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1. Synonyms for Impostorous in Free Thesaurus

Impostorous, In

2. impostrous (ɪmˈpɒstrəs), Impostorous (ɪmˈpɒstərəs) or imposturous (imˈposturous)

Impostrous, Impostorous, Imposturous, Im

3. The u/Impostorous community on Reddit


4. For that, you Impostorous Maou are in our way!" ― Creuserey Asmodeus (Highschool DxD) "How arrogant

Impostorous, In

5. Impostor definition in English dictionary, impostor meaning, synonyms, see also 'imposter',impost',Impostorous',impostrous'

Impostor, In, Imposter, Impost, Impostorous, Impostrous

6. To think otherwise would be Impostorous!! 11 out of 16 found this helpful


7. That if he claims this is his, it is fraudulent and Impostorous

If, Is, It, Impostorous

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does impostor mean?

the action or practice of imposing fraudulently upon others. deception using an assumed character, identity, or name, as by an impostor.

What does impostrous mean?

Definition of impostrous. : of, relating to, or being an imposture : deceitful, fraudulent.

What does imposture mean?

: of, relating to, or being an imposture : deceitful, fraudulent.

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