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What's the medical definition of the word indifference?

Medical Definition of indifference : the quality, state, or fact of being indifferent a schizophrenic reaction accompanied by apathy and indifference More from Merriam-Webster on indifference

What is the definition of an indifference map?

Definition: The Indifference Map is the graphical representation of two or more indifference curves showing the several combinations of different quantities of commodities, which consumer consumes, given his income and the market price of goods and services.

Is there such thing as indifference to others?

Karma doesn't translate into indifference towards the suffering of others. That allows judges to zero in on drivers who pose a greater public safety threat -- whether because of indifference, addiction or both. That experience taught my date about the power of indifference and not caring what people think.

What does indifference mean in law and order?

Indifference may refer to: Apathy, a psychological attitude. A concept of beneficial detachment in Ignatian spirituality. Indifference (album), 1985 album by the Proletariat, or the title song. "Indifference" (Law & Order), 1990 episode of the television series Law & Order.

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