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1. Incompetent definition is - lacking the qualities needed for effective action

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2. How to use Incompetent in a sentence.

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3. Incompetent definition, not competent; lacking qualification or ability; incapable: an Incompetent candidate

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4. 10 synonyms of Incompetent from the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus, plus 18 related words, definitions, and antonyms


5. Find another word for Incompetent


6. Incompetent: lacking qualities (as knowledge, skill, or ability) required to do a job.


7. Incompetent synonyms, Incompetent pronunciation, Incompetent translation, English dictionary definition of Incompetent


8. Lacking qualities necessary for effective conduct or action: an Incompetent manager


9. Find 50 ways to say Incompetent, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus.


10. Being Incompetent can be the basis for appointment of a guardian or conservator (after a hearing in which the party who may be found to be

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11. If a person committing a crime is found to be mentally Incompetent, there is a possibility he will be excluded from criminal prosecution, and cannot testify in court.

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12. If you are incapacitated or Incompetent, a loved one may need to go to court to be able to make decisions for you

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13. So, does “legally Incompetent” actually mean anything? Not much, really


14. Once a judge rules that a person is incapacitated (as a synonym for Incompetent), they still might be able to do all manner of things

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15. The steps in declaring an individual as mentally Incompetent are as follows: 1

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16. File a form to declare a person as Incompetent before the Probate Court having jurisdiction over the area where the subject of the petition resides


17. If that Incompetent buffoon Makienko is not on the first aeroplane out of here tomorrow morning, he hissed, then you will be on the next

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18. You'd think there was nothing here but blank pages were you a simple minded man or an Incompetent fool, but that, of course, is the beauty of it.

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19. Stage 2: Consciously Incompetent “I know what I don’t know.” The second stage of proficiency, the phase of conscious incompetence starts when you develop consciousness about the things you do not know

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20. In some jurisdictions, any “interested” person may petition for a court to declare someone Incompetent

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21. Before the hearing, the court or petitioner must notify the alleged Incompetent


22. In some states, members of the alleged Incompetent

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23. "Incompetent" is a cruel word, but we all know what incompetence looks like

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24. Every day, I feel like a very Incompetent person, So bad at my job that I deserve to be fired


25. An Incompetent cervix, also called a cervical insufficiency, occurs when weak cervical tissue causes or contributes to premature birth or the loss of an otherwise healthy pregnancy

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26. Inability to make decisions: An Incompetent boss often waffles over decisions that should be made instantly

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27. Miraculously, most Incompetent bosses manage to save themselves at the 11th hour.


28. Former President Donald Trump on Monday said that Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas is “Incompetent” in his management of the US-Mexico border crisis, warning the Biden adm…

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29. Look up incompetence, Incompetent, competence, or competent in Wiktionary, the free dictionary.: Incompetence is the inability to perform; lack of competence; ineptitude.

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30. Incompetent definition: If you describe someone as Incompetent , you are criticizing them because they are unable Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples

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31. What does Incompetent mean? The definition of Incompetent is someone or something not qualified, inadequate or insufficient for a given purpose

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32. Words that rhyme with Incompetent include acknowledgment, improvement, complement, equivalent, independent, impotent, movement, reinforcement, accident and antecedent

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33. Incompetent cervix occurs when the cervix opens too early and silently during the pregnancy


34. Incompetent cervix is also known as cervical insufficiency

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35. Explore 85 Incompetent Quotes by authors including Isaac Asimov, George Bernard Shaw, and Martin Van Buren at BrainyQuote

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36. "Violence is the last refuge of the Incompetent." - Isaac Asimov

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37. Incompetent meaning, definition, what is Incompetent: not having the ability or skill to do a : Learn more.

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38. If you are Incompetent, you are not able to complete a task, like if you only ever made peanut butter and jelly sandwiches — you would be Incompetent in the kitchen of a fancy French restaurant.

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39. The cornerstone of having someone declared mentally Incompetent is to have them evaluated by a psychologist or psychiatrist

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40. See 4 authoritative translations of Incompetent in Spanish with example sentences, phrases and audio pronunciations.

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41. Incompetent teachers represent a relatively small proportion of the teaching force, but the number of students who are being taught by such teachers is substantial

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42. For Incompetent patients who have made no advance directive, the family ordinarily makes decisions about medical treatments


43. But in many healthcare facilities, problems arise in choosing a surrogate to make decisions for an Incompetent patient and in working with that surrogate

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44. 'Real Time' host Bill Maher pushed back at the notion President Trump was solely responsible for the US's 254,000 coronavirus deaths, instead arguing that 'everybody's Incompetent'

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45. Incompetent (adj.) 1610s, "insufficient," from French incompétent, from Late Latin Incompetentem (nominative incompetens) "insufficient," from in-"not" (see in-(1)) + Latin competentem (see competent).Sense of "lacking qualification or ability" first recorded 1630s

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46. The noun meaning "Incompetent person" is from 1866.

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47. An Incompetent or weakened cervix happens in about 1-2% of pregnancies

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48. Almost 25% of babies miscarried in the second trimester are due to Incompetent cervix

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49. You can’t prevent an Incompetent cervix — but the experts at the Mayo Clinic suggest the following tips to help promote a healthy, full-term pregnancy.


50. This also explains why Incompetent leaders will reproduce: the more inept and corrupt a manager is, the more detrimental his or her hiring decisions will be.

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51. Working for an Incompetent boss can be bad for your health


52. [email protected]: How prevalent is the Incompetent boss? Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic: It’s very prevalent, certainly much more common than people think

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53. There are 3 common traits of Incompetent leaders


54. An “Incompetent” leader by definition is someone whose action destroys camaraderie, instill gossip, encourage dishonesty, and prevent people from speaking freely

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55.Incompetent” leaders tend to use their own weapons to get noticed and promoted


56. A big list of Incompetent jokes! 26 of them, in fact! Sourced from Reddit, Twitter, and beyond! Incompetent Jokes

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57. My Incompetent uncle Hans worked at a sausage shop in Frankfurt

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58. How to handle this Incompetent boss: Dealing with Incompetent bosses like the corporate bully can be challenging


59. An Incompetent cervix can only be detected during pregnancy


60. An Incompetent cervix is also called cervical insufficiency

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61. An Incompetent cervix may begin to open at 4 to 6 months of pregnancy.


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INCOMPETENT [inˈkämpədənt]

incompetent (adjective)

  • not having or showing the necessary skills to do something successfully.
  • not qualified to act in a particular capacity.
Synonyms: inept . unskillful . unskilled . inexpert . amateurish . unprofessional . bungling . blundering . clumsy . inadequate . substandard . inferior . ineffective . deficient . inefficient . ineffectual . no good . wanting . lacking . incapable . unfitted . unfit . unsuitable . unqualified . competent . skillful .

incompetent (noun) · incompetents (plural noun)

  • an incompetent person.
Synonyms: bungler . blunderer . oaf . dunce . dolt . dunderhead . fool . idiot . booby . moron . cretin . imbecile .

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