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1. Examples of Indebtedness in a Sentence his total Indebtedness exceeded a year's income Recent Examples on the Web By late 2021 more fundamental headwinds—including a declining labor force, …

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2. Indebtedness (See also POVERTY.) in the hole In debt; in financial difficulties. The story behind this U.S

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3. Indebtedness. The state, of being in debt, without regard to the ability or inability of the party to pay the same. See 1 Story, Eq

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4. Indebtedness noun [U] (MONEY OWED) the condition of owing money, or the amount of money owed: Household Indebtedness is at a record level

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5. 6 synonyms of Indebtedness from the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus, plus 7 related words, definitions, and antonyms


6. Find another word for Indebtedness


7. Indebtedness: something (as …


8. The Indebtedness to the Italian critics is well known and has been widely discussed. RHETORIC AND POETRY IN THE RENAISSANCE DONALD LEMEN CLARK "After I have cancelled my Indebtedness to you," she said, serenely

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9. The definition of Indebtedness is the state of owing something (usually money) to someone, or the total amount owed. An example of Indebtedness is when you owe the bank $100 and your friend $200.

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10. Parties before the deceased employee’s death, and upon the death of the deceased employee, the Indebtedness owing to the employee became the sole property of the surviving spouse or domestic partner registered in the state of Washington

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11. Indebtedness is the state of owing people money, or being indebted to them

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12. For example, Indebtedness occurs when someone takes out a mortgage, or finances a car


13. 120-1: Strong on administrative competence, the ministers as a group were united in their Indebtedness to Fleury and in a collective mistrust of any putative successor from the court.· The

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14. Dictionary entry overview: What does Indebtedness mean? • Indebtedness (noun) The noun Indebtedness has 2 senses:


15. A personal relation in which one is indebted for a service or favor Familiarity information: Indebtedness used …

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16. Certificates of Indebtedness were securities that the United States Treasury once issued. The securities were short-term coupon-bearing notes that preceded T-Bills

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17. By Samantha Kaylee / February 21, 2021 Over-Indebtedness is a financial situation that does not favor borrowers, but it makes the financial lending institutions a lot of money

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18. ‘Total household Indebtedness has gradually and consistently risen during this period.’ ‘The personal Indebtedness of Americans has never been greater.’ ‘As is the case in Asia, high levels of corporate Indebtedness are likely.’ ‘He took a major role in the ensuing negotiations concerning German foreign Indebtedness.’

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19. Indebtedness Ratio means, as at any Calculation Date, the ratio of (x) the Net Financial Debt for the relevant Testing Period preceding such Calculation Date of determination to (y) the EBITDA accrued during the relevant Testing Period.


20. Indebtedness - Translation to Spanish, pronunciation, and forum discussions


21. Principal Translations: Inglés: Español: Indebtedness n noun: Refers to person, place, thing, quality, etc

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22. However, our credit card relief loans programs offer many different solutions for consolidating debt in Redmond for residents facing various Indebtedness problems

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23. Definition of Indebtedness in the dictionary

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24. What does Indebtedness mean? Information and translations of Indebtedness in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web.

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25. Indebtedness (to somebody) (formal) the feeling of being grateful to somebody/something for their help, advice, influence, etc

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26. His deep Indebtedness to Karen Burton is acknowledged in this book.

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27. Indebtedness or indebtness is the state of being indebted

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28. The most common exclusions include bankruptcy, insolvency, and qualified principal residence Indebtedness

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29. The country's level of Indebtedness is easily sustainable as long as the economy continues to grow.El nivel de la deuda del país es fácilmente sostenible mientras la economía siga creciendo

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30. Existing Indebtedness means Indebtedness of the Company and its Subsidiaries (other than Indebtedness under the Credit Agreement) in existence on the date of this Indenture, until such amounts are repaid

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31. 9, Every social relationship entails a state of Indebtedness just as every state of Indebtedness entails a social relationship


32. 10, Greece has become a symbol of government Indebtedness


33. 11, A security is the evidence of Indebtedness or certificate of interest in a profit sharing contract.

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34. Indebtedness n noun: Refers to person, place, thing, quality, etc


35. Antonyms for Indebtedness include asset, ingratitude, ungratefulness, unappreciation, thanklessness, unthankfulness, rudeness, unmannerliness, inconsiderateness and

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36. The deduction allowed by this section in the case of claims against the estate, unpaid mortgages, or any Indebtedness shall, when founded on a promise or agreement, be limited to the extent that they were contracted bona fide and for an adequate and full consideration in money or money’s worth; except that in any case in which any such claim is founded on a promise or agreement of the

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37. The company is subject to the risks associated with debt financing, including the ability to refinance Indebtedness at maturity

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38. Indebtedness definition: the state of being indebted Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples

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39. This final rule removes the DoD regulation concerning Indebtedness of members of the Armed Forces


40. The rule provides internal DoD policies and assigns responsibilities governing delinquent Indebtedness of members of the military services

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41. Synonyms for Indebtedness in Free Thesaurus

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42. 14 synonyms for Indebtedness: arrearage, arrears, debt, liability, obligation, arrearage


43. In its report, the credit rater said not even a new law giving banks a venue to offload soured debts would relieve the Indebtedness this year

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44. An Indebtedness can be established on your Teachers' Retirement System (TRS) account for several reasons


45. Indebtedness: 1 n an obligation to pay money to another party Synonyms: financial obligation , liability Types: show 5 types hide 5 types limited liability the liability of a firm's owners for no more than the capital they have invested in the firm debt the state of owing something (especially money) arrears the state of being behind in

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46. Site Authority Statement Of Indebtedness 2020 - (PDF, 121K) Site Authority Statement Of Indebtedness 2019 - (PDF, 297KB) Site Authority Statement Of Indebtedness 2018


47. It also took note of the intervention by the Portuguese delegation on over-Indebtedness of consumers

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48. Developmental counseling statement sample covering Indebtedness


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INDEBTEDNESS [inˈdedədnəs]

indebtedness (noun)

Frequently Asked Questions

What does the name indebtedness mean?

Indebtedness is the state of owing people money, or being indebted to them. For example, indebtedness occurs when someone takes out a mortgage, or finances a car. Most people cannot pay for a home or a car outright, and so they are indebted to the bank for the amount of the loan that was given to them.

What is another word for indebtment?

Synonyms for indebted include obliged, beholden, obligated, grateful, appreciative, bound, bounden, duty-bound, honour-bound and thankful. Find more similar words at ...

What is the noun for indebtedness?

indebtedness noun [U] (MONEY OWED) the condition of owing money, or the amount of money owed: Household indebtedness is at a record level. The primary reason for the sale of the property was to reduce indebtedness.

What is an indebtedness expense?

An investment interest expense is any amount of interest that is paid on loan proceeds used to purchase investments or securities. Investment interest expenses include margin interest used to leverage securities in a brokerage account and interest on a loan used to buy property held for investment.

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