THE NEGOTIABLE CHARACTER OF THE INSTRUMENT Sec

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48. Synonyms for Indorse in Free Thesaurus

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49. 11 synonyms for Indorse: back, endorse, plump for, plunk for, support, second, endorse, back, endorse


50. Definition of Indorse written for English Language Learners from the Merriam-Webster Learner's Dictionary with audio pronunciations, usage examples, and count/noncount noun labels.


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INDORSE [inˈdôrs, enˈdôrs]


  • declare one's public approval or support of.
  • recommend (a product) in an advertisement.
Synonyms: uphold . support . defend . maintain . confirm . ratify . sanction . support . back . favor . recommend . advocate . champion . uphold . affirm . confirm . authorize . authenticate . ratify . sanction . warrant . oppose .

Frequently Asked Questions

What does endorse mean in medical terms?

endorsement [endôrs′mənt] a statement of recognition of the license of a health practitioner in one state by another state. An endorsement relieves the health practitioner of the necessity of completing the full licensing procedure of the state in which practice is to be undertaken.

What is a synonym for endorse?

second, back, endorse, indorse(verb) give support or one's approval to. "I'll second that motion"; "I can't back this plan"; "endorse a new project". Synonyms: indorse, support, gage, plunk for, second, back up, back, plump for, certify, stake, bet on, game, punt.

What is the definition of endorse?

Definition of endorse. transitive verb. 1a : to write on the back of especially : to sign one's name as payee on the back of (a check) in order to obtain the cash or credit represented on the face.

What is another word for endorsed?

certify, endorse, indorse(verb) guarantee as meeting a certain standard. "certified grade AAA meat". Synonyms: indorse, back, demonstrate, license, evidence, plunk for, attest, licence, manifest, plump for, second, certify, support.

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