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See also: In Incased Incase Encase Encased Encasement Incast Incise Incas Increase Inclose Inclosed Incuse Incused Incised Incandescent Incarcerate Incapable Incalculable Incandescence Incapacity Incapability Incautious Incantation Incapacitate Incapacitation Incapacitated Inca Incarceral Incalculably Incants Incaution Incandesto Incarnate Incarceration Incarcerated Incarnation

1. " Incase was founded as the original Apple accessory brand, so we know the Apple product line inside and out," says Tony Held, co-founder and CEO of Incase, based in Chino, Calif

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2. Apple's new skin With a diverse product line ranging from MacBook cases to headphones to bags, Incase continues to be an industry leader, creating products to protect

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3. Incase is a misspelling of encase, which is a verb that means to enclose something within something else

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4. You should always use encase over the spelling Incase


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6. IncaseIT is a cloud based emergency management and preparedness system helping you digitize and improve contingency plans and coordinate the most hectic situations.

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10. Encase vs. Incase “Encase” is a verb, defined in dictionaries, referring to being covered completely in something else

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11.Incase”, on the other hand, does not exist


12. Discounts average $17 off with a Incase promo code or coupon


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14. Is it encase or Incase? Encase is a verb that means to place in a protective shell or box

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15. Incase is a spelling variant that has been outplaced by encase for almost 200 years

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16. Incase is an outdated, historical spelling.

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17. Encase is a verb that means to entirely cover or enclose an object or person.The noun form is encasement.European dictionaries list Incase as an accepted alternative spelling, but American English dictionaries do not.Our advice is to stick to the safe side and use encase in all instances

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18. Incase Hardshell Case for MacBook Air 13" with Retina Display-Dots- for Newest 2018 MacBook Air 13" 4.0 out of 5 stars 696


19. Incase Hardshell Case for 16-inch MacBook Pro Dots - Clear.

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20. Incase's lightweight, form-fitting MacBook Case offers protection without sacrificing access to ports, lights and buttons


21. Incase is one of the leading manufacturers of sleek yet durable protective cases, backpacks and other bags for Apple products

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22. Which is more correct: Incase or encase? Several grammar sources allege that “Incase” is a misspelling of the verb “encase.”However, reputable dictionaries like the New Oxford American Dictionary (American English) and the Cambridge Dictionary (British English) state otherwise.

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23. For either source, the spelling of “Incase” is an alternative spelling of “encase”–– not a

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24. Mac: Incase Leather and Canvas Mini Messenger Incase generally makes nice bags, but it hasn’t tried to directly compete with luxe brands

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25. The latest insight and news from our team at Incase

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27. Has the Incase app allowed you to gain more clients when using it as a USP? March 5, 2021

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28. Welcome at Incase FUX Your reliable and professional partner for services concerning art transportation and art exhibitions With over 20 years of experience in the fields of art transportation and exhibition services we stand for reliability, security and transparency.

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29. Incase - Custom Branded Incase Backpacks & Bags


30. Trade shows are often full of people on the go, what better way to have people at the shows broadcasting your brand via a high quality and customized laptop backpack, bag or sleeve from Incase


31. Incase iPhone 4 Soft Touch Slider Case - Pink (Bulk Packaging) Neoprene iPad Air Case Incase iPhone 6 Quick Snap Case - iPhone - Litho Black - Textured Incase CL69411 Incase iPhone 6 Quick Snap Case - iPhone - Clear - Textured Incase Slider Case for iPhone SE 5 5S - White & Black (Refurbished) Incase Quick Snap Case - Back cover for cell phone - gray, hairline - for Apple iPhone 6 Incase

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32. Travel in style with Incase, an online destination for high-quality bags, luggage, backpacks, and much more

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33. Designed by Incase, these bags offer complete protection, as well as mobility


34. What does Incase mean? Incase is another word for encase, which is defined as to cover something or someone completely

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35. 159.5k Followers, 542 Following, 1,726 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Incase (@goIncase)

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37. Incase celebrates a deep rooted relationship with Apple ® retail, having been the first third party accessory brand sold in stores, the first technology/lifestyle collaboration partner sold in stores and curator of exclusive product for flagship store openings globally; As the purveyors of tech-optimized travel accessories dedicated to the Apple ® platform, Incase offered the first backpack

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38. Incase Compact Backpack Nylon Bag for MacBook Pro 13"/15" CL55309 Darkgray/green


39. Incase Icon Lite 15" Laptop Backpack 7 Colors Navy

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40. Incase Designs Corp EO Travel Backpack Heather Gray CL90020


41. 14 reviews of Incase "Oh Incase, how I want to have good things to say about you, but after mutilating my beloved iPhone, I have an effing bone to pick with you

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42. For starters Incase makes a wide range of products from laptop sleeves to camera bags, to iPhone/iPod cases

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43. Protect and personalize your MacBook with Incase's lightweight, form-fitting Hardshell Case


44. The Incase Flat Sleeve's streamlined design beautifully compliments the form of your MacBook


45. Incase definition: → encase Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples


46. Incase endeavors to give their customers the best-built solutions for housing and protecting their products: clutter-free design and lasting durability


47. By immersing themselves in the communities they serve, Incase creates the highest quality carrying solutions in …

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INCASE [inˈkās, enˈkās]


  • enclose or cover in a case or close-fitting surround.
Synonyms: surround . cover . enfold . enwrap . blanket . swathe . swaddle . wrap (up) . engulf . encircle . encompass . cocoon . sheathe . enclose . cloak . conceal . hide . obscure . cover (up) . screen . shield . mask . veil . shroud . mantle . enshroud . obnubilate .

Frequently Asked Questions

Is 'incase' one word or two words?

Incase is a misspelling of the verb encase. As a result, you should always use encase as a verb. The phrase in case, when used to mean if something happens, should remain two words.

How do you spell incase?

Incase is a misspelling of encase, which is a verb that means to enclose something within something else. You should always use encase over the spelling incase. For example, When Bramford pulled his ham from the oven, it was encased in a charred husk of blackened skin.

What does in case of mean?

Definition of 'in case'. in case. You use in case in expressions like 'in case you didn't know' or 'in case you've forgotten' when you are telling someone in a rather irritated way something that you think is either obvious or none of their business.

What is another word for in case of?

Synonyms for in case of in Free Thesaurus. Antonyms for in case of. 128 synonyms for case: situation, event, circumstance(s), state, position, condition, context, dilemma, plight, contingency, predicament, patient, client....

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