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See also: Increment Incrementar Incremented Incrementum Incrementing Incrementalist Incrementality Incrementally Incrementation Incrementalism Incremental Increase Incredible Increasingly Incredulity Incredulous Incredulously Increta Increased Increaseth Incredibly Incrust Incretin Incretion Increation Increasable Increasement Incredibleness Incredulousness Increments Incriminate

1. Increment is used in many technical fields, but also nontechnically. Incremental increases in drug dosages are used for experimental purposes. Incremental tax increases are easier to swallow than sudden large increases

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2. Incremental changes of any kind may be hard to notice, but can be very significant in the long run.

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3. Increment definition, something added or gained; addition; increase

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4. Something added or gained: a force swelled by Increments from allied armies.


5. 17 synonyms of Increment from the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus, plus 14 related words, definitions, and antonyms


6. Find another word for Increment


7. Increment: something added (as by growth).


8. Increment is a print and digital magazine about how teams build and operate software systems at scale

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9. Interested in joining the team at Increment

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10. Something added or gained: a force swelled by Increments from allied armies.


11. Every bit of new fossil fuel exploration and development, every new mine or well, is an Increment of carbon lock-in

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12. The Increment operator (++) Increments (adds one to) its operand and returns a value.

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13. IncrementOne implements and guides organization in changing the way they look at work, leadership and team success

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14. One of a series of amounts that increase a total: She was in the habit of saving in small Increments each week.

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15. Increment and decrement operators are unary operators that add or subtract one, to or from their operand, respectively


16. Increment P CORPORATION, a leading provider of Japan map contents and location services, supports all the business of location information - Car Navigation software, GIS, map APIs, map apps for smart phones and tablets.

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17. Relating to a system in which employees receive a regular increase in the amount they are paid: Staff receive Incremental pay increases as they improve their knowledge and expertise

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18. Increment (n.) mid-15c., "act or process of increasing," from Latin Incrementum "growth, increase; an addition," from stem of increscere "to grow in or upon" (see increase (v.))

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19.Increment a pixel's stencil value every time the pixel is written.’ ‘According to Macrovision, it "wakes up" every so often and Increments counters in some of the product files.’ ‘If the last character of the file name being saved is numeric, then the new file name Increments the numeric suffix.’

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20. 1695, John Woodward, An Essay toward a Natural History of the Earth and Terrestrial Bodies, especially Minerals, &c the seminary that furnisheth matter for the formation and Increment of animal and vegetable bodies; June 9, 1832 Samuel Taylor Coleridge, Table Talk A nation, to be great, ought to be


21. Salary Increments are often expressed as a percentage of an employee's overall base pay


22. An Increment usually represents a portion of what the employee earns per year


23. Employers use Increments to increase or decrease base salaries or to award bonuses

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24. Increment: 1 n the amount by which something increases Synonyms: increase Antonyms: decrease , decrement the amount by which something decreases Types: show 9 types hide 9 types amplification , gain the amount of increase in signal power or voltage or current expressed as the ratio of output to input fare increase increase in the sum

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25. Increment something by something to increase a sum by a supplement [of a certain figure]

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26. Increment the numbering by ten so that 1, 2, 3 becomes 10, 20, 30


27. The base number was Incremented by 4.


28. Increment is a print and digital magazine about how teams build and operate software systems at scale

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29. The 'Attribute' tab is used to Increment an attribute value at each block insertion

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30. The user selects the block to insert and the attribute to Increment, he also can set some block properties (global scale and rotation)

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31. The 'Text' tab is used to create a text object which value is Incremented at each insertion.

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32. An Increment is an amount by which your salary automatically increases after a fixed period of time.

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33. Auto Increment attribute when specified on a column with a numeric data types, generates numbers sequentially whenever a new row is added into the database

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34. The Auto Increment is commonly used to generate primary keys

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35. The defined data type on the Auto Increment should be large enough to accommodate many records.


36. Grant of adhoc Increment/stagnation Increment to employees drawing fixed pay in the pre-revised set up prior to 1.1.86 : Download (269.7 KB) 15/03/1989: 9 : 7(20)-E.III/87 : Grant of adhoc Increment to employees stagnating at the maximum of their pay scale - Clarifications : …

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37. Increment - Translation to Spanish, pronunciation, and forum discussions


38. Principal Translations: Inglés: Español: Increment n noun: Refers to person, place, thing, quality, etc

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39. Synonyms for Increment in Free Thesaurus

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40. 21 synonyms for Increment: increase, gain, addition, supplement, step up, advancement, enlargement

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41. Incrementum AG, the contact point for all those who don't follow the mainstream


42. Increment n noun: Refers to person, place, thing, quality, etc


43. The Increment operator increases a value by one and it's just simply two plus operators together

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44. If the Incremental operators is used before the operand it returns the value after the increase

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45. Auto-Increment allows a unique number to be generated automatically when a new record is inserted into a table

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46. Increment operator increases integer value by one i.e

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47. Int a = 20; a--; --a; The following is an example demonstrating Increment operator −

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48. The Match_id is an integer column with auto_Increment property, so MariaDB will automatically Increment a sequential number when we insert a new row into the specified table

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49. If the AUTO_Increment column is part of multiple indexes, MySQL generates sequence values using the index that begins with the AUTO_Increment column, if there is one

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50. Increment is a print and digital magazine about how teams build and operate software at scale

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51. Increment¶ Select world Around 1


52. Tax Increment financing is a tool authorized by Chapter 311 of the Texas Tax Code by which local governments can publicly finance needed structural improvements and enhanced infrastructure within a defined area called a reinvestment zone

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53. Programming languages like C/C++/Java have Increment and decrement operators.These are very useful and common operators


54. Increment Operators: The Increment operator is used to Increment the value of a variable in an expression

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55. In the Pre-Increment, value is first Incremented and then used inside the expression.

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56. Increment counts between the otolith edge and the check formed on day 7 provided additional confirmation of daily periodicity of Increment deposition


57. Daily deposition of growth Increments in sagittae and lapilli of laboratory-reared larval northern pike (Esox lucius)

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58. The Increment operator, in C#, is a unary operator represented by the symbols "++"

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59. This operator is used in C# to Increment the value of its operand by one

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60. The operand in an Increment operation can be a variable, a property access or an indexer access.

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61. The Increment, published in 2009, dramatizes the hysteria in the Bush Administration about Iran's program to build nuclear weapons

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62. Increment To add a number to another number


63. Incrementing a counter means adding 1 to its current value.

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INCREMENT [ˈiNGkrəmənt]

increment (noun) · increments (plural noun)


Frequently Asked Questions

What is increment mean?

The definition of increment is the process of increasing by a specific amount, or the amount by which something increases. An example of an increment is an annual salary increase of 5%.

How is 'Increment' used in a sentence?

Increment in a sentence

  • The average yearly increment in labour productivity in industry was 4.5 per cent.
  • Many teachers qualify for an annual increment.
  • The contract includes a salary increment every six months.
  • The yield of satisfactions from a marginal increment in the supply is small.
  • The total annual increment can take anything from 1 to 5 months for...
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    What is increments means?

    Increment(noun) the increase of a variable quantity or fraction from its present value to its next ascending value; the finite quantity, generally variable, by which a variable quantity is increased. Increment(noun) an amplification without strict climax,

    What is the plural of increment?

    increment (plural increments) The action of increasing or becoming greater. Woodward the seminary that furnisheth matter for the formation and increment of animal and vegetable bodies.

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