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1. Impressments synonyms, Impressments pronunciation, Impressments translation, English dictionary definition of Impressments


2. That such Impressments cannot be made except by order of the Secretary of War


3. That the facts do not make out any necessity for Impressments, and that the courts are to judge of the


4. The prominence of discussions of Impressments in the 1812 London Times argues for the earlier date, which also accords with EBB's recollection of her first poetic efforts: "At four I first mounted Pegasus but at six I thought myself priviledged to show off feats of horsemanship (BC, 1:349).

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5. Tiop to task, for illegal Impressments, unauthorized, arrests of citizens by provost guards, the passport

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6. As with Impressments, the collectors and farmers negotiated how to calculate 10 percent


7. Also as with Impressments, fake agents stole crops and the government enforced the law haphazardly, causing some Confederate citizens to ask which was the worse scourge, the Union army or Confederate impressment and “TIK-men,” as the tax-in-kind agents

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8. What does Impressments mean? Plural form of impressment

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9. No Impressments shall be made of the slaves employed in the domestic and family service exclusively, nor upon farms or plantations where there are not more than three slaves of the age specified

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10. As governor, Bonham sought to strengthen state laws on conscription, slave Impressments, and desertion, taking positions more in support of the Confederate government

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11. Three months had elapsed since Dowornobb 's Impressments, surprisingly enjoyable


12. He asked for further instructions on that subject, the joint occupancy of western territory, and Impressments, all of which he hoped to arrange in the spring and summer, and return home

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13. American political disagreement on the issues of ship seizure and Impressments only gave way to a united front in June 1807 when there was a confrontation between the USS Chesapeake and HMS Leopard that resulted in the seizure of several seamen aboard the American ship

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14. Impressment ( countable and uncountable, plural Impressments ) The act of seizing for public use; impressing into public service

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15. Impressments Total Number of words made out of Impressments = 675 Impressments is an acceptable word in Scrabble with 18 points.Impressments is an accepted word in Word with Friends having 22 points

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16. Impressments is a 12 letter long Word starting with I and ending with S

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17. 11 letter Words made out of Impressments


18. The invention relates to a film having two major, opposing surfaces and Impressments at both opposing surfaces

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19. The Impressments take the form of at least a line, an indicium, or both

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20. Who would not be subject to Impressments in British ports not being Seafaring persons.

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21. ‘The Confederate policies of Impressments sometimes helped manufacturers convince Federal authorities that their production for the Confederate government had been based upon compulsion.’ ‘Beattie focuses on the policies of military impressment, recruitment and drafting, as well as the conflicts over discipline, resistance, morale and

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22. The first book-length study of British naval Impressments in a transatlantic context, The Evil Necessity tells the fascinating story of Impressments in the British and British colonial world

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23. This small airline had, like many others, relinquished much of its fleet to RAAF Impressments and desperately needed replacements in order to maintain a modicum of service

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25. General (7 matching dictionaries) Impressments: [home, info] Impressments: Collins English Dictionary [home, info] Impressments: [home, info] Impressments: Wordnik [home, info] Impressments: Wiktionary [home, info]

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26. 5 then Impressments may be made of such supplies or other 6 property, either for absolute ownership or for temporary use, as 7 the public necessities may require


27. Such Impressments shall be 8 made in accordance with the provisions, and subject to the restrictions,

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29. Impressments and other outrages on our " 4


30. The Writings of Thomas Jefferson by Thomas Jefferson (1896) "From the debates on the subject of our seamen, I am afraid as much harm as good will be done by our endeavors to arm our seamen against Impressments


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