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1. Indispensable definition is - absolutely necessary : essential

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2. How to use Indispensable in a sentence.

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3. Indispensable definition, absolutely necessary, essential, or requisite: an Indispensable member of the staff


4. Obligatory; unavoidable: the routine but Indispensable ceremonies of state.


5. / ˌɪn.dɪˈspen.sə.b ə l / C2 Something or someone that is Indispensable is so good or important that you could not manage without it, him, or her: This book is an Indispensable resource for researchers.

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6. 13 synonyms of Indispensable from the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus, plus 24 related words, definitions, and antonyms


7. Find another word for Indispensable


8. Indispensable: impossible to do without

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9. As the UN Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights has stated, economic, social and cultural rights are Indispensable to pandemic strategies


10. Indispensable is a strong adjective for something that you couldn't do without

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11. If you have asthma and you're packing for summer vacation, your inhaler is Indispensable, unless you …

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12. La volonté politique des Quinze est Indispensable.: The political will of the Fifteen Member States is essential.: Il est Indispensable d'appliquer plus efficacement les nouvelles technologies existantes.: And it is essential to apply the new technologies that exist in society today more effectively.: Le financement public convenablement structuré restera donc Indispensable.

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13. Indispensable is a registered 501(c)3 organization, and all contributions are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law

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14. Indispensable is a spectacularly beneficial resource

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15. The definition of Indispensable is essential or absolutely necessary

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16. When a part is needed to make a machine work, this is an example of when the part is Indispensable.

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17. If you say that someone or something is Indispensable, you mean that they are absolutely essential and other people or things cannot function without them

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18. She was becoming Indispensable to him


19. [ + to]the Indispensable guide for any traveller in France

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20. Synonyms: essential, necessary, needed, key More Synonyms of Indispensable


21. Indispensable: Build and Lead A Company Customers Can’t Live Without provides a framework that you can follow to transform your business and features dozens of examples from industry including those drawn from Amazon, Uber, Facebook and more

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22. Indispensable - sinónimos de 'Indispensable' en un diccionario de 200.000 sinónimos online


23. Examples of Indispensable in a sentence Cara does so much work in the office that she is Indispensable to the productive running of the business

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24. 🔊 In order to cut costs, my boss has asked me to eliminate all positions that are not indispensable to day-to-day operations

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25. She is an Indispensable [=essential] part of the team

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26. An Indispensable employee/tool [+] more examples [-] hide examples [+] Example sentences [-] Hide examples — often + for or to


27. A calculator is an Indispensable tool for solving these problems

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28. She is Indispensable to the team.

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29. English Translation of Indispensable” The official Collins French-English Dictionary online


30. Someone or something that is Indispensable is so important or useful that it is impossible to manage without them SYN essential Indispensable to This book is Indispensable to anyone interested in space exploration. Indispensable for/in (doing) something Meat is not Indispensable

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31. [from 17th c.] The law was moral and Indispensable


32. Indispensable Cult Tokyo label Indispensable specialises in functional bags designed to meet modern needs

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33. Indispensable Health has the programs and services to optimize your pharmacy: telepharmacy, pharmacy staffing, after hours pharmacy services, pharmacy management assistance, ambulatory surgery center pharmacy services, and so much more.


34. Indispensable was a sailing ship built in France and launched in 1791

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35. Indispensable essential; too important to be without: Cars have become an Indispensable part of our lives

Indispensable, Important

36. Essential/ vital/ crucial/ critical/ decisive/ Indispensable for something; essential/ vital/ crucial/ critical/ Indispensable to something; essential/ vital/ crucial/ critical that…


37. My father liked to caution me with the old saw that the graveyard is full of Indispensable men

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38. Indispensable (adj.) 1530s, "not subject to dispensation," from Medieval Latin *indispensabilis, from in-"not, opposite of" (see in-(1)) + dispensabilis, from Latin dispensare "disburse, administer, distribute (by weight)" (see dispense).Meaning "necessary" is from 1690s

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39. An Indispensable party (also called a required party, necessary party, or necessary and Indispensable party) is a party in a lawsuit whose participation is required for jurisdiction or the purpose of rendering a judgment

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40. In reality, a party may be "necessary" but not Indispensable

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41. ‘Absolutely Indispensable, it is a must purchase for anyone interested in house or soul music.’ ‘In short, as a guide to the new enemies of the left the book is absolutely Indispensable.’ ‘Greater equality is a moral imperative and an Indispensable element in the battle to eliminate poverty.’

