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1. Impersonal definition is - having no personal reference or connection

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2. How to use Impersonal in a sentence.

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3. Impersonal definition, not personal; without reference or connection to a particular person: an Impersonal remark


4. Inhuman, cold, remote, bureaucratic a large Impersonal orphanage 2

Inhuman, Impersonal

5. Detached, neutral, dispassionate, cold, formal, aloof, businesslike We must be as Impersonal as a surgeon with a knife


6. C1 without human warmth; not friendly and without features that make people feel interested or involved: She has a very cold and Impersonal manner

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7. Hospitals always seem so Impersonal - rows of identical …

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8. If you're Impersonal, you're neutral — you're not showing your feelings or your preference

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9. If you choose people to be on your team by closing your eyes and pointing, that's Impersonal — you're not picking your friends or the best players. Impersonal can be good.

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10. “The beauty of it is that it’s Impersonal, everyone accepts the judgment of the computer, there’s no tendency to argue,” said Squarefoot president Michael Colacino

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11. If you describe a place, organization, or activity as Impersonal, you mean that it is not very friendly and makes you feel unimportant because it involves or is used by a large number of people.

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12. Que no tiene personalidad: estilo Impersonal


13. Que no se aplica a nadie personalmente: habló en general, de forma Impersonal


14. The Impersonal Life is one of the key books written on the topic of self-discovery and leading a spiritual life

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15. Impersonal expressions don’t reference a specific person


16. That is what makes them Impersonal! You can use Impersonal expressions to talk about how things are done according to custom, rule, or general consensus.

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17. What does Impersonal mean? An Impersonal verb or pronoun


18. Impersonal se constructions (oraciones Impersonales) are used to make general observations about what people do

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19. Check out these examples of the Impersonal se.


20. Lacking human emotion or warmth: a cold, Impersonal letter of rejection


21. The Impersonal se is used when there is no clear subject performing the action, which is often the case when we make a general statement i.e

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22. So neat, so clean, so Impersonal is exactly the relationship of the majority of readers here to the soldiers

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23. The present article shall focus on a main organizational challenge faced by the two companies, the facilitation of long-term Impersonal cooperation between active entrepreneurs and passive


24. Late Middle English (in Impersonal (sense 3)): from late Latin Impersonalis, from Latin in- ‘not’ + personalis (see personal).

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25. An introduction to the Impersonal passive structure ‘it is said that…’ and to infinitive passive form ‘ it is claimed to be…’

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26. Impersonality definition, absence of human character or of the traits associated with the human character: He feared the Impersonality of a mechanized world


27. Oxford Collocations Dictionary not referring to any particular person; not concerned with people as individuals Let's keep the criticism general and Impersonal

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28. Impersonal gramaticalizada puesto que el verbo está en tercera personal del singular y no tiene sujeto


29. Oración Impersonal formada con el pronombre "se"


30. No es Impersonal, se trata de una pasiva refleja


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32. At the White House, an Impersonal ‘transfer of families’ as the Trumps leave town David Nakamura, Anne Gearan, Annie Linskey 1/20/2021 No evidence yet …


33. Impersonal (adj.) mid-15c., a grammatical term, from Late Latin Impersonalis, from assimilated form of in-"not, opposite of" (see in-(1)) + personalis "personal" (see personal).Sense of "not connected with any person" is from 1620s; that of "not endowed with personality, having no …

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34. See definition of Impersonal EXAMPLE SENTENCES FROM THE WEB Webb spent time immersing herself in the local culture to go beyond “that Impersonal language of an Army war report.” THREE FEMALE JOURNALISTS WHO BRAVED THE CHAOS OF VIETNAM JACQUELINE WINSPEAR MARCH 12, 2021 WASHINGTON POST

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35. Impersonal verbs, verbs that don't refer to the action of a specific entity, are used in both English and Spanish, although in different ways.Known as verbos Impersonales in Spanish, they are fairly rare

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36. ‘The Impersonal nature of the facility has encouraged a lot of motorists to inform the police about accidents.’ ‘It is a far cry from the hectic, Impersonal atmosphere of a hospital ward.’

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37. Impersonal Sentence a mononuclear sentence in which the principal part of the sentence (the predicate) is represented in the form of (1) an Impersonal verb, as “Nachinalo smerkat’sia” (“It began to get dark”); (2) Impersonal usage

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38. Synonyms for Impersonal in Free Thesaurus

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39. 17 synonyms for Impersonal: inhuman, cold, remote, bureaucratic, detached, neutral, dispassionate

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40. Not influenced by, showing, or involving personal feelings: the Impersonal march of progress

Influenced, Involving, Impersonal

41. ∎ (of a place or organization) large, featureless, and anonymous: large, Impersonal institutions

Impersonal, Institutions

42. ∎ not betraying any personal information about the user or subject: the room was bare, cramped, and Impersonal.

