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1. Examples of Incongruity in a Sentence she's an Incongruity: an impeccably groomed woman who keeps a messy house Recent Examples on the Web As for the Incongruity of a new gas plant and …

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2. Incongruity synonyms, Incongruity pronunciation, Incongruity translation, English dictionary definition of Incongruity


3. [ in-k uhn- groo-i-tee, -k uhng- ] See synonyms for: Incongruity / incongruities on noun, plural in·con·gru·i·ties for 2

In, Incongruity, Incongruities

4. From the Cambridge English Corpus Eventually, this has created an apparent Incongruity between the water dispute resolution mechanism and its operational environment, thereby adversely affecting the …

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5. Incongruity is the idea that something is incongruous, or inappropriate

Incongruity, Is, Idea, Incongruous, Inappropriate

6. A purple towel is an Incongruity in an all black-and-white bathroom.

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7. The definition of Incongruity is when things don’t match as they are expected to

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8. An example of an Incongruity is a wealthy woman who drives an old beaten up car.

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9. The same Incongruity in architecture is to be observed in the bridges at Matlock Town and Darley

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10. THE RIVERS OF GREAT BRITAIN: RIVERS OF THE EAST COAST VARIOUS The Incongruity of such imaginings here—here amidst omnipotent silence—rendered such thoughts impossible

Incongruity, Imaginings, Impossible

11. The Incongruity theory suggests that humour arises when things that do not normally go together replace logic and familiarity


12. In some psychiatric disorders, most often schizophrenia, there is Incongruity of affect e.g

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13. ‘the Incongruity of his fleshy face and skinny body disturbed her’ More example sentences ‘Guyana is a place of strange contrasts, unexpected juxtapositions, curious incongruities.’

Incongruity, Is, Incongruities

14. Definition of Incongruity in the dictionary

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15. What does Incongruity mean? Information and translations of Incongruity in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web.

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16. ‘The whole idea of a ‘soap opera’ suggests an overt Incongruity between the daily mundaneness of the narrative and the lofty form it takes.’ Synonyms inappropriateness , incongruousness, unsuitability, lack of harmony, discordance, inharmoniousness, dissonance, incompatibility, inconsistency, difference, disparity, discrepancy

Idea, Incongruity, It, Inappropriateness, Incongruousness, Inharmoniousness, Incompatibility, Inconsistency

17. See authoritative translations of Incongruity in Spanish with example sentences and audio pronunciations.

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18. See examples of Incongruity in English

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19. Real sentences showing how to use Incongruity correctly.


20. (plural incongruities) the fact of being strange and not suitable in a situation synonym inappropriateness She was struck by the Incongruity of the situation

Incongruities, In, Inappropriateness, Incongruity

21. However, the relative importance of instability and Incongruity is unknown

Importance, Instability, Incongruity, Is

22. Clinical studies show that the hip, knee, and ankle tolerate Incongruity differently


23. N Incongruity The quality of being incongruous; want of congruity or mutual fitness; unsuitableness of one thing to another; lack of adaptation.; n Incongruity That which is incongruous; something not suitably conjoined, related, or adapted: as, this episode is an Incongruity.

Incongruity, Incongruous, Is

24. The Incongruity of something is its strangeness when considered together with other aspects of a situation.

Incongruity, Is, Its

25. Examples from the Corpus Incongruity • Another Incongruity was that between de Gaulle's ambition and the resources at his disposal


26. • Like his entire tenure as chairman, the scene had an element of Incongruity


27. Synonyms: Incongruity; incongruousness Hypernyms ("Incongruity" is a kind of): incompatibility (the quality of being unable to exist or work in congenial combination)

Incongruity, Incongruousness, Is, Incompatibility, In

28. Hyponyms (each of the following is a kind of "Incongruity"): irony (Incongruity between what might be …

Is, Incongruity, Irony

29. Abstract Elbow Incongruity is the term to describe bad alignment of the joint surfaces of the elbow

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30. Two features illustrate Incongruity of the elbow: an abnormal shape of the ulnar trochlear notch and a step between the radius and ulna, caused by either a short radius or a short ulna.