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42. Definition of Indispensable in the Idioms Dictionary

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43. What does Indispensable expression mean? Definitions by the largest Idiom Dictionary.

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44. See 2 authoritative translations of Indispensable in English with example sentences, phrases and audio pronunciations.

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45. Indispensable Journey (IJ) provides individualized clinical treatment and rehabilitation to children, adults, and families

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46. Absolutely necessary, essential: as in an Indispensable part of the leadership team

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47. Not subject to being set aside or neglected: as in an Indispensable contributor

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48. Indispensable adj adjective: Describes a noun or pronoun--for example, "a tall girl," "an interesting book," "a big house." (essential, necessary) indispensabile agg aggettivo: Descrive o specifica un sostantivo: "Una persona fidata" - "Con un cacciavite piccolo" - "Questioni controverse"

Indispensable, Interesting, Indispensabile

49. Il est Indispensable d'appliquer plus efficacement les nouvelles technologies existantes

Il, Indispensable

50. Le financement public convenablement structuré restera donc Indispensable .


51. Indispensable is a IPA - American style beer brewed by Greenbush Brewing Company in Sawyer, MI

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52. In the case of adults it is an Indispensable means of salvation, and is efficacious thereunto by the gracious influence of the Holy Spirit (John 17:17; 2 /w/word.htm - 16k

In, It, Is, Indispensable, Influence

53. Environment Living Planet: Long-suffering, Indispensable trees


54. An almost Indispensable skill for any creative person is the ability to pose the right questions

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55. Find 30 ways to say Indispensable, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus.


56. Indispensable adj Indispensable → an Indispensable part of the process → the Indispensable guide for any traveller in France to be Indispensable to sb être Indispensable à qn → She was becoming Indispensable to him.

Indispensable, In

57. Making yourself Indispensable at work is an important way to ensure job security and gain respect from both your coworkers and supervisor

Indispensable, Is, Important

58. Being Indispensable requires strong dedication, effort and work ethic.


59. Oh, sorry i wrongly typed "Indispensable" to "indispensible"

Indispensable, Indispensible

60. The original sentence was " His article was Indispensable to the company"


61. Indispensable party: An individual who has an interest in the substantive issue of a legal action of such a nature that a final decree cannot be handed down without that interest being affected or without leaving the controversy in a condition whereby its final determination would be totally Unconscionable

Indispensable, Individual, Interest, In, Issue, Its

62. Nobody is Indispensable in this game.

Is, Indispensable, In

63. Business is Indispensable in any society.

Is, Indispensable, In

64. No one is Indispensable in the modern game.

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65. Rum was Indispensable in the fisheries and the fur trade, andas a naval ration.

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66. It has always been regarded to be Indispensable in teaching and seeking knowledge.

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67. As I move into the role, he will be Indispensable in ensuring a smooth transition.

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68. Indispensable Edward Bennett is a talented CEO with a lot on his plate

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69. “His role has been and will remain largely Indispensable – at least for now.” Coronavirus: China’s US ambassador Cui Tiankai takes veiled swipe at Donald Trump for politicising outbreak


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INDISPENSABLE [ˌindəˈspensəb(ə)l]

indispensable (adjective)

  • absolutely necessary.
Synonyms: essential . crucial . necessary . key . vital . needed . required . requisite . important . all-important . critical . imperative . mandatory . compulsory . obligatory . compelling . urgent . pressing . burning . acute . paramount . preeminent . high-priority . significant . consequential . dispensable . superfluous . nonessential .

Frequently Asked Questions

What does the name indispensible mean?

indispensable (Noun) A thing that is not dispensable; a necessity. Etymology: From indispensabilis, corresponding to.

What does indespensable mean?

Indispensable(adj) not dispensable; impossible to be omitted, remitted, or spared; absolutely necessary or requisite. Indispensable(adj) not admitting dispensation; not subject to release or exemption.

What is the meaning of indispensable?

Definition of indispensable. 1 : not subject to being set aside or neglected an indispensable obligation. 2 : absolutely necessary : essential an indispensable member of the staff.

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