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43. A formal and Impersonal style of management 3 technical SLG in grammar, an Impersonal sentence or verb is one where the subject is represented by ‘it’ or ‘there’, as in the sentence ‘It rained all day’ — Impersonally adverb Examples from the Corpus Impersonal • Just signing your name on a Christmas card seems too Impersonal.

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44. In linguistics, an Impersonal verb is one that has no determinate subject.For example, in the sentence "It rains", rain is an Impersonal verb and the pronoun it does not refer to anything.In many languages the verb takes a third person singular inflection and often appears with an expletive subject

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45. In the active voice, Impersonal verbs can be used to express operation of nature, mental

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46. What is the opposite of Impersonal? Antonyms for Impersonal (opposite of Impersonal).

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47. Since this is the Impersonal verb haber, there are no forms in the columns for yo, tú, nosotros, vosotros, Uds./ellos/ellas.: 2

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48. Lacking human emotion or warmth: an Impersonal manner


49. Definition of Impersonal in the dictionary

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50. What does Impersonal mean? Information and translations of Impersonal in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web.

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51. Definition of Impersonal written for English Language Learners from the Merriam-Webster Learner's Dictionary with audio pronunciations, usage examples, and count/noncount noun labels.


52. Nature is Impersonal, awe-inspiring, elegant, eternal

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53. Antonyms for Impersonal include biased, prejudiced, partial, one-sided, partisan, distorted, warped, jaundiced, racialist and bigoted

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54. Impersonal is a detailed replica of letters appearing in "La Plume," a 1950s personal ads magazine

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55. The magazine billed itself as "The correspondence medium devoted to the connoisseur of the 'unusual'." Impersonal is a monospace typewriter font with no kerning pairs.

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56. Are there other useful expressions which use the Impersonal with “it”? Most expressions or sentences which have connotations of time generally adopt the pronoun “it” as their subject in sentences

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57. The French Impersonal subject is either il or ce, whereas the English Impersonal subject is "it."; All of the French Impersonal expressions can begin with il est or c'est with no difference in meaning; however, c'est is less formal than il est.Therefore, c'est is more common in spoken French, while il est is more common in written French

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58. Interactive exercises to test knowledge of the Spanish "Impersonal se"

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59. Definitions and Meaning of Impersonal in English Impersonal adjective

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60. Having no personal preference Synonyms: neutral Examples - a neutral observer - Impersonal criticism; not relating to or responsive to individual persons Examples - an Impersonal corporation - an Impersonal remark

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61. Impersonal & Passive SE (Summative) Use complete SPANISH sentences to ask or answer about what is usually done at a place, or select the correct response

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IMPERSONAL [ˌimˈpərs(ə)n(ə)l]

impersonal (adjective)

  • not influenced by, showing, or involving personal feelings.
  • (of a place or organization) large, featureless, and anonymous.
Synonyms: neutral . unbiased . nonpartisan . nondiscriminatory . unprejudiced . unswayed . objective . detached . disinterested . dispassionate . fair . just . equitable . balanced . even-handed . aloof . distant . remote . reserved . withdrawn . unemotional . unfeeling . unsentimental . passionless . cold . cool . frigid . unresponsive . indifferent . unconcerned . formal . stiff . rigid . wooden . starchy . stilted . restrained . self-controlled . businesslike . clinical . gelid . biased . warm . emotional . characterless . unremarkable . nondescript . faceless . colorless . gray .

Frequently Asked Questions

What does it mean if someone is impersonal?

Definition of 'impersonal'. impersonal. If you describe a place, organization, or activity as impersonal, you mean that it is not very friendly and makes you feel unimportant because it involves or is used by a large number of people.

What is impersonal mean?

Definition of impersonal. 1a : denoting the verbal action of an unspecified agent and hence used with no expressed subject (such as methinks) or with a merely formal subject (such as rained in it rained) b of a pronoun : indefinite.

What does impersonal mean in grammar?

Definition of impersonal. 1a : denoting the verbal action of an unspecified agent and hence used with no expressed subject (such as methinks) or with a merely formal subject (such as rained in it rained)

What are examples of impersonal relationships?

An example of impersonal communication is the interaction between a sales representative and a customer, whether in-person, via phone or in writing. Impersonal communication is generally informal and based on social roles. Click to see full answer Regarding this, what is impersonal communication?

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