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See also: Impermeable Imperative Imperious Impede Impel Impertinent Impetus Impetuous Impediment Impetrate Impervious Imperilment Impending Imperturbable Impeccable Impersonal Impertinence Imperiousness Imperfect Imperceptible Impecunious Imperceptive Impeach Impecuniousness

1. Impermeable definition is - not permitting passage (as of a fluid) through its substance; broadly : impervious

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2. How to use Impermeable in a sentence.

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3. 7 synonyms of Impermeable from the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus, plus 31 related words, definitions, and antonyms


4. Find another word for Impermeable


5. Impermeable: impossible to get through or into.

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6. Impermeable definition, not permeable; impassable

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7. Impermeable synonyms, Impermeable pronunciation, Impermeable translation, English dictionary definition of Impermeable


8. Impossible to permeate: an Impermeable membrane; an Impermeable border

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9. See 7 authoritative translations of Impermeable in English with example sentences, phrases and audio pronunciations.

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10. Find 11 ways to say Impermeable, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus.


11. The solution of the present invention includes mannitol as an Impermeable solute

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12. The body is at least substantially Impermeable to the radiation

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13. What is the difference between permeable and Impermeable surfaces? Permeable surfaces (also known as porous or pervious surfaces) allow water to percolate into the soil to filter out pollutants and recharge the water table.

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14. The Crossword Solver found 20 answers to the Impermeable crossword clue


15. Que no puede ser penetrado por el agua u otros líquidos la capa es de tejido Impermeable


16. Que se muestra indiferente a los sentimientos o ideas de otros es Impermeable a todo lamento, aunque éste sea de su mejor amigo

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17. What does Impermeable mean? Not allowing passage, especially of liquids; waterproof


18. Impermeable: 1 adj preventing especially liquids to pass or diffuse through “ Impermeable stone” “an Impermeable layer of scum” “a coat Impermeable to rain” Synonyms: tight of such close construction as to be Impermeable retentive having the power, capacity, or quality of retaining water water-repellent , water-resistant hindering the


19. ‘It creates a flexible seal that is completely Impermeable to water, dust, insects, rodents and vibration.’ ‘But even watertight concrete is not Impermeable to the passage of moisture.’ ‘Condoms are essentially Impermeable to particles the size of STD pathogens including the smallest sexually transmitted virus.’

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20. The nexine is an ultrafilter membrane, which is Impermeable to most proteins.: The channel is Impermeable to anions but is permeable to a diverse group of cations.: But even watertight concrete is not Impermeable to the passage of moisture.: The construction of high-density housing will make much of the ground Impermeable and thus will reduce recharge to the moraine.

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21. Impermeable ExoAir Impermeable air & vapor barriers are designed to block moisture vapor as well as air.


22. An Impermeable surface is any solid surface that will not allow water to penetrate through such as asphalt, concrete, stone, brick, roofing, or extremely compacted ground like a soccer field

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23. These areas are particularly numerous in urban and suburban areas where lots of problems with Impermeable run-off can occur as a result.

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24. Impermeable definition, not permeable; impassable

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25. What is the impact of Impermeable surfaces on the environment? Urban and suburban sites typically contain large expanses of Impermeable surface, causing a host of problems: Pollution of surface water

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26. When stormwater runs off Impermeable surfaces, it picks up pollutants as it flows into storm drains

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27. Also: tight (of such close construction as to be Impermeable)


28. Amazon's Choice for allergen Impermeable covers


29. Antonyms for Impermeable include permeable, penetrable, negotiable, passable, pervious, porous, absorbent, absorptive, spongy and semipermeable

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30. Tight shale formations, which are Impermeable rock and nonporous sandstone or limestone formations and exist (typically) at depths greater than 10,000 feet below the surface, also contain natural gas and petroleum


31. Impermeable adj adjetivo: Describe el sustantivo


32. (insensible) impervious adj adjective: Describes a noun or pronoun--for example, "a tall girl," "an interesting book," "a big house." El patrón fue Impermeable a nuestras peticiones

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33. Impermeable definition: Something that is Impermeable will not allow fluid to pass through it

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34. An Impermeable surface refers to any natural or artificial material that does not allow water or other fluids to readily penetrate or pass through it

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35. Impermeable surfaces are often used to house metallic structures as a …


36. Impermeable refers to a material characteristic, whereby the material is incapable of allowing (or prevents) the free flow of a gas or liquid through it

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37. Impermeable substances may be naturally occurring or manufactured


38. Impermeable substances prevent corrosion by isolating metal surfaces from direct contact with water, chemicals, air and other

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39. Synonyms for Impermeable in Free Thesaurus

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40. 7 synonyms for Impermeable: impenetrable, resistant, impervious, waterproof, impassable, hermetic, nonporous

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41. What are synonyms for Impermeable?


42. Impermeable membranes do not let anything through, like you locking your doors when you just want to be left alone


43. Egg shells are Impermeable membranes.


44. Preventive of any penetration; impenetrable, Impermeable, particularly of water.

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45. Impermeable materials were used to build a waterproof fort


46. 🔊 Impermeable glass was used in the picture frame to keep moisture from the photo

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47. 🔊 Roof shingles are Impermeable and keep precipitation from seeping into buildings

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48. 🔊 The fisherman’s Impermeable boots allowed him to wade through the pond without getting his feet wet


49. HDPE Impermeable membrane, also called HDPE geomembrane, is the kind of flexible waterproof geosynthetic material with a high barrier coefficient(1×10-17 cm/s)

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50. HDPE geomembrane has good heat resistance and cold resistance, and its applicable environmental high temperature is 110 ℃ , low temperature -70 ℃.BPM Brand HDPE Impermeable membrane has strong weather resistance …

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55. A large number of metamorphic and igneous rocks are Impermeable, as long as they are not fractured

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56. How to say Impermeable in Spanish - Translation of Impermeable to Spanish by Nglish, comprehensive English – Spanish Dictionary, Translation and English learning by Britannica

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57. Example sentences: a fabric Impermeable to moisture


58. Impermeable - preventing especially liquids to pass or diffuse through; "Impermeable stone"; "an Impermeable layer of scum"; "a coat Impermeable to rain" tight - of such close construction as to be Impermeable; "a tight roof"; "warm in our tight little house"

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59. Determining whether to use a vapor permeable or vapor Impermeable air barrier – and how to use it – depends on a couple of key factors: Climate: Where the wall is located; Wall Design: Where the air barrier and the insulation layer are located in relation to each other in the wall; what type of cladding is used

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60. ‘It creates a flexible seal that is completely Impermeable to water, dust, insects, rodents and vibration.’ ‘But even watertight concrete is not Impermeable to the passage of moisture.’ ‘Condoms are essentially Impermeable to particles the size of STD pathogens including the smallest sexually transmitted virus.’

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61. Impermeable Barrier is a barrier used to control the flow of fluids in a reservoir

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62. 9 mars 2021 - Découvrez le tableau "Impermeable" de Olimaur sur Pinterest


63. Voir plus d'idées sur le thème Impermeable, vetements, femme.

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