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See also: Impediment Impairment Impedimenta Impedimento Impede Imperative Impetus Imperious Impel Impertinent Impertinence Impetuous Imperfection Impending Imperturbable Imperialism Impeach Impeccable Impervious Imperceptible Impecunious Imperceptive Impersonal Imperiousness Imperilment Impermanence Imperishability Imperceptibly

1. Impediment comes from a Latin verb that meant "to interfere with" or "to get in the way of progress", as if by tripping up the feet of someone walking

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2. In English, Impediment still suggests an obstruction or obstacle along a path; for example, a lack of adequate roads and bridges would be called an Impediment to economic development.

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3. A bar, usually of blood or affinity, to marriage: a diriment Impediment.


4. / ɪmˈped.ə.mənt / something that makes progress, movement, or achieving something difficult or impossible: In a number of developing countries, war has been an additional Impediment to progress.

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5. 26 synonyms of Impediment from the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus, plus 35 related words, definitions, and antonyms


6. Find another word for Impediment


7. Impediment: something that makes movement or …


8. Overall, we consider these to be minor Impediments because a rechargeable warmer’s heating time is guaranteed to be longer than a chemically activated option, and the custom control is far greater than a lighter fluid-filled hand warmer.

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9. Impediment A disability or obstruction that prevents an individual from entering into a contract. Infancy, for example, is an Impediment in making certain contracts

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10. Impediments to marriage include such factors as consanguinity between the parties or an earlier marriage that is still valid.

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11. Definition of Impediment is anything that is slowing down the Team. (The Scrum Team) Anything! In PMP words, it is any kind of issue

Impediment, Is, In, It, Issue

12. Impediment Las bajas temperaturas en Alaska no son un Impedimento para los habitantes.Low temperatures in Alaska are not an Impediment for its inhabitants.

Impediment, Impedimento, In, Its, Inhabitants

13. The Impediment arising from these sacraments has been restricted by the Council of Trent (Sess


14. Using the Impediment work item type helps you track and manage these issues until you can resolve and close them

Impediment, Item, Issues

15. Don't confuse Impediments with bugs


16. You track Impediments that may cause problems with delivering one or more requirements


17. An Impediment is something that blocks or impedes your path. There's no end to the things in your life that can be considered Impediments: your small bank account, your terrible childhood, your country's economic malaise — any one of these could be considered an Impediment in your quest for happiness.

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18. The Impediment arising from these sacraments has been restricted by the Council of Trent (Sess


19. ‘‘His lisp was a natural speech Impediment, but I think [the producers] were concerned over how it would be received,’ he says.’

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20. The definition of an Impediment is an obstacle or something that prevents action

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21. An example of Impediment is a rain storm for a ball game.

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22. We found 16 answers for “Impediment


23. This page shows answers to the clue Impediment, followed by 7 definitions like “Usually,Impedimenta”, “Obstruction; hindrance” and “Something that hinders (e”.A synonym for Impediment is trouble.

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24. Impediment Meaning: "hindrance," from impedire "impede," literally "to shackle the feet," from assimilated form of in-… See definitions of Impediment.

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25. Impediment (plural Impediments)

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26. 1549, The Booke of Common Prayer and Administracion of the Sacramentes, “Of Matrimonye,” I require and charge you (as you will aunswere at the dreadefull daye of iudgemente, when the secretes of all hartes shalbee disclosed) that if either of you doe knowe any Impedimente why ye …

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27. Something that is an Impediment to a person or thing makes their movement, development, or progress difficult

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28. He was satisfied there was no legal Impediment to the marriage


29. American English: Impediment / ɪmˈpɛdɪmənt /


30. Impediment - traduction anglais-français


31. Forums pour discuter de Impediment, voir ses formes composées, des exemples et poser vos questions


32. What Is a Speech Impediment? Commonly referred to as a speech disorder, a speech Impediment is a condition that impacts an individual’s ability to speak fluently, correctly, or with clear resonance or tone

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33. Im‧ped‧i‧ment /ɪmˈpedəmənt/ noun [ countable] 1 a physical problem that makes speaking, hearing, or moving difficult a speech Impediment 2 a situation or event that makes it difficult or impossible for someone or something to succeed or make progress Impediment to War is one of the greatest Impediments to human progress.

