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wrong, mistaken, erroneous, inaccurate, inexact, imprecise, invalid, untrue, false, fallacious,

"Incorrect" in Example Sentences

1. A further task is to estimate the value of this literature as evidence for the history of Israel, to determine, as far as possible, whether such parts of the literature as are contemporary with the time described present correct, or whether in any respect one-sided or biased or otherwise incorrect, descriptions; and again, how far the literature that relates the story of long past periods has
2. An incorrect touchdown speed leads to a bounced landing that adds complication.: To say that these figures indicate that the upward spiral of crime has halted is incorrect.: We were alerted this week to the fact that we hold incorrect opinions and deploy faulty logic.: A not uncommon objection is that the questions framed by the national court are, in some sense, incorrect.
3. Examples of incorrect in a sentence. Each incorrect answer caused the team to lose fifty points from the score board. 🔊 After entering an incorrect password more than five times, the user will be locked out of his or her account. 🔊 Although the address on the letter was incorrect, a thoughtful mail man from a neighboring town brought it
4. 229+12 sentence examples: 1. incorrect choice of words leads to ambiguity for the reader. 2. Gershwin's lyrics would today probably be deemed politically incorrect. 3. The information you gave us was incorrect. 4. Her objection to/against the plan is
5. His answer on the spelling test was incorrect. The incorrect use of a tool can damage a part. In some management situations, using a demanding tone may be an incorrect choice.
6. 1. How to use incorrect in a sentence. Example sentences with the word incorrect.incorrect example sentences.: 2. 229+12 sentence examples: 1. incorrect choice of words leads to ambiguity for the reader. 2. Gershwin's lyrics would today probably be deemed politically incorrect.3.
7. How to use incorrect in a Sentence? 1. If the deduction is incorrect the remainder of the estimate will be on an unsound basis. 🔊 2. It does not describe scientifically the difference between correct and incorrect tone-production. 🔊 3.
8. English words and Examples of Usage use "incorrect" in a sentence Even factually incorrect beliefs can shape the perceptions and behavior of people who hold them. Even factually incorrect beliefs can shape the perceptions and behavior of people who hold them. Cross out the incorrect words.
9. Examples of incorrect in a sentence, how to use it. 100 examples: In other words, incorrect optional rules create a superset which must be…
10. Polnatorhinus (often incorrectly spelt pomarinus), about the size of a common gull, Larus canus, and presenting, irrespective of sex, two very distinct phases of plumage, one almost wholly sooty-brown, the other particoloured - dark above and white on the breast, the sides of the neck being of a glossy straw-colour, and the lower part of the neck and the sides of the body barred with brown
11. incorrect Uses of i.e. in a Sentence. Using “i.e.” to mean “for example” or “in example” I always put salad dressing on my pizza, i.e., ranch, thousand island, honey mustard. Let’s start with an activity to break the ice, i.e., a name game. There are many types of trees in the park by my house (i.e., cedar, willows, oak, maple).
12. 229+12 sentence examples: 1. In a statement, the BBC admitted that it had given incorrect information. 2. Your answer is incorrect. 3. Companies do sometimes give incorrect details or omit them altogether on their company stationery. 4. For Mr Johns
13. 1. How to use incorrect in a sentence. DA: 28 PA: 17 MOZ Rank: 75. incorrect - definition of incorrect by The Free Dictionary . specif., 1. improper 2. untrue; inaccurate; wrong; faultyOrigin of incorrectMiddle English from Classical Latin incorrectus DA: 99 PA: 5 MOZ Rank: 62. incorrect - English-Spanish Dictionary: 2.
14. Examples of incorrectly in a sentence: 1. How very incorrectly that porter speaks. 2. Often incorrectly used in support of exaggeration or violent metaphor. 3. We have corrected in the text several other names incorrectly spelled.
15. 3 incorrect sentences (for example) Here are some incorrect sentences: i want to go to the store. (the word "I" needs capitalization) I dont like to go swimming (1. No ' between dont 2. no period
16. The incorrect version is called a “comma splice”. Rule #10: Don’t Separate a Compound Subject or Compound Object With Commas. If you have a compound subject or a compound object in a sentence that consists of two nouns, you shouldn’t separate the parts of it using commas. For instance: Incorrect: The rain poured down on John, and Sue.
17. Example (incorrect):The very best peaches are: those that are grown in the great state of Georgia. To correct this, simply remove the colon. 2. Using a colon between a preposition and its object. Example (incorrect): My favorite cake is made of: carrots, flour, butter, eggs, and cream cheese icing. To correct this, simply remove the colon. 3.
