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1. Start studying Impotant ifomaetion

Impotant, Ifomaetion

2. How to say the Impotant in Italian? Pronunciation of the Impotant with and more for the Impotant.

Impotant, In, Italian

3. How to say the Impotant in Welsh? Pronunciation of the Impotant with and more for the Impotant.

Impotant, In

4. Women's Impotant dresses designed and sold by independent artists

Impotant, Independent

5. Translations in context of "Impotant" in English-Spanish from Reverso Context: The World Cheese Awards is the most Impotant event internationally of the cheese industry

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6. High quality Impotant-inspired gifts and merchandise

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7. I'm very Impotant (Yea VIP) Look at my clothes this shit is imported I know you rather see me in the box I still be praying be making salaat Take off ya

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8. You cannot leave em alone The truth is Impotant and if you cant tell like it is Then im leaving, im gone You tryna say it aint so Everyone claiming we.

Is, Impotant, If, It, Im

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IMPOTANT [imˈpôrtnt]

important (adjective)

  • of great significance or value; likely to have a profound effect on success, survival, or well-being.
  • (of a person) having high rank or status.
Synonyms: main . chief . principal . key . major . salient . prime . dominant . foremost . supreme . predominant . paramount . overriding . cardinal . crucial . vital . indispensable . critical . essential . significant . urgent . central . fundamental . basic . valuable . valued . useful . beneficial . necessary . of interest . relevant . pertinent . material . germane . unimportant . inessential . irrelevant . powerful . influential . well connected . high-ranking . high-level . top-level . controlling . dominant . formidable . prominent . eminent . preeminent . notable . noteworthy . of note . distinguished . esteemed . respected . prestigious . celebrated . famous . great . grand . leading . foremost . outstanding . unimportant . insignificant .

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