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34. 1) He has an Impediment in speech

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35. 2) He was satisfied there was no legal Impediment to the marriage


36. 3) The new taxes were a major Impediment to economic growth


37. ‘Speech and language Impediment’ is a very broad term that refers to a communication disorder in an individual that has depressed social, language, communication, hearing, or fluency skills

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38. The Impediment that interferes with Gerald’s goal of running a successful diner is the lack of good employees

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39. 🔊 In most romantic movies, there is always some sort of Impediment that temporarily stops the guy from getting his dream girl

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40. In the canon law of the Catholic Church, an Impediment is a legal obstacle that prevents a sacrament from being performed validly and/or licitly

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41. The term is used most frequently in relationship to the sacraments of Marriage and Holy Orders.Some canonical Impediments can be dispensed by the competent authority (usually the local ordinary but some Impediments are reserved to the Apostolic …

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42. Impedimenta the equipment and baggage of an army; the sum total of burdens or other things that weigh or slow one down


43. An Impediment is anything that keeps the Team from getting work Done and that slows Velocity

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44. Impediments come in many forms: a sick team member, a missing resource, lack of management support or even a cold team room

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45. If it's blocking the team from doing its work, it's an Impediment

If, It, Its, Impediment

46. Impedimenta definition, baggage or other things that retard one's progress, as supplies carried by an army: the Impedimenta of the weekend skier


47. Question #3, Sheive explains, let’s the SoSM or EAT understand “why they should care” about this Impediment


48. It is also a chance to lay out the business cost of the Impediment remaining in place

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49. Question #4 helps to avoid waste and promotes efficient Impediment removal by eliminating rework.


50. Impediment (to something) (formal) something that delays or stops the progress of something synonym obstacle The level of inflation is a serious Impediment to economic recovery

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51. Their boycott of the talks constitutes a serious Impediment to peace negotiations.


52. See 2 authoritative translations of Impediment in Spanish with example sentences, phrases and audio pronunciations.

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53. Impediment definition: Something that is an Impediment to a person or thing makes their movement, development , Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples

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54. Impediment - WordReference English dictionary, questions, discussion and forums


55. An Impediment to this was the unelected House of Lords, dominated by the Conservatives


56. Historically, such differences could be a major Impediment to understanding between people from different areas


57. The showgoer also saw and heard a talking microwave oven that sounded as if it had a speech Impediment.

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58. Synonyms for Impediment include bar, obstacle, block, obstruction, barrier, hindrance, check, encumbrance, handicap and curb

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59. Definition of Impediment in the dictionary

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60. What does Impediment mean? Information and translations of Impediment in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web.

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61. Definition and synonyms of Impediment from the online English dictionary from Macmillan Education.


62. This is the British English definition of Impediment.View American English definition of Impediment.

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63. Impediment (redirected from Impediments) Also found in: Dictionary, Thesaurus, Legal, Encyclopedia

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64. Related to Impediments: speech Impediments


65. Impediment (ĭm-pĕd′ə-mənt) n


66. The Impediment of the recognition of policy is a kind of psychological response that is opposite to the recognition of policy is a policy, and an inactive subjective education and intention of deeds

Impediment, Is, Inactive, Intention

67. An Impediment is an external obstacle blocking the way (either metaphorically, or literally)

Impediment, Is

68. Infancy, for example, is an Impediment in making certain contracts

Infancy, Is, Impediment, In

69. Impediments to marriage include such factors as consanguinity between the parties or an earlier marriage that is still valid.

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70. Looking to the future The Impediments have been announced as one of the bands playing Shildon All Day Festival on March 6th.


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IMPEDIMENT [imˈpedəmənt]

impediment (noun) · impediments (plural noun) · speech impediment (noun) · speech impediments (plural noun)

  • a hindrance or obstruction in doing something.
  • a defect in a person's speech, such as a lisp or stammer.
Synonyms: hindrance . obstruction . obstacle . barrier . bar . handicap . block . check . curb . brake . restraint . restriction . limitation . encumbrance . deterrent . drawback . setback . difficulty . problem . issue . snag . catch . hitch . stumbling block . cumber . benefit . speech impediment . stammer . stutter . lisp . hesitancy . faltering .

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