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1. Legal definition of Impracticability: the state of being impracticable

Impracticability, Impracticable

2. Impracticability Substantial difficulty or inconvenience in following a particular course of action, but not such insurmountability or hopelessness as to make performance impossible

Impracticability, Inconvenience, In, Insurmountability, Impossible

3. Rule 23 of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure establishes Impracticability as one of the grounds for permitting a Class Action in federal courts.

Impracticability, In

4. Impracticability means the excuse in performance of a duty. Under the common law of contract, Impracticability is a defense that can be relied on when the duty to be performed becomes unfeasibly difficult or expensive for a party who was to perform.

Impracticability, In, Is

5. Commercial Impracticability arises when performance of a contract by a party has become unfeasibly difficult or costly to perform. The difference between Impracticability and impossibility is that Impracticability is still physically possible; however, performance will result in a substantial hardship to the performing party.

Impracticability, Impossibility, Is, In

6. Impracticability (or impossibility) of performance may discharge a party’s obligation to perform under a contract where events occurring after a contract is made (that are of no fault of the breaching party), make it either impossible or impracticable to perform.

Impracticability, Impossibility, Is, It, Impossible, Imprac

7. Impracticability excuses nonperformance or delays in performance only if an unforeseeable event materially changes the nature of a party’s obligations under the contract

Impracticability, In, If

8. Under the UCC, the excuse of Impracticability, also known as “commercial Impracticability,” is governed by UCC 2-615.

Impracticability, Is

9. Chapter 4Secondary Containment and Impracticability 4.1 Introduction The purpose of the SPCC rule is to prevent discharges of oil into navigable waters of the United States and adjoining shorelines. One of the primary ways the rule sets out to accomplish this goal is by requiring secondary containment.

Impracticability, Introduction, Is, Into

10. Impracticability: A fact or circumstance that excuses a party from performing a contractual duty because performance would cause extreme and unreasonable difficulty.


11. Impracticability Impracticability n 1: the state of being impracticable 2: a doctrine in contract law: relief from obligations under a contract may be granted when performance has been rendered excessively difficult, expensive, or harmful by an unforeseen contingency ;also: a defense to breach of contract on the ground that it has been rendered impracticable called also commercial

Impracticability, Impracticable, In, It

12. The Impracticability of keeping the convicts within the limits prescribed for them became every day more evident


13. 1 DAVID COLLINS He is, however, so convinced of the Impracticability of parliamentary help or of a commission that he is much inclined to try.

Is, Impracticability, Inclined

14. ‘The limitation of Impracticability will apply, for example, in a situation of public disorder, where the number of searches to be conducted, or the general situation, will effectively preclude the keeping of …

Impracticability, In

15. Impossibility, Frustration, and Impracticability This lesson takes a look at the doctrine of excuse

Impossibility, Impracticability

16. In particular, we will look at the doctrines of impossibility, frustration of purpose and Impracticability

In, Impossibility, Impracticability

17. Commercial Impracticability: Similar but distinct from impossibility, commercial Impracticability is another contract defense available in North Carolina

Impracticability, Impossibility, Is, In

18. Impracticability means physically possible but practically impossible

Impracticability, Impossible

19. The Uniform Commercial Code’s version of commercial Impracticability (which applies to contracts for the sale of goods


20. Definition of Impracticability in the dictionary

Impracticability, In

21. What does Impracticability mean? Information and translations of Impracticability in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web.

Impracticability, Information, In

22. Similar to impossibility, the defense will not apply if the event precipitating the Impracticability was reasonably foreseeable; and indeed, the defense is …

Impossibility, If, Impracticability, Indeed, Is

23. Impossibility, Impracticability, and Frustration of Purpose in the Age of COVID-19 offers an overview of doctrines that may excuse a delay or a party’s non-performance in the absence of a contractual force majeure provision, and it provides pointers for parties who may …

Impossibility, Impracticability, In, It

24. The COVID-19 Orders are likely to afford contracting parties some modicum of relief pursuant to force majeure, impossibility, Impracticability, and commercial frustration in appropriate circumstances

Impossibility, Impracticability, In

25. Foreseeability is a major factor to consider in any commercial Impracticability analysis

Is, In, Impracticability

26. Impracticability Some individuals believe that once they become a party to a contract, they must fulfill their contractual obligations, regardless of the circumstances

Impracticability, Individuals

27. Impracticability translate: hal tidak praktis


28. An issue of mistake, Impracticability, or frustration may be raised at various stages after formation of the contract and for the purpose of achieving different ends

