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1. Indicial definition is - of, relating to, or having the nature of an indication : indicative

Indicial, Is, Indication, Indicative

2. How to use Indicial in a sentence.

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3. Adjective of, relating to, or resembling an indication; indicative: behavior Indicial of a personality disorder

Indication, Indicative, Indicial

4. Indicial meaning Of or pertaining to an indicia; indicative.

Indicial, Indicia, Indicative

5. Find 53 ways to say Indicial, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus.


6. Indicial — The CX and Digital Maturity Integrated Customer experience and Digital Transformation (CX.Digital Practice) is a discipline that requires an ongoing focus

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7. CX and Digital leaders (CCO, CMO, CDO, CIO) can leverage from well-integrated Virtuos Indicial CX.Digital management maturity model to gauge their organization's CX management maturity, digital transformation maturity and then

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8. Is there any other way to get the Indicial equation? Stack Exchange Network

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9. An Indicial equation, also called a characteristic equation, is a recurrence equation obtained during application of the Frobenius method of solving a second-order ordinary differential equation

Indicial, Is

10. The Indicial equation is obtained by noting that, by definition, the lowest order term (that corresponding to) must have a coefficient of zero

Indicial, Is

11. Of, pertaining to, or resembling an indication; indicative: behavior Indicial of a personality disorder

Indication, Indicative, Indicial

12. The general definition of the Indicial polynomialis the coefficient of the lowest power of zin the infinite series

Indicial, Infinite

13. Tensor (or index, or Indicial, or Einstein) notation has been introduced in the previous pages during the discussions of vectors and matrices

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14. The Indicial equation and the values of r The first step in using the method of Frobenius is to determine the values of r that allow us to solve the differential equation

Indicial, In, Is

15. Se dice que la expresión (3) emplea notación Indicial o también el convenio de Einstein.Dos vectores a y b son iguales si a p e p = b p e p

Indicial, Iguales

16. Closely associated with tensor calculus is the Indicial or index notation

Is, Indicial, Index

17. In section 1 the Indicial notation is de ned and illustrated

In, Indicial, Is, Illustrated

18. The Indicial functions for three AOAs, namely, 1°, 2° and 3°, are compared in Fig

Indicial, In

19. Moreover, the Indicial function obtained via a curve fitting procedure starts with a finite value between 0 and 0.5.


20. Indicial Equations mc-bus-Indicial-2009-1 Introduction An Indicial equation is one in which the power is the unknown, e.g

Indicial, Introduction, Is, In

21. Indicial equations often occur in the calculation of compound interest.

Indicial, In, Interest

22. Indicial Equation ! Thus our equation is ! Since a 0 ≠ 0, we must have ! This Indicial equation is the same one obtained when seeking solutions y = xr to the corresponding Euler Equation.! Note that F(r) is quadratic in r, and hence has two roots, r 1 and r 2

Indicial, Is, In

23. Indicial NOTATION (Cartesian Tensor) Basic Rules i) A free index appears only once in each term of a tensor equation

Indicial, Index, In

24. Indicial definition: of, pertaining to, or resembling an indication ; indicative Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples

Indicial, Indication, Indicative

25. The equation $a^x=y$ is an example of a general exponent equation (Indicial equation) and $2^x = 32$ is an example of a more specific exponential equation (Indicial

Is, Indicial

26. For finding Indicial roots in an ODE, put $y=t^m$and set the co-efficient of the least power of $t$equal to zero

Indicial, In

27. So for this ODE $m=\pm \sqrt{2},$there are the Indicial roots.


28. The Indicial equation is Hr+1L2=0 and we have a repeated zero r=-1

Indicial, Is

29. Find The Indicial Roots Of The Following DE ∀𝑎 ∈ ℝ 𝑥^2𝑦 ′′ − (𝑥 + 𝛼)𝑦 = 0 Identify If The Solution Belongs To Case I, II Or III