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31. What can be pleasurable about Incongruity? Most of the conceptions of Incongruity involve some element of confusion, tension, doubt, disagreement, or some kind of discord, all of which can be, as Kant argues, quite displeasing to the understanding.

Incongruity, Involve

32. But Incongruity of ideas (as in the case of the Irishman who was pulling up the rope, and finding it did not finish, cried out that somebody had cut off the other end of it) is the genuine bull

Incongruity, Ideas, In, Irishman, It, Is

33. This Incongruity revealed a much deeper problem than inconsistency in drawing racial lines between North and South.: The authors attribute this Incongruity to the higher rate of iatrogenic preterm deliveries in the untreated group.: That is why, of course, we do not rely upon either the artificiality or the Incongruity of the exercise, let alone its invidiousness.

Incongruity, Inconsistency, In, Iatrogenic, Is, Its, Invidiousness

34. Synonyms for Incongruity in Free Thesaurus

Incongruity, In

35. 17 synonyms for Incongruity: inappropriateness, discrepancy, inconsistency, disparity

Incongruity, Inappropriateness, Inconsistency

36. Translation for 'Incongruity' in the free English-German dictionary and many other German translations.

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37. Elbow Incongruity plays an important role in the development of elbow dysplasia and its diagnosis can be challenging

Incongruity, Important, In, Its

38. The objectives of this systematic review were to discuss elbow biomechanics and recent advances in the assessment of Incongruity, to revise the diagnostic protocols suggested, debate advantages and disadvantages of measurements proposed to characterize the joint and improve

In, Incongruity, Improve

39. Incongruity gives a situation the potential to be amusing, funniness is a property that is perceived subjectively

Incongruity, Is

40. If a person perceives an Incongruity, they may find that Incongruity amusing

If, Incongruity

41. The Incongruity of her situation struck Gina with unpleasant force


42. She smiled at the Incongruity of the question


43. She was struck by the Incongruity of the situation


44. He didn't see the slightest Incongruity between


45. The Incongruity of the word was enough to make one jump out of the chair


46. His countenance expressed his sense of the Incongruity of the union


47. There is the same element of Incongruity, without the tragic consequence

Is, Incongruity

48. I remember once having the Incongruity of the …


49. The Incongruity between an American power cord and a Swedish power outlet means you can’t charge your devices


50. 🔊 These two pieces of the puzzle possess Incongruity and are clearly not designed to fit with each other


51. 🔊 There can be no Incongruity between …


52. The Crossword Solver found 25 answers to the Incongruity (9) crossword clue


53. The definition of Incongruity is when something doesn't fit in the place

Incongruity, Is, In

54. The extreme point of Incongruity is where something, at a …

Incongruity, Is

55. Looking for Incongruity? Find out information about Incongruity

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56. Incongruity occurs when something upsets what we expect to happen because something happens that we did not expect


57. As nouns the difference between Incongruity and incongruence is that Incongruity is the state of being incongruous, or lacking congruence while incongruence is a want of congruence; Incongruity.

Incongruity, Incongruence, Is, Incongruous

58. Definition and synonyms of Incongruity from the online English dictionary from Macmillan Education.


59. This is the British English definition of Incongruity.View American English definition of Incongruity.

Is, Incongruity

60. As nouns the difference between Incongruity and incongruency is that Incongruity is the state of being incongruous, or lacking congruence while incongruency is incongruence.

Incongruity, Incongruency, Is, Incongruous, Incongruence

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INCONGRUITY [ˌinkənˈɡro͞oədē]

incongruity (noun) · incongruities (plural noun)

  • the state of being incongruous or out of keeping.
Synonyms: inappropriateness . incongruousness . unsuitability . discordance . dissonance . incompatibility . inconsistency . difference . disparity . discrepancy . irreconcilability . strangeness . oddity . absurdity . bizarreness . extraneousness . appropriateness .

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