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1. Definition of Incanting in the dictionary

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2. What does Incanting mean? Information and translations of Incanting in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web.

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3. Incanting meaning Third-person singular simple present indicative form of incant.

Incanting, Indicative, Incant

4. Synonyms for Incanting include chanting, singing, intonating, intoning, cantillating and reciting

Incanting, Include, Intonating, Intoning

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6. Incanting is often considered the hardest magic to master because of the great care needed to make a good incantation, the more powerful the incantation is, the

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7. The House’s Article of Impeachment tries to find menace in Trump’s politically standard exhortation to “fight” by Incanting (without more) the word “context.”

Impeachment, In, Incanting

8. Incanting Total Number of words made out of Incanting = 60 Incanting is an acceptable word in Scrabble with 12 points.Incanting is an accepted word in Word with Friends having 17 points

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9. Incanting is a 9 letter long Word starting with I and ending with G

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10. 7 letter Words made out of Incanting


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12. Incanting Feel the pleasure of drinking blood without actually doing so Sabbat: Brand


13. Molten silver, a tattoo or something similar While Incanting, molten silver is poured over the tattoo The tattoo becomes permanent Clan Tremere: Brand of the Paramour

Incanting, Is

14. You can hear him Incanting “goat and chicken, goat and chicken” and snickering like a weasel


15. Fleshy electronic ancestral Incanting


16. Fleshy electronic ancestral Incanting


17. That means spells take most of your concentration and effort to perform, so you use most of your six seconds Incanting


18. Whether you’re casting a spell, Incanting a prayer or meditating on an intent, you’ll find an incense here that will aid you in your work

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19. After spending 4 days building and Incanting spells, he rolls a 12 on his Crafting check, for a result of 25


20. ‘The priest then did some more Incanting, which led to a reversal of the long howl that had summoned forth the gods and now, in reverse, sent them back to their places, and ended the ceremony.’ ‘Draco smiled and pulled out his wand, pointing it at the curtains …

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21. “Housewife,” a very short story by Amy Hempel— She would always sleep with her husband and with another man in the course of the same day, and then the rest of the day, for whatever was left to her of that day, she would exploit by Incanting, “French film, French film.” (From Micro Fiction, edited by Jerome Stern).

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22. As an example, Lurie is shown rolling car tires down a hill, Incanting the word “fun,” while a series of tires careen off into the canopy

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 · Whether we’re talking about the prince of thieves who bounds in tights with his other Incanting merry men, the dark and brooding archer who faces a seemingly endless line of corruption thanks to the usurping prince and his mean-spirited sheriff, or even the high-spirited and fox-faced animated hero to the peasants, we’re always fortunate to

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24. Attempt to conjure up the magic power of a RING by Incanting its magical name

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25. Note: When you INCANT, type only the single wotd you are Incanting, such as INCANT STEEL

Incant, Incanting

26. When “Incanting”, you are engaging your entire nervous system with the full force of your focus, emotion, and body to induce a new physiology and instantly cultivate new beliefs

Incanting, Induce, Instantly

27. ” Judging by the cubic diameter of the veins popping out of his forehead and the increasing decibels shrieking out of his voice box, Beeley seems to think his threat of arrest has actual weight, as if simply Incanting the magic words “citizen’s arrest” would make it real.

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28. Whether you’re casting a spell, Incanting a prayer or meditating on an intent, you’ll find an incense here that will aid you in your work

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29. Incant (third-person singular simple present incants, present participle Incanting, simple past and past participle incanted) (rare) To state solemnly, to chant

Incant, Incants, Incanting, Incanted

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INCANTING [inˈkant]


  • chant or intone.
Synonyms: sing . intone . recite . cantillate . intonate .

Frequently Asked Questions

What does the name enchanting mean?

• ENCHANTING (adjective) Sense 1. Meaning: Capturing interest as if by a spell. Synonyms: bewitching; captivating; enchanting; enthralling; entrancing; fascinating. Context example: a fascinating woman. Similar: attractive (pleasing to the eye or mind especially through beauty or charm)

What is the meaning of Enchanted?

Definition of enchanted. 1 : placed under or as if under a magic spell an enchanted forest/island : having or seeming to have a magical quality an enchanted evening A journey beneath a rig is an excursion to an enchanted realm.— Paul K. Driessen.

What is the noun for enchanting?

noun the art, act, or an instance of enchanting. the state of being enchanted. something that enchants: Music is an enchantment that never fails.

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