Indicial, Identify, If, Ii, Iii

30. Where r is a root of the Indicial equation r2+(p 0 −1)r +q 0 = 0

Is, Indicial

31. Suppose the roots of the Indicial


32. Fuchs–Frobenius theory, classification of singularities, differential equations, indices differing by an integer, Indicial equation, ordinary point, regular singularity Notes: See Olver ( 1997b , pp

Indices, Integer, Indicial

33. I The roots of the Indicial polynomial


34. Also, we have F (n +r )a n = n 1 å k =0 [(k +r )p n k +q n k]a k; n 1 Note that the Indicial equation is a quadratic equation in r

Indicial, Is, In

35. Build a program to find the Indicial equation and to solve it, in the case of solutions with power series in the neighborhood of a singular regular point of differential equations in the form: Use the program to calculate the roots of the Indicial equation for the differential equation [2.sup.x2]y" - xy' + (1 + x)y = 0

Indicial, It, In

36. In Indicial notation the scalar product would be denoted simply as , where the summation over all three values of i is implied

In, Indicial, Is, Implied

37. Synonyms for Indicial include indicative, significant, suggestive, symptomatic, indicatory, characteristic, denotative, denoting, emblematic and evocative

Indicial, Include, Indicative, Indicatory

38. Indicial Urdu Meaning - Find the correct meaning of Indicial in Urdu, it is important to understand the word properly when we translate it from English to Urdu

Indicial, In, It, Is, Important

39. There are always several meanings of each word in Urdu, the correct meaning of Indicial in Urdu is علامتی, and in roman we write it .

In, Indicial, Is, It

40. Setting the first coefficient (usually the coefficient of \(x^r\)) in the series to zero we obtain the Indicial equation, which is a quadratic polynomial in \(r\)

In, Indicial, Is

41. (iii) If the Indicial equation has two real roots \(r_1\) and \(r_2\) such that \(r_1 - r_2\) is not an integer, then we have two linearly independent Frobenius-type solutions

Iii, If, Indicial, Is, Integer, Independent

42. Equation \ref{Indicial} is called the Indicial equation

Indicial, Is

43. I am trying to teach myself tensor calculus but have reached a stumbling block - expressing the magnitude of a cross product in Indicial notation

In, Indicial

44. I know that one can express a cross product of two vectors $\vec{A}$ and $\vec{B}$ in Indicial notation as follows: $$ \vec{A} \times \vec{B} = \epsilon_{ijk}a_j b_k \hat{e}_i$$

In, Indicial, Ijk

45. When we look for the Indicial functions that represent the changes of the signal X(t) in response to step changes of the oxygen concentration, we look for the changes in the mean trends M n (t), M n-1 (t), and ⋅⋅⋅ with respect to changes in O 2 level

Indicial, In

46. Here, the Indicial equation is 2 = 0, so the general solution is a+ blogr

Indicial, Is

47. The Indicial equation for the differential equation 2xy" -y'+2y=0 is Select the correct answer

Indicial, Is

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does indicial mean?

Definition of indicial. 1 : of, relating to, or having the nature of an indication : indicative a remark indicial of their pride. 2 [ Latin indic-, index index finger, index + English -ial ]

What is indicial equation?

indicial equation. noun Mathematics. an equation that is obtained from a given linear differential equation and that indicates whether a solution in power series form exists for the differential equation.

What does indicium mean in Latin?

1. Identifying marks; indications. 2. Markings on bulk mailings used as a substitute for stamps or cancellations. [Latin, pl. of indicium, sign, from index, indic-, indicator; see index .] American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fifth Edition. Copyright © 2016 by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing Company.

What does indicia mean?

Indicia may be defined to be conjectures, which result from circumstances not absolutely necessary and certain, but merely probable, and which may turn out not to be true, though they have the appearance of truth. Denisart, mot Indices. See Best on Pres. 13, note f. 3.

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