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1. Incendiary definition is - igniting combustible materials spontaneously

Incendiary, Is, Igniting

2. How to use Incendiary in a sentence.

Incendiary, In

3. Causing or designed to cause fires: an Incendiary device.


4. Tending to inflame the senses: an Incendiary extravaganza of music and dance.

Inflame, Incendiary

5. Incendiary adjective (CAUSING ANGER) likely to cause violence or strong feelings of anger: He gave an Incendiary speech at last night’s rally


6. (Definition of Incendiary from the Cambridge Academic …


7. Synonyms & Antonyms of Incendiary (Entry 1 of 2) 1 a person who deliberately and unlawfully sets fire to a building or other property firefighters caught the Incendiary, who was watching the effects of …


8. Of the various flags paraded around the seat of the US legislative branch, the most Incendiary was a battle pennant from the Confederate army. DECODING THE FLAGS AND BANNERS SEEN AT THE CAPITOL HILL INSURRECTION AMANDA SHENDRUK JANUARY 7, 2021 QUARTZ

Incendiary, Insurrection

9. The overall message of <i>Incendiary</i> is about forgiveness and a resistance to lumping all Arabs under the category "terrorist." Of course, I am sympathetic to these themes, but the jump that's

Incendiary, Is

10. Incendiary is set in Inquisition-era Spain where the royal family of Puerto Leones are recklessly determined to kill the magical people called Moria. Renata Convida, a memory thief, was kidnapped by the royals to help them kill her own people

Incendiary, Is, In, Inquisition

11. What does Incendiary mean? Tending to arouse strong emotion or conflict; inflammatory

Incendiary, Inflammatory

12. (adjective) An Incendiary speech.


13. Incendiary – A fire intentionally ignited under circumstances where the person knows the fire should not be ignited

Incendiary, Intentionally, Ignited

14. Incendiary (adj.) mid-15c., "capable of being used to set fires," from Latin incendiarius "causing a fire," from incendium "a burning, a fire, conflagration," from incendere "set on fire, light up with fire, brighten," figuratively, "incite, rouse, excite, enrage," from in-"into, in, on, upon" (from PIE root *en "in") + candere "to shine, glow, be on fire" (from PIE root *kand-"to shine").

Incendiary, Incendiarius, Incendium, Incendere, Incite, In, Into

15. After an exciting beginning, Incendiary loses its way with a “meh” main character who gets stuck with a ragtag group of heroes who hate her. And when she gets “captured” she deals with more people who hate her

Incendiary, Its

16. Incendiary means more than flammable. It means explosive, in both a literal and figurative way

Incendiary, It, In

17. If you're a radical who changes the world by exciting people and makes as many enemies as followers, you're an Incendiary figure

If, Incendiary

18. The speeches you give that rile people up are Incendiary.


19. Incendiary weapons, Incendiary devices, Incendiary munitions, or Incendiary bombs are weapons designed to start fires or destroy sensitive equipment using fire (and sometimes used as anti-personnel weaponry), that use materials such as napalm, thermite, magnesium powder, chlorine trifluoride, or white phosphorus.Though colloquially often known as bombs, they are not explosives …


20. Incendiary band merch, clothing, music, accessories


21. <a aria-label="Incendiary COFFIN NEW YORK PULL HOOD" href="/collections/Incendiary/products/Incendiary-coffin-new


22. Incendiary: A Noveland millions of other books are available for Amazon Kindle.


23. 12 Gauge Armor Piercing Incendiary - 3 Rounds Per Pack 12 Gauge Armor Piercing Incendiary - 3 Rounds Per Pack $24.99 $19.99 Add to Cart 12 Gauge Armor Piercing Incendiary - 25 Rounds Per Pack $124.99 Add to Cart $24.99 $19.99 Add to Cart More Info Order# G12-008

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24. The first time Incendiary ammunition was widely used was in World War I, more specifically in 1916.At the time, phosphorus was the primary ingredient in the Incendiary charge and ignited upon firing, leaving a trail of blue smoke

Incendiary, In, Ingredient, Ignited

25. Green sat down with Playwright Dave Harris to discusss his inspiration behind Incendiary

Inspiration, Incendiary

26. "In Dave Harris’ dark new tragicomedy Incendiary, Tanya is a mother dead-set on breaking her son out of death row.A few weeks before rehearsal began, production dramaturg Jonathan L

In, Incendiary, Is

27. Adjective [ADJECTIVE noun] Incendiary weapons or attacks are ones that cause large fires


28. Five Incendiary devices were found in her house.Incendiary attacks on shops.

Incendiary, In

29. Synonyms for Incendiary include inflammatory, seditious, provocative, rabble-rousing, subversive, agitational, insurrectionary, insurrectionist, revolutionary and

Incendiary, Include, Inflammatory, Insurrectionary, Insurrectionist

30. Incendiary is a profound story of unbearable loss, a Written before the horrific events of 7/7, author Chris Cleave paints a dystopian picture of London as we know it in the aftermath of a horrific al-Qeada bombing where 1000 men, women, and children were blown to bits as they enjoyed a day out at an Arsenal match.