Issue, Impracticability

29. Consider commercial Impracticability as an “impossibility-lite” defense

Impracticability, Impossibility

30. Impossibility and Impracticability are closely related, but technically distinguishable, doctrines

Impossibility, Impracticability

31. Impossibility is a common law defense while Impracticability is a …

Impossibility, Is, Impracticability

32. To establish Commercial Impracticability, Contractor must show: Can Hearthstone Establish This Element?: Why Cant Hearthstone Establish This Element (1) a supervening event made performance impracticable; YES (2) the non-occurrence of the event (non occurrence of a decline in timber prices) was a basic assumption upon which the contract was based

Impracticability, Impracticable, In

33. Impracticability is widely considered to be a slightly lower standard, and therefore easier to meet, than impossibility

Impracticability, Is, Impossibility

34. States are not uniform in their application of these principals; some states recognize Impracticability as grounds for relief,

In, Impracticability

35. But the owner’s performance is excused under Impracticability

Is, Impracticability

36. Definition of Impracticability noun in Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary

Impracticability, In

37. A party may be excused from a contractual breach by supervening Impracticability under certain limited circumstances


38. Summary of Technical Impracticability Waivers at National Priorities List Sites August 2012 2 Figure 1: EPA TI Waivers by Fiscal Year (FY 1988 – 2011) Figure 2: TI Waivers per Region (FY 1988 – 2011) Of the 91 waivers, 81 have applied to groundwater only, six have applied to surface water only, and four have applied to both media.


39. Impracticability of performance or frustration of purpose that is only temporary suspends the obligor's duty to perform while the Impracticability or frustration exists but does not discharge his duty or prevent it from arising unless his performance after the cessation of the Impracticability or frustration would be materially more burdensome

Impracticability, Is, It

40. Synonyms for Impracticability in Free Thesaurus

Impracticability, In

41. 1 synonym for Impracticability: impracticableness

Impracticability, Impracticableness

42. What are synonyms for Impracticability?


43. By “Impracticability,” arbitration tribunals rarely enforce force majeure clauses unless the specific impediment is defined in the clause

Impracticability, Impediment, Is, In

44. As a result, the standard of “Impracticability” is not as easy to prove as it might appear to be

Impracticability, Is, It

45. Technical Impracticability (TI) is a condition where remediation of ground water to the applicable standards is not feasible from an engineering perspective because of the limitations in the currently available ground water

Impracticability, Is, In

46. “The doctrine of impossibility does not require a showing of actual or literal impossibility of performance but only a showing of commercial Impracticability” Seaboard Lumber Co

Impossibility, Impracticability

47. Impracticability of performance or frustration of purpose that is temporary may suspend a party’s duty to perform only while the Impracticability or frustration exists, but a party may still

Impracticability, Is

48. The “Impracticability” defense was designed to protect a breaching party who could not have avoided its breach through any corrective measures

Impracticability, Its

49. Consequently, the victims of the Tennessee wildfires may be protected by the “Impracticability” defense on the grounds that a breach simply could not have been avoided.


50. The Impracticability provision was cited in the description of a case involving a defense based upon a supervening regulation that had made a party’s performance impossible, but the Texas Supreme Court did not actually determine whether the Restatement approach applies to circumstances that are not deemed absolutely impossible.

Impracticability, In, Involving, Impossible

51. Impracticability translate: ความไม่เหมาะสม (ที่จะใช้)


52. The term Impracticability in federal rule (Fed.R.Civ.P

Impracticability, In

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IMPRACTICABILITY [imˌpraktəkəˈbilədē]


Synonyms: impracticable .

impracticable (adjective)

  • (of a course of action) impossible in practice to do or carry out.
Synonyms: unworkable . nonviable . unfeasible . inoperable . unachievable . unattainable . unrealizable . impractical . workable . feasible .

Frequently Asked Questions

What does impracticability mean?

Legal Definition of impracticability 1 : the state of being impracticable 2 : a doctrine in contract law: relief from obligations under a contract may be granted when performance has been rendered excessively difficult, expensive, or harmful by an unforeseen contingency 3 : excessive difficulty in carrying out a procedure (as joinder)

What is the doctrine of impracticability?

The doctrine of impracticability in the common law of contracts excuses performance of a duty, where that duty has become unfeasibly difficult or expensive for the party who was to perform.

What is impracticability in common law?

The doctrine of impracticability in the common law of contracts excuses performance of a duty, where the said duty has become unfeasibly difficult or expensive for the party who was to perform.

What is impracticability in contract?

Under the common law of contract, impracticability is a defense that can be relied on when the duty to be performed becomes unfeasibly difficult or expensive for a party who was to perform.

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