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1. Middle English, from Middle French, from Old French, from Latin Indigent-, indigens, present participle of indigēre to need, from Old Latin indu + Latin egēre to need; perhaps akin to Old High German echerode poor Learn More about Indigent Time Traveler for Indigent The first known use of Indigent

Indigent, Indigens, Indig, Indu

2. Indigent definition, lacking food, clothing, and other necessities of life because of poverty; needy; poor; impoverished

Indigent, Impoverished

3. Indigent synonyms, Indigent pronunciation, Indigent translation, English dictionary definition of Indigent


4. Poor; impoverished; distressed: The Indigent street people are often ignored.

Impoverished, Indigent, Ignored

5. An Indigent person is extremely poor, lacking the basic resources of a normal life

Indigent, Is

6. Often the Indigent lack not only money but homes. Indigent comes from a Latin word meaning wanting, which we used to use to mean “lacking” and not just to describe desires.


7. Indigent If they are Indigent, vulnerable, and ignorant, they are likely to be antecedently superstitious

Indigent, If, Ignorant

8. From the Cambridge English Corpus The patient has an acute medical problem and is indeed Indigent.

Is, Indeed, Indigent

9. 20 synonyms of Indigent from the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus, plus 23 related words, definitions, and antonyms


10. Indigent: lacking money or material possessions.


11. An Indigent is a person who is incredibly poor, to the point where even affording life’s basic necessities, like food and clothing, is a struggle

Indigent, Is, Incredibly

12. If an Indigent gets in trouble with the law, then he may not be able to afford an attorney to represent him in court.

If, Indigent, In

13. The Crossword Solver found 37 answers to the Indigent crossword clue


14. The North Dakota Commission on Legal Counsel for Indigents' mission is to provide high quality, professional, and effective legal representation to eligible clients, consistent with the guarantees of the constitutions of the United States and North Dakota, and applicable North Dakota statutes and rules, at reasonable cost to the community.

Indigents, Is

15. A person who knowingly provides false information to the clerk or the court in seeking a determination of Indigent status under s

Information, In, Indigent

16. John Porteous was born of Indigent parents near the city of Edinburgh; and he served his time as an apprentice to a tailor


17. The Indigent Health Care Program is administered based on Chapter 61 Indigent Health Care and Treatment Act

Indigent, Is

18. Indigent is defined as someone who has little or nothing

Indigent, Is

19. An example of Indigent is a homeless person.

Indigent, Is

20. When someone is described as Indigent, they are considered unable to pay the fees required to hire a defense lawyer

Is, Indigent

21. Indigentia, want or need] Medical Dictionary for the Health Professions and Nursing © Farlex 2012 Want to thank TFD for its …

Indigentia, Its

22. The following is an example of a state statute defining the term Indigent : According to Idaho Code § 31-3220 (1) (d) "Indigent" means a person who is not a prisoner, and who is found by the court to be unable to pay fees, costs or give security for the purpose of prepayment of fees, costs or security in a civil action.

Is, Indigent, Idaho, In

23. The Nevada Department of Indigent Defense Services provides support to counties to develop and maintain quality, cost-effective Indigent defense systems that meet the needs of local communities and the requirements of the Constitution and state law.


24. The Indigent claims system is a secure site, requiring log-in credentials

Indigent, Is, In

25. The County Indigent Health Care Program helps low-income Texas residents who don’t qualify for other state or federal health care programs have access to health care services

Indigent, Income

26. According to ORS 97.170, an Indigent person is a deceased person who does not have a death or final expense benefit or insurance policy that pays for disposition of the deceased person’s body or other means to pay for disposition of the deceased person’s body

Indigent, Is, Insurance

27. Indigent in California Introduction California’s counties, by law, are the health care providers of last resort for residents age 18 and older who cannot afford care

Indigent, In, Introduction

28. For these medically Indigent adults (MIAs), the county programs are a vital part of the state’s health care …


29. ‘The state's Indigent defender program is in desperate need of reform, but change is being blocked by powerful political players with a vested interest in maintaining the system as it is.’ ‘The beneficiaries included Indigent persons such as the visually challenged man who lived with his family in the claustrophobic confines of a public

Indigent, Is, In, Interest, It, Included

30. There are also constitutional due process requirements applicable to an Indigent person's access to services and processes in the legal system

Indigent, In

31. Synonyms for Indigent in Free Thesaurus

Indigent, In

32. 40 synonyms for Indigent: destitute, poor, impoverished, needy, penniless, poverty-stricken, down and out, in want, down at heel, impecunious, dirt-poor