18. Using two negatives in a sentence is called using a "double negative" and is incorrect English. incorrect example: I didn't see no one. "Didn't" and "no one" act as double negatives to each other. Correct example: I saw no one. or I didn't see anyone . Double negatives are when you use two negative words in one sentence or clause. While double
19. The real rule is that you have to use “an” in a sentence when a word has a vowel sound at the beginning. For words with vowels at the beginning that sound like consonants, such as the “u” in unicorn, use “a” instead. (For a list of vowel examples, see below.) "She and I" is actually incorrect if you're using it in the predicate
20. incorrect definition is - not true : wrong. How to use incorrect in a sentence.
21. What is the term for an incorrect word used in a sentence. 4. Word for a misused word. 1. What is a term for using a large word that the speaker/writer clearly thinks means something other than what it does?-1. A verb to describe a situation where someone communicate their meaning incorrectly.
22. Please note that I created the title above as an intentionally incorrect use of ellipses. I realized while writing it that if I didn’t tell you it was incorrect, Liz might stab me in the eye with her red pen. Anyway, on to the post! Liz here. Here at the Write Practice, we have love for all punctuation marks: commas, semicolons, question marks.
23. Select the incorrect verb an give the right one . it were a cold and rainy night so we decided to stay indoors . 1 Comment. IT WAS A COLD AND RAINY NIGHT SO WE DECIDED TO STAYINDOOR. Posted by Gulkand Gee on 1/2/2015 9:26:23 AM Reply Comment912. Cancel | Save. Add Comment
24. Incorrect: I drove to the dance with Sally, and Sam. incorrect comma use; You can see that a comma isn’t necessary here. It isn’t correct to use a comma when you only have two or more things. h. Use commas when you have more than one adjective in a row describing something: Correct: My dress was blue, sparkly, and long.
25. Another common mistake is the use of an incorrect verb form when combining with another verb. Certain verbs in English take the infinitive and others take the gerund (ing form). It's important to learn these verb combinations. Also, when using the verb as a noun, use the gerund form of the verb.
26. Example sentences from Wikipedia that use the word incorrect: . See incorrect used in context: 33 poetry verses, 1 Shakespeare work, 39 definitions
27. Incorrects in a sentence - Use "incorrects" in a sentence 1. Attacking affirmative action, once politically incorrect, has become acceptable. 2. I sincerely regret that any incorrect impressions may have been left, click for more sentences of incorrects
28. How can you use “incorrect” in a sentence? Here are some example sentences to help you improve your vocabulary: Also, entering incorrect accession numbers may give this same message. Isn't she just being a wooly-headed liberal, scrounging around for ways to condemn a discipline prone to express politically incorrect ideas?
29. First Word in a Sentence . Always capitalize the first word of a new sentence. There is something wrong with this cheese. However, I'm hungry. Strange things have happened recently. I think the police should investigate. incorrect. George Washington was the first President of the United States. SHOULD BE George Washington was the first
30. Incorrect: Unless you do not try, you will never succeed. Correct: Unless you try, you will never succeed. Correct: If you do not try, you will never succeed. Unless means if…not. Therefore it is wrong to use another not in a sentence with unless. Incorrect: There is no such novel which you mention. Correct: There is no such novel as you mention.
31. Here is a sentence that is syntactically correct, but semantically incorrect: The green apple ate a juicy bug. The syntax is correct. That means the sentence is well-formed and structured properly. It contains articles in the appropriate places, the adjectives precede the nouns, and the verb is correctly conjugated.
32. The context of the author could very well justify the use of the future tense. Perhaps the farmers have obtained Holstein cows recently, and hence, will see the produce of 2,275 gallons in the future, only. A shift in the tense certainly doesn’t make the sentence incorrect.
33. Do you notice anything incorrect? Some of you may be thinking this sentence is correct. However, you need to look at the form of the word 'wrong.' 'Wrong' is an adjective; it describes nouns.
34. Using Kind Of andSort Of . The expressions kind of or sort of to mean "rather," "partially," or "somewhat" are nonstandard.. Both expressions literally mean "type of" or "variety of." Incorrect: The child felt kind of lonely. Correct: The child felt somewhat (or rather) lonely. Correct: The kestrel is a kind of falcon. (A type or variety of falcon) When using kind of or sort of always use a

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