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1. Imperviousness - the quality of being impenetrable (by people or light or missiles etc.)

Imperviousness, Impenetrable

2. Definition of Imperviousness in the dictionary

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3. What does Imperviousness mean? Information and translations of Imperviousness in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web.

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4. ‘I fear his intense, mind-beating politeness, his titanium Imperviousness to human weakness, his barking power-laugh.’ ‘Their knife, which originated in Japan, is known for its smooth-rocking motion and Imperviousness to acids, juices, oils and salts - unlike its steel sister.’

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5. Imperviousness Impervious cover is pavement, concrete, or any hard surface that water cannot penetrate. Stream quality suffers rapidly as impervious surface increases in its watershed

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7. Redevelopment: Existing Imperviousness greater than 15% I (Go to step 2A) 2


8. New Development: Existing Imperviousness less than 15% I (Go to step 2B) 3


9. NLCD Imperviousness products represent urban impervious surfaces as a percentage of developed surface over every 30-meter pixel in the United States

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10. Imperviousness: 1 n the quality of being impenetrable (by people or light or missiles etc.) Synonyms: impenetrability Antonyms: penetrability , perviousness the quality of being penetrable (by people or light or missiles etc.) Type of: quality an essential and distinguishing attribute of something or someone

Imperviousness, Impenetrable, Impenetrability

11. A hat grommet (not included) is required to ensure Imperviousness.: Une rondelle filetée (non comprise) est nécessaire pour assurer l' étanchéité

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12. Maintenance without interacting with the cable entries preserving Imperviousness: Maintenance sans intervention sur les entrées de câble préservant l' étanchéité One of these is the grid's Imperviousness to language.

Interacting, Imperviousness, Intervention, It, Is

13. IMPERVIOUS SURFACE AND MACROINVERTEBRATES IN THE SOUTH ATLANTA METROPOLITAN AREA In urban areas, some physical processes that cause rainfall loss are decreased due to the LULC changes and the increase of Imperviousness, e.g

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14. Imperviousness acts at a deeper, more subjective level


15. Impenetrability; Imperviousness

Impenetrability, Imperviousness

16. Hypernyms ("Imperviousness" is a kind of): quality (an essential and distinguishing attribute of something or someone) Antonym: perviousness (the quality of being penetrable (by people or light or missiles etc.)) Derivation: impervious (not admitting of …

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17. If the valve is placed in a tight position, the gasket of the valve can be damaged and the stem Imperviousness will be affected in a negative way

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18. The Imperviousness products capture the percentage and change of soil sealing


19. The Imperviousness HRL captures the spatial distribution of artificially


20. I tried to erect a facade of Imperviousness and self - confidence


21. And two people can indulge in Imperviousness as well as in anything else

Indulge, In, Imperviousness

22. Multiple regression revealed that Imperviousness was a significant factor, but watershed size was not (Table III)

Imperviousness, Iii

23. The overall Imperviousness is relatively low, depicting a large basin with mixed land use, which has a high impact on reducing the runoff coefficient.

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24. We found 4 answers for the crossword clue Imperviousness


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26. Developed Imperviousness Layer was used for this map


27. NLCD Imperviousness products represent urban impervious surfaces as a percentage of developed surface over every 30-meter pixel in the United States

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28. Imperviousness pust briquette credit based on personal property ang makapal na litid na nasa pagitan ng dibdib at tyan wavelet Numerical Simulation Stable angina pectoris au plus tard spijkeren drudgery (n.) create orate handwerk LTM prior approval firemní taktika insufficient Tyrolese insultar; fanfarronear godny Little Poland (exclamatory or

Imperviousness, Insufficient, Insultar

29. It pictures how, as a village grows from a few businesses and a neighborhood to a large city, the Imperviousness increases and becomes more likely connected to a stormwater system that alleviates the urban problems associated with large water volumes

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30. OEHHA has developed impervious surface coefficients useful in stormwater management runoff analyses, in watershed assessment as an indicator of watershed health, and in land use planning to identify areas of higher or lower Imperviousness and opportunities to reduce …

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31. Looking for online definition of Imperviousness or what Imperviousness stands for? Imperviousness is listed in the World's largest and most authoritative dictionary database of abbreviations and acronyms

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32. Imperviousness - What does Imperviousness stand for? The Free Dictionary.


33. Imperviousness is the percentage of the ground surface area that is impervious to water infiltration

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34. Development such as roads and buildings increase Imperviousness, which can have large effects on both aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems.

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35. Lower Imperviousness than either of the urban groups


36. It has been previously suggested that thresholds may exist in this relationship at ;10–15% Imperviousness (Schueler 1994,

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37. Imperviousness is an important indicator of the impact of urbanization on storm water systems

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38. Antonyms for Imperviousness include permeability, aid, assistance, harm, help, hurt, injury, liberation, peace and promotion

Imperviousness, Include, Injury

39. Imperviousness data is available for the reference years 2006, 2009, 2012, 2015, and 2018, and contains two types of products: 1

Imperviousness, Is

40. Status layers Imperviousness Density (IMD) The percentage of sealed area is mapped for each status layer for any of the 5 reference years (e.g

Imperviousness, Imd, Is

41. Degree of Imperviousness 2012).


42. Thresholds of Imperviousness Relationships between impervious cover and stream condition measures, defined by physical, chemical or biological parameters, can take several forms (see Figure 19)

Imperviousness, Impervious

43. When the relationship is linear, any increase in Imperviousness results in a decrease in condition (see Figure 19, yellow and Figure 20).

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44. Another way to say Imperviousness? Synonyms for Imperviousness (other words and phrases for Imperviousness).


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IMPERVIOUSNESS [imperviousness]

  1. noun form of impervious