Indigent, Impoverished, In, Impecunious

33. What are synonyms for Indigent?


34. The County Indigent Health Care Program helps low-income Texans who don’t qualify for other state or federal health care programs get access to health care services

Indigent, Income

35. Medically Indigent Adults (MIAs) in the health care system of the United States are persons who do not have health insurance and who are not eligible for other health care such as Medicaid, Medicare, or private health insurance

Indigent, In, Insurance

36. The Indigent Care Trust Fund (ICTF) was established in 1990 to expand Medicaid eligibility and services, support rural and other health care providers, primarily hospitals, which serve the medically Indigent, and fund primary health care programs for medically Indigent Georgians.

Indigent, Ictf, In

37. Definition of Indigent in the dictionary

Indigent, In

38. What does Indigent mean? Information and translations of Indigent in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on …

Indigent, Information, In

39. Indigent patient means a patient who has exhausted any third-party sources, including Medicare and Medicaid, and whose income is equal to or below two hun- dred percent of the federal poverty standards (adjusted for family size), or is otherwise not sufficient to enable the indi- vidual to pay for his or her care, or to pay deductibles or coin- surance amounts required by a third-party payor.))

Indigent, Including, Income, Is, Indi

40. * 1975 , Robertson Davies, World of Wonders , Penguin Books (1976), ISBN 0140043896, page 161: I liked the streets best, so I walked and stared, and slept in a Salvation Army hostel for Indigents'.But I was no ' Indigent ; I was rich in feeling, and that was a luxury I had rarely known

Isbn, In, Indigents, Indigent

41. (4) "Indigent and able to contribute" means a person who, at any stage of a court proceeding, is unable to pay the anticipated cost of counsel for the matter before the court because his or her available funds are less than the anticipated cost of counsel but sufficient for the person to pay a portion of that cost.

Indigent, Is

42. Indigent definition: Someone who is Indigent is very poor

Indigent, Is

43. Indigent defense services The Office of Indigent Defense Services (OIDS) provides financial services, guidance and statistical data to the judicial courts of Alabama


44. It also ensures that every Indigent defendant represented receives the fullest measure of due process required by law in a cost-effective manner while maintaining fiscal

It, Indigent, In

45. Order of Court For purposes of determining whether a party is Indigent and unable to pay a fee to the court or to pay the cost of service: "There shall be a rebuttable presumption that a person is Indigent and unable to pay a fee or fees or the cost of service of

Is, Indigent

46. The Indigent Guardianship Program is designed to help Indigent adults by providing funds to establish guardianships or hire guardians or both

Indigent, Is

47. Indigent: Experiencing want or need; impoverished

Indigent, Impoverished

48. He, to hear my mother's name made a byword and reproach, myself alluded to as the Indigent daughter of an outcast, -- he, who seemed already lifted as high above me on the eagle wings of fortune, as the eyry of the king-bird is above the nest of the swallow, -- it was more than I could bear.

Indigent, Is, It

49. Thus, one of the areas CLRP focuses on is creating or improving Indigent defense systems to ensure quality representation for all defendants, regardless of income or social status

Is, Improving, Indigent, Income

50. See 3 authoritative translations of Indigent in Spanish with example sentences and audio pronunciations.

Indigent, In

51. ‘The state's Indigent defender program is in desperate need of reform, but change is being blocked by powerful political players with a vested interest in maintaining the system as it is.’ ‘The beneficiaries included Indigent persons such as the visually challenged man who lived with his family in the claustrophobic confines of a public

Indigent, Is, In, Interest, It, Included

52. Presents findings from data collected as part of the 1999 National Survey of Indigent Defense Systems in the 21 States where the State government provides virtually

Indigent, In

53. The Indigent medication program provides temporary financial support for psychotropic medication, medication for the treatment of substance use disorders and/or maintenance treatment and/or related lab costs to eligible individuals while other funding options are identified.

Indigent, Individuals, Identified

54. 57.081, based upon an inability to pay must apply to the clerk of the court for a determination of civil Indigent status using an application form developed by the Florida Clerks of Court Operations Corporation with final approval by the Supreme Court

Inability, Indigent

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INDIGENT [ˈindəjənt]

indigent (adjective)

  • poor; needy.
Synonyms: poor . impecunious . destitute . penniless . impoverished . poverty-stricken . pauperized . insolvent . ruined . needy . hard up . hard-pressed . deprived . disadvantaged . distressed . badly off . beggarly . beggared . penurious . rich .

indigent (noun) · indigents (plural noun)

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