Incendiary, Is, It, In

31. Incendiary grenades (or thermite grenades) produce intense heat by means of a chemical reaction

Incendiary, Intense

32. Seventh-century "Greek fire" first used by the Byzantine Empire, which could be lit and thrown in breakable pottery, could be considered the earliest form of Incendiary grenade.

In, Incendiary

33. Definition of Incendiary_1 adjective in Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary

Incendiary, In

34. The term flame bait was coined to describe the type of Incendiary comments on Internet forums that are intended to provoke fiery responses

Incendiary, Internet, Intended

35. 🔊 When someone brought up the existence of Satan during the discussion, an Incendiary argument erupted during which …


36. The truth is that weapons, even explosive or Incendiary devices, still can get aboard a plane.: Food is acquired by using an Incendiary device, a hand grenade thrown into the water, producing a harvest of frogs.: Bucher considered stocking the ship with Thermite, an Incendiary device that is very difficult to extinguish.: Apart from Rooney's rash moment, which even then was silly rather than

Is, Incendiary, Into

37. Causing or designed to cause fires: an Incendiary device


38. Of or containing chemicals that produce intensely hot fire when exploded: an Incendiary bomb

Intensely, Incendiary

39. Intentionally started or set: an Incendiary fire

Intentionally, Incendiary

40. Tending to arouse strong emotion or conflict; inflammatory: an Incendiary speech

Inflammatory, Incendiary

41. Incendiary Powder Trap This is an incredibly useful ability as it lets you use your arrows to destroy any walls that would normally require the use of an oil jar to explode

Incendiary, Is, Incredibly, It

42. An Incendiary device is any firebomb, and any device designed or specially adapted to cause physical harm to persons or property by means of fire, and consisting of an Incendiary substance or agency and a means to ignite it.

Incendiary, Is, Ignite, It

43. Incendiary: Causing or designed to cause fires


44. In Johnson, the Supreme Court invalidated a statute that prohibited flag burning, but it also endowed Americans, like Reverend Jones, with the right to engage in Incendiary conduct like burning the Quran.

In, Invalidated, It, Incendiary

45. Incendiary is an ability in Valorant.

Incendiary, Is, In

46. Incendiary is a Basic Ability for Brimstone that a player can use in-game by purchasing it via the Buy Phase for 200 credits.

Incendiary, Is, In, It

47. Fire a Incendiary grenade that bounces before creating a damaging radius of fire


48. Incendiary always bounces twice on the ground before igniting on the 3rd contact.

Incendiary, Igniting

49. Incendiary definition: Incendiary weapons or attacks are ones that cause large fires


50. Read the monologue for the role of Elise from the script for Incendiary by Adam Szymkowicz


51. Incendiary (2008) A kind of British version of 9/11 that is interesting for its vision of a London-based terrorist disaster, but which is overwrought, sentimental, and sensational

Incendiary, Is, Interesting, Its

52. Incendiary Fire A fire that is intentionally ignited in an area or under circumstances where and when there should not be a fire

Incendiary, Is, Intentionally, Ignited, In

53. Definition and synonyms of Incendiary from the online English dictionary from Macmillan Education.


54. This is the British English definition of Incendiary.View American English definition of Incendiary.

Is, Incendiary

55. Incendiary Cloud Edit Page Content


56. By default, attacks with the Incendiary (inc) modifier do a single point of burning, in addition to its other damage

Incendiary, Inc, In, Its

57. Torches, flaming arrows, and Incendiary/tracer bullets all have Incendiary affects


58. Explosions are also considered Incendiary attacks, although often have their own burning damage


59. Incendiary is also a Hazard Enhancement (+10%) 1 Followup as Enhancement 2 Examples 3 See also 4

Incendiary, Is

60. Incendiary Art - The city’s streets are densely shelved with rows - The Academy of American Poets is the largest membership-based nonprofit organization fostering an appreciation for contemporary poetry and supporting American poets.

Incendiary, Is

61. 2 days ago · The devices were the first Incendiary devices reported in the past few months, after a lull in the launch of Incendiary and explosive devices from the Strip.

Incendiary, In

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INCENDIARY [inˈsendēˌerē]

incendiary (adjective)

  • (of a device or attack) designed to cause fires.
  • tending to stir up conflict.
Synonyms: combustible . flammable . inflammable . fire-raising . inflammatory . rabble-rousing . provocative . agitational . seditious . subversive . revolutionary . insurrectionary . insurrectionist . arousing . stirring . contentious . controversial . conciliatory .

incendiary (noun) · incendiaries (plural noun)

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