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1. Examples of Incongruent in a Sentence Recent Examples on the Web Meanwhile, Magic already takes a lot of inspiration from Lord of the Rings, and so a whole set based on it won't feel too Incongruent

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2. Adjective not accordant or in agreement; incongruous: All the horrible things she said about him turned out to be Incongruent with the man we came to know and trust

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3. (of a substance or compound) undergoing a change or changes in composition when undergoing a reaction, as with Incongruent melting.

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4. The definition of Incongruent is not the same, not compatible or out of place

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5. When you take one position on something and then a second later you take a contrary position, this is an example of a situation where your statements would be described as Incongruent.

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6. Not suitable or not fitting well with something else: Violence is Incongruent with our values and legal system.

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7. It recognizes that dispersal is a strategy for resilience, but need not be permanent, or Incongruent with the virtues of compact development

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8. THE SELF-DRIVING CAR IS A RED HERRING - ISSUE 92: FRONTIERS ANTHONY TOWNSEND OCTOBER 21, 2020 NAUTILUS The description of Ehrenberg—as is very often the case—is quite Incongruent with his figure.

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9. Synonyms for Incongruent include absurd, alien, at variance, bizarre, conflicting, contradictory, contrary, different, differing and disconsonant

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10. Incongruent (in this case) means distinct modulo $1562$

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11. For example, $1$ and $1561$ are Incongruent modulo $1562$, but $1$ and $1563$ are not (rather, they are congruent modulo $1562$)


12. However, the further apart those two things are, the more Incongruent an individual feels.

Incongruent, Individual

13. Perhaps in some context, the word part is Incongruent with this notion that there is only wholeness

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14. This was usually done by use of brute force coated with a thin layer of Incongruent ideology.

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15. Definition of Incongruent in the dictionary

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16. What does Incongruent mean? Information and translations of Incongruent in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web.

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17. See 2 authoritative translations of Incongruente in English with example sentences and audio pronunciations.

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18. Incongruent - WordReference English dictionary, questions, discussion and forums


19. Incongruent Joint: - if lateral subluxation of proximal phalanx on metatarsal head is present, then joint is Incongruent, meaning that proximal phalanx

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20. When we are Incongruent the internal conflict can lead to feelings of anxiety, confusion, anger and shame

Incongruent, Internal

21. Incongruent (comparative more Incongruent, superlative most Incongruent) out of place, incompatible, inharmonious, not congruent The yellow blazer was Incongruent for the funeral

Incongruent, Incompatible, Inharmonious

22. Her knowledge of world politics was Incongruent in someone so young.

Incongruent, In

23. Use Incongruent to describe something that's out of place or incompatible, like the orange house among all the white ones, or a primly dressed little girl who tells dirty jokes at the second grade talent show

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24. In math, two numbers are Incongruent when, after being divided by …

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25. Synonyms for Incongruent in Free Thesaurus

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26. 11 synonyms for Incongruent: discordant, discrepant, dissonant, incompatible, incongruous

Incongruent, Incompatible, Incongruous

27. Mood-Incongruent Mood-Incongruent behaviors are not consistent with a patient's current mindset or are at conflict with current situational factors


28. ‘An Incongruent digital clock atop a regal edifice displayed the minutes to the millennium - and beyond.’ ‘There is something wonderfully Incongruent in the Royal Mail celebrating its monopoly powers by increasing the price of a first class stamp yet again.’

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29. Examples of Incongruent in a sentence Because the two ingredients are Incongruent, they will not create a tasty dressing

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30. 🔊 The candidate refused to answer the question about his personal life because it was Incongruent to his campaign

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31. Theyhave Incongruent internal dialogue going on inside their head such as: «I do want to die»and «I don't want to die»

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32. Paradoxical (or Incongruent) communication: A paradox is a special kind of contradiction, where the incompatible statements exist on different “logical levels.” That is, one of the statements is part of the context of the other statement

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33. Incongruent (redirected from incongruences) Also found in: Thesaurus

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34. Incongruous is a synonym of Incongruent

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35. Incongruent is a related term of incongruous

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36. As adjectives the difference between Incongruent and incongruous is that Incongruent is out of place, incompatible, inharmonious, not congruent while incongruous is not similar or congruent; not matching or fitting in.

Incongruent, Incongruous, Is, Incompatible, Inharmonious, In

37. The core aim of the Stroop experiment was to reveal the differences in perception of congruent and Incongruent words

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38. Maybe "Incongruent" is the proper word for your sentence

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39. Hydrosphere - Hydrosphere - Congruent and Incongruent weathering reactions: These acid solutions in the soil environment attack the rock minerals, the bases of the system, producing neutralization products of dissolved constituents and solid particles

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40. Two general types of reactions occur: congruent and Incongruent


41. Regardless of the flanker task version, the conflict N2 component has been consistently reported and interpreted as evidence for the resolution of conflict introduced by Incongruent flankers

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42. Incongruent melting, liquefaction of a solid accompanied by decomposition or by reaction with the melt to produce another solid and a liquid that differs in composition from the original solid

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43. For example, enstatite, a magnesium silicate (MgSiO3), melts Incongruently at low pressures to form


44. Incongruent is a story of peering into the looking glass of our authentic selves

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45. But in that context of that hotel, it was kind of Incongruent to us that it would be guns.

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46. Incongruent dissolution Dissolution of a mineral with decomposition or reaction in the presence of a liquid, converting one solid phase into another, e.g

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47. Source for information on Incongruent dissolution: A Dictionary of Earth Sciences dictionary.

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48. Incongruent definition: not congruent Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples


49. See authoritative translations of Incongruent in Spanish with example sentences and audio pronunciations.

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50. Mood-Incongruent psychotic features showed evidence of a more severe course, familial aggregation, and suggestive linkage to two chromosomal regions previously implicated in major mental illness susceptibility

Incongruent, Implicated, In, Illness

51. 11 synonyms for Incongruent: discordant, discrepant, dissonant, incompatible, incongruous

Incongruent, Incompatible, Incongruous

52. It was interesting to note that Incongruent changes produced only slightly lower mean accuracy score data suggesting that we do notice changes when they are out of place but not as much as logical changes

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53. Thus, the design of the study was a 2 (age group) X 2 (speaker type: congruent, Incongruent) X 2 (speaker knowledge: knowledgeable, unknowledgeable) X 2 (situational context valence: positive, negative), with all factors within subject except age group


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INCONGRUENT [inˈkäNGɡro͝oənt, ˌinkənˈɡro͞oənt]

incongruent (adjective)

  • incongruous; incompatible.
  • (of melting, dissolution, or other process) affecting the components of an alloy or other substance differently.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does the name incongruent mean?

in·con·gru·ent. Use incongruent in a sentence. adjective. The definition of incongruent is not the same, not compatible or out of place. When you take one position on something and then a second later you take a contrary position, this is an example of a situation where your statements would be described as incongruent.

What does incongruent mean in psychology?

Incongruence. Incongruence is a humanistic psychology concept developed by Carl Rogers which suggests that unpleasant feelings can result from a discrepancy between our perceived and ideal self. The perceived self is how an individual views themselves and the ideal self is how an individual wishes they were.

What is an example of incongruent behavior?

Incongruent means "conflicting.". As such, mood incongruence implies that the symptoms conflict with the person's current mood. Examples include: Laughing when your dog dies. Believing you have super powers despite going through a major depressive episode.

What does incongruent affect mean?

Incongruent affect, in which the client’s expression is of feelings opposite the ones appropriate for the context Lack of affect, in which emotional subjects are described in a detached manner Overreactions, in which a client may display an emotional response that is excessive in relation to the